Lessons Learned: LMS Feasibility Study

Petra Mayer

I recently completed an extensive LMS Feasibility Study, a project I wrote about in my previous article “ LMS implementation without frustration ” and that I discussed in my eLearning Case Study. This project provided many lessons that became apparent through the analysis of the RFI responses.

Study 52

Day 4. How SCORM tracks course content


We’re now ready to discuss the magic of the SCORM API – how it enables learners to launch or resume a course and how SCORM tracks progress and results. A SCORM will first attempt to find the API provided by an LMS in order to track data.


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Optimize Your Training: Lessons from the Airline Industry

Training Orchestra

To optimize training resources and attempt to parallel the airline industry’s achievements, check out our article in Learning Technologies UK e-Magazine: Optimise Your Training : Lessons from the Airline Industry. Choosing a management system that allows you to forecast your training volumes accurately, gives you flexibility in coordinating and reallocating resources, and proactively tracks costs and budgets, will be fundamental to make the most of your training budget.

Lessons from our HeforShe Roundtable


Elizabeth Borges, Program Manager for EverwiseWomen , says, she’d already been looking for better ways to bring men into the conversation around gender parity in the workplace long before the Harvard Business Review article was published. The campaign is also tracking progress in unique ways, like mapping gender equity, counting HeforShe pledges, and loudly celebrating each victory. The post Lessons from our HeforShe Roundtable appeared first on Everwise.

The Year in Learning—89 Hand-Picked L&D-Related Articles from 2017

The Learning Dispatch

Below are our recommended learning and development articles from the past 12 months, including thought-provoking or simply fun articles related to the field. Recommended Learning and Development Articles from Our Senior Learning Architect.

5 Lessons for Designing Engaging E-Learning Interactions…From Project Runway

ATD Learning Technologies

Once you’ve decided whether you are on a productive track, then you can start to think about using the actual elements you’ll need in the final learning solution. Editor’s Note: This article is reposted from Allen Interaction’s E-Learning Leadership Blog

mLearning Lessons Learned

eLearning Weekly

Read case studies to see how other companies have overcome obstacles and seek out blogs , articles , etc. When developing mLearning applications, decide early on if you need to track usage in your LMS. You may even want to consider the SCORM tracking to be the second phase of your mLearning deployment.

Are You Riding the Waves or the Ripples? Tracking Learning Trends

Vignettes Learning

As an example, designers and developers are frustrated that subject matter experts throw PowerPoint files and linear and page turning lessons unto their laps (remnant of the “thought first – action later” practice). See Micro-Learning Conference and Marcia Conner’s article.

How to Weave Hard Facts and Emotions into your eLearning Lessons

Vignettes Learning

In his article on learning instincts he argues that human beings have an innate instinct (nature) to learn and develop skills necessary for us to survive and flourish. How do we strike a balance between the scientific and the emotional?

Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

All these articles talk about the importance of usability testing, learnability testing for e-learning courses. 8220;We have to track EVERYTHING!&#. Best of eLearning Learning. July 2010. Great stuff again this month. The following are the top items based on social signals.

iPad 101

7 Leadership Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way


It took CEO Chip Brewer to remember these words and the principle of quality to repair the company and get it back on track. ” A version of this article originally appeared on Inc.com. Everybody loves to focus on the things you must do to be a great leader. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, it’s often our weaknesses or things we don’t know that end up hurting us the most.

Your Company's Growth Demands CX Training


And while it’s important, according to many CMO’s as polled in Gartner’s 2018-19 Spend Survey , to track metrics like “awareness,” it’s also vital to actually deliver on the experience promised in all those marketing campaigns.

Training in 2020: Five Priorities for the New Year


Read on to learn more about the ways your training program might change in 2020 and the metrics you’ll have to track in order to monitor those changes. Research shows humans learn better when they’re given quick, relevant lessons. By giving them short lessons, one at a time, micro-learning is an effective way to boost learners’ retention and get new information into their hands (and heads) quickly. 2020 is around the corner. Is your training program ready for the new year?

Top 3 Reasons Your Salespeople Need Ongoing, Online Training


To stay up-to-speed on products, services, messaging, and the customer experience promise, they need ongoing training and regular reminders of lessons learned. Picture this scenario.

SAP 60

eLearning platforms follow top trends in L&D

Petra Mayer

In my last two articles on eLearning, I focused on understanding the needs for your LMS and the assessment of the project for your organization through a feasibility analysis , which I recommend as your first two steps of your online course platform evaluation.

Thoughts on new leadership in business and learning


One was to be tracking what’s happening: what are new directions that are emerging, and what are the implications for one’s organization. (I The point being that there are systematic ways to be tracking and comprehending new directions. Articles

Using Microlearning to Accelerate Productivity


Learners access the lesson when they need it, use that information to accomplish their task, and consult the lesson when they complete the task again. Research shows that humans learn better when they’re given quick, relevant lessons. Articles Enterprise Learning

Expectations, Education and Exceptional Experiences


SAP Litmos offered a unique track to learning professionals who wanted to understand more about how training and development intersect with customer experience.

SAP 52

Training to align with the new world of Retail


Incorporate learning into the day-to-day flow of business by providing it across different devices and keeping lessons short and concise. ArticlesRetail organizations face the unique challenge of training sales associates on an often ever-changing catalog of products.

Create Cohesion: 3 Ways that Digital Learning Strengthens Nonprofit Teams


There is no rigidity to the learning process, and lessons can take place in a way that complements the organization's biggest objectives. In addition, nonprofit leaders can stay on track as new projects develop. Articles Non-Profit Industry digital learning LMS Features nonprofit

Highlights from the C3 Agenda (Part 2)


With C3 less than a month away, we are getting super excited to see you and embark on new lessons in learning and development. Be sure to check out the sessions beyond the learning track, too. Articles C3

Top 5 Reasons to Incorporate Blended Mobile Learning

Your Training Edge

Sophie returns home after a long day of piano lessons and school. Delighted to note a new lesson updated on her online art history course, she promptly joins the virtual lesson. The feedback system helps educators in tracking both the performance and progress of learners.

Selecting a Learning “Operations” System for your Training Business


If you don’t have a LMS to manage & track these different content types, you will likely be looking for yet another LMS solution next year. Since they are not a ‘true’ LMS, these event management tools cannot adequately handle the tracking, hosting and delivery of eLearning courses.

The Top 5 Learning Analytics

Your Training Edge

This article highlights why learning analytics are important as well as the top 5 learning analytics being used across the industries. Then, it helps them track the students’ progress with accuracy. The students can also track their progress.

Taking Your Training Business Global


How are your training registrations tracking by delivery method in different countries? ArticlesTaking Your Training Business Global. Your organization is now expanding across the globe – as a result, your customer is now located anywhere in the world.

Can I use CP without an LMS?

Adobe Captivate

For instance, if I just wanted to use it for instructional lessons but I didn’t need to keep track of users…like in a help article. Can CP be used without an LMS? Can this be done, and if so, is there a certain way I save it…what do I do? Thank you, Tanya. The post Can I use CP without an LMS? appeared first on eLearning.

eXe 43

5 Ways to Help Learners Stick with Your Course


But a micro-lesson , or even something as small as logging into a the LMS every day can help learners stay engaged. And, once they log in, they may easily decide to stay to complete a short lesson or quiz. Create lessons that dovetail with daily routines. Maybe you deliver lessons in audio format so that your learners can listen while they drive to work. Or you can keep lessons the right length to fit in to a lunch break.

Help 145

The Language of Business

CLO Magazine

The programming took a one-size-fits-all approach that wasn’t meeting every learner’s needs, and the vendor didn’t provide enough metrics to track learners’ progress. As a marketing analyst, I encounter English expressions every day, so these lessons helped me in my job,” she said.

10 Social Media Tools For Learning

The eLearning Coach

In terms of promoting learning, employees could use blogs to write first-hand accounts of case studies, lessons learned, project debriefings, travel tips and cultural customs. RECENT ARTICLES eLEARNING 2.0

6 Principles of Effective Online Training that Will Surprise You


In this article from the eLearning Guild, Ruth Clark describes six principles of eLearning that is effective. Lesson: Add relevant visuals to your slides. Lesson: Place descriptive text close to the graphics it describes. . Lesson: Narrate screens with audio.

Audio 97

Playable UI, eLearning Challenges, and HapYak: This Week on #BLPLearn

Bottom-Line Performance

We’ll take the best articles shared by our Learning Services, Multimedia, and Product Development teams in their weekly meetings and include them in the weekly #BLPLearn blog. We’ll usually include some commentary from the original team member who found the article, too.

SCORM 1.2 vs SCORM 2004 – which is better?


has one value to hold the status of the lesson – ‘lesson_status’ – and this can be passed, failed, completed, incomplete, browsed, or not attempted. Related articles across the web. SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 – which makes more sense for you?


Increase Course Performance with These 7 Tips for Bite-Sized eLearning


An example of a spaced eLearning approach might be one microlearning lesson every day. For example, posting a link to a noteworthy eLearning article or video will give online learners the chance to expand their knowledge base.

Monday Morsels – Avoid Employee Lawsuits and Breaches In Security

Edmego Learning

This article was really well written and highlighted a critical need. Lesson : Don’t believe you have compliance training and policy tracking. This article is by Small Business Chron and it highlighted the most common workplace lawsuits. Monday Morsels.

10 Ways to Enhance Professional Development with an LMS (Part 2)


Welcome back to the second half of our detailed two-part article on how to increase opportunities, engagement, and the success of your in-line professional development with Learning Management Software (LMS).