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Standing still is no longer an option

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When the “lesson” is over, work is also completed. This has created an expectation that learning programs found at work will be equally as intrinsic. Since platforms like SharePoint hit the scene, organizations have been stockpiling learning and support assets like never before.

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But did you know that aside from staffing your project with the perfect consultant, we can also tailor a program for you? We can’t wait to tell you how excited we are to customize your learning program! Beginner Excel all the way to Advanced Sharepoint. Happy (almost) Fall!

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How to Find a Profitable Course Topic


If this lesson can be used to help others overcome the same problem you can design an online course for it. You can also read our article on 2018’s Course Ideas & Trends to get some inspiration! So, you may know what you want to do … you may not.

10 LMS features that you should in an eLearning platform


According to Wikipedia, a learning management system (LMS) is software that administers, documents, tracks, reports, and delivers learning materials, agendas, or educational programs. Just Google the phrase “LMS software” and you will see thousands of links to different products, services, and articles claiming to offer an eLearning platform or an LMS tool. This article aims at clearing the same though. popular ERPs like SharePoint. What is LMS software?

Using Kirkpatrick's Four Levels to Create and Evaluate Informal & Social Learning Processes

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“No one realizes that others within the organization have had the same problem before and have normally documented their solution ( Lesson Learned ).&#. In addition, I used to train users to use Query/400 (a programming language to extract information from a company's computer system). Store it in a social site (such as a wiki or SharePoint) for easy retrieval. contributions to the microblogging tool (short briefs on their Lessons Learned).

Hot List - April 1, 2009 to April 11, 2009

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Working With Online Learning Communities - Blogger in Middle-earth , April 1, 2009 This article was first published on Futurelab in January 2008. I've reproduced the text of the article here. While it talks in terms of SharePoint, really the patterns described relate to all different types of tools. Sorry, Marcia ;-( She wrote an EXCELLENT article titled "Twitterprise: Bringing Whole Selves to Work".