5 Myths About Video Based Learning

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A lot of people still have a tough time to accept video-based learning as an effective and engaging learning tool. We have seen many myths in the learning and development industry and using video-based learning is no exception. Most of us love watching videos.

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The Value of Video Learning

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Most of my previous articles have explicitly established the importance of online learning, online teaching, MOOCs and so on. In this article, I would be focused around one of its most important elements that contributes significantly towards its success, and that is the video learning.

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A Lesson Plan for eLearning

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Thanks @hjarche for sharing @AnnaMuoio ‘s 2000 @FastCompany article @Cisco ‘s Quick Study: A #LessonPlan for #eLearning [link]. A version of this article appeared in the October 2000 issue of Fast Company magazine written by @AnnaMuoio. A Lesson Plan for eLearning.

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How To Create Custom Lesson Layouts for Your LearnDash Courses


Simply put, if you want to create a professional layout for your lessons, then Visual Composer is the way to go. On this page is where you can select to apply Visual Composer to LearnDash custom post types (Courses, Lessons, Topics, Quizzes, etc.).

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The power of video learning

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The power of video learning. Martin Baker explains why video learning is so powerful and shares exciting plans, working with Costa Coffee, River Island, Aviva and John Lewis, to create more great content for the charity sector. Clear Lessons is a video series that we’ve created.

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eLearning: Determining the Best Size for Today's Lessons

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by Kevin Siegel      When developing eLearning lessons using any of the top development tools (Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, or TechSmith Camtasia Studio), you need to take the size of your learner's device into account. If you make your eLearning lesson too large (I'm talking width and height, not how many megabytes the lesson might be), learners with small displays may have to scroll to see your content.

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Micro lesson plan: How to make the best in 4 Steps

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In this article, Ed Microlearning’s Instructional Design team – which has created an inordinate amount of micro lessons and courses – give their advice on creating the best micro lesson plan. The 4 Steps to creating the best micro lesson plan.

Using video as an alternative to create learning content


One of the quickest and most effective ways to deliver online training is with video. In this article we'll look at ways to use video to deliver meaningful digital learning content. However I’m becoming more and more intrigued by the effectiveness of video.

24 New Lectora Online Support Videos You Should Watch

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Support.eLearningBrothers.com is your source for tutorials and how-to videos related to all your favorite eLearning authoring tools. We just added 24 new videos with short, step-by-step instructions for editing and adding to your courses in Lectora Online. 22 Adding Video.

Videos mapped to key leadership skills

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Videos mapped to key leadership skills. Content in the Clear Lessons video library has been mapped to key leadership dimensions. Content in the Clear Lessons video library has been mapped to these leadership dimensions, to support development in these critical areas.

Viral Chick-fil-A Video Points Out 1 Critical Lesson Every Organization Must Remember


While some experts claim to know exactly why some videos go viral, the latest one was simple, it was funny and honest. She says in the video, “Chick-fil-A is killing it. Take care of you people and your people will take care of you, that’s the lesson today.

Using Lessons from Video Games in E-Learning

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The fact that I grew up in the 80's puts me in perfect place to see the evolution of video games. There are lessons that can be learned on how to use games in learning. I wrote a blog article last year about what the 80's movie WarGames teaches us about learning games. Some of these lessons are: Games can be used to simulate real work situations. Recently I wrote a blog article called Learning Lessons from Black Ops. I'm a child of the 80's.

mLevel’s Top 3 Learning and Development Lessons Of 2017


An event could also mean a document or video that is sent in an email or content that is hosted on a website. According to an article in the Neuroscience Leadership Journal, “Information and skills from events that only cover concepts one time have been shown to yield little long-term retention, even when quality and satisfaction ratings for the learning event are high.”. When a machine reports that I watched a video, it doesn’t actually know that I did.

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Free leadership videos for Learning at Work Week

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Free leadership videos for Learning at Work Week. Sign up for free access to our video learning library for Learning at Work Week, plus we have lots of other goodies to help you! Learning at Work Week is a great opportunity to try video learning for yourself. Articles News

How Effective are Video-Based Training Courses?


One is video. Video-based training has become quite popular. In the 2015 Video for Learning Pulse Survey , the Brandon Hall Group reported that about 95 percent of companies use some degree of video in their training. 3 Benefits of Video-Based Training Courses.

5 Employee Training Lessons I Learned From Google News

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Nike has released a new campaign of snarky videos, titled “Time is Precious” that aims to sum up all the media we would consume while wasting time looking at our screens. And with this final lesson, I’m sure you are ready to close this blog and get back to work.

It’s Time to Start Using Videos in Your Courses


You have probably noticed the increase in the amount of videos you see across the internet. The increased preference for video is changing the way that we learn both formally and informally. In fact, it has been reported that by 2020 roughly 82% of consumer internet traffic will be composed of internet video. The truth is that if you don’t have a video component in your course in some capacity then your learners are probably not too happy.

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Collaborative Learning Lessons from Wikipedia (and Small Insects.

Dashe & Thomson

A truly excellent article by Matt Thompson, titled An Antidote for Web Overload , addresses the reasons behind Wikipedia’s increasing replacement of traditional news sites as the go-to source for breaking news items.

Games lessons

Clive on Learning

This week's Economist carried an interesting article about the use of video games at school. This new learning architecture "transfers the pedagogic effort from the teachers themselves (who will now act in an advisory role) to a set of video games that she and her colleagues have devised.

Five Tips for Creating Effective Learning Videos

TechSmith Camtasia

The use of video-based learning content has been growing in popularity across all industries, changing the way people learn. As a former instructional designer, I’m very intrigued by this notion and I’m happy to share with you… Five Tips for Creating Effective Learning Videos.

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How to Create Interactive Videos with 3D Models in Storyline

Rapid eLearning

This is part two of the series on working with 3D models and interactive video. In the previous post, we looked at how to create a video using 3D models in PowerPoint. Today, we’ll discover how to use them to create interactive videos in Storyline.

Best articles on Working Smarter, April 2012

Jay Cross

Sal Khan has produced more than 3,000 short videos on a variety of topics. Students watch the videos before coming to class. Flip this lesson! A new way to teach with video from TED-Ed TED | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012. GEORGE SIEMENS. APRIL 19, 2012.

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The Year in Learning—89 Hand-Picked L&D-Related Articles from 2017

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Below are our recommended learning and development articles from the past 12 months, including thought-provoking or simply fun articles related to the field. Recommended Learning and Development Articles from Our Senior Learning Architect.

Comic Books and eLearning: Lessons from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art”

Convergence Training

And in that article, we promised to follow up with a second article that focuses on the classic book Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud. This, my friend, is that second article. Because that’s the whole point of this article.

How to Make A Thousand Training Videos for YouTube FAST (Customer Story)

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Avaya, a global provider of business collaboration and communications software and services, created a video library of resources for customers and employees. Using Camtasia and Blue Yeti microphones, they produced 995 videos in the first 20 months and more since then. At a glance.

Got Video Scripts or Storyboards?

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While you may be anxious to just record your screen and go in order to make a video, writing a simple video script ( like this one ) or a storyboard is essential if you want to save time and money. Reuse content after the video is created. Scripting helps create shorter videos.

Discover the Secrets that Make the Story-Based Lesson Tick

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View the video "The Compliment" to discover the secrets of effective story-based e-learning. According to Bridget Murray in her article "What Makes Mental Time Travel Possible?," "Memory allows us to mentally travel backward in time as well as into the future.

Why Story Lessons Are the Most Engaging Learning for Millennials - Tip #174

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You’ve probably shared a cool pic or an interesting article recently. posts and image captions) Photos and albums Videos (livestream, GIFs, etc.) As a child, you probably had a grandmother who told you stories. How did she captivate you with her tales?

Instructional Video Styles: Choose Your Own


Before you even begin creating your instructional video , you will need to consider your lecture style. Are you going to use a white-board, do a selfie-style video or an animation? Excellent video recording won’t happen by chance. Instructional Video Styles.

eCombat: Lessons from the Interactive Battlefields of Afghanistan

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Spencer Ackerman features Vanguard of Valor, an interactive teaching tool built to instruct the mid-career officers who pass through the Army’s Combined Arms Center, about the lessons accumulated from years of hard-fought war in Afghanistan. Our Belief.

Lessons in Social Learning: What Happens in the Classroom Stays in the Classroom


There are several lessons that I take away from this case study that I think are useful as we think through what social learning could mean in our organizations. This is an important lesson that we need to learn.

Why Video Sales Coaching is a Better Option


This article focuses on why remote sales coaching systems are a better option for reps as well. The rep gets the chance to practice the message on video and receive feedback from their manager. Video Sales Coaching is More Cost-Effective.

How to Enhance your Existing Content with Video

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Before DIY video creation software became widely available, organizations would have to spend big money to hire a professional to complete a video project. Fast forward to today: anyone and everyone can make a video ! Step 3: Create your first video. Are you using video?

2018: This Year in Learning– 109 Curated L&D Articles from 2018

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Below are our recommended learning and development articles from the past 12 months, including thought-provoking or simply fun articles related to the field.Did you have a favorite L&D post from 2017? Recommended Learning and Development Articles from Our Senior Learning Architect.

The Powerful Lesson Corporate Learning Can Learn From Social Platforms


While many people are curious why they released it, how to use it, and what social platform to choose between the two, this article isn’t for that. It doesn’t seem to matter if the video is highly produced or not. Create A Weekly Microlearning Video To Send Out Internally .