Less Trainers; More Community Managers and Curators

Bottom-Line Performance

This is an excerpt from Sharon Boller’s newest white paper, Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities. The white paper describes today’s learning landscape… then predicts 7 trends for the next 12 – 18 months.

Informal Learning – the other 80%

Jay Cross

Years ago a start-up commissioned me to write a white paper that would help put them on the map. I wrote the paper that follows. The start-up stiffed me but the paper morphed into the Informal Learning book. IBM white paper by Rob Cross.

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2018: This Year in Learning– 109 Curated L&D Articles from 2018

The Learning Dispatch

Below are our recommended learning and development articles from the past 12 months, including thought-provoking or simply fun articles related to the field.Did you have a favorite L&D post from 2017? Recommended Learning and Development Articles from Our Senior Learning Architect.

What is Microlearning?


Much of the training employees sat through was time-consuming and nowhere near the situations in which the lessons could be applied. Check out some of these articles to find out how. Learning at work is all about getting better at what you do.

Digital (Learning) Readiness: A Call for L&D Action

Learning Wire

On the positive side is that these employees are already actively seeking out the skills they would need to suit the demands of a digital business (UNC White Paper -Brecher et al, 2016). UNC White paper – Preparing Business leaders for digital disruption 2016.

How To Close Your Workforce Skills Gaps with Reskilling


RELATED ARTICLE: Is the Skills Gap a Myth? White House Launches Cyber Reskilling Program.” Still, there is pressure to act now, as skills gaps continue to widen in technical, white collar and blue collar jobs. RELATED ARTICLE: 5 Ways to Combat Cyber Threats at Your Organization.

How Important is the Design Phase?


Need to Know becomes part of the course lessons, Good to Know is great to add as a resource library for those who want to take a deeper dive into the information. Article Author: V.

Blended Learning is Splendid Learning

Growth Engineering

Learning Management Systems let the learners watch videos of lectures, track their progress, chat with each other or with their manager, and find any other materials they need, like PowerPoint presentations or white papers. What is Blended Learning. Blended education.

50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10 (4)

Jay Cross

Learning expert Robert Brinkerhoff figures only about 15 percent of formal training lessons change behavior. If what we learn is not reinforced with reflection and application, the lessons never make it into long-term memory. So why do we address it in a paper on managers?

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50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10

Jay Cross

Their 1996 book, The Career Architect 2 , stated that lessons learned by successful managers came roughly: • 70 percent from real life and on-the-job experiences, tasks and problem solving. • He is the world authority on 70:20:10 and this paper draws heavily on his work.).

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50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10 (5)

Jay Cross

Experience coupled with reflection sticks lessons in memory. This paper draws heavily on the work of Charles Jennings, a leading thinker and practitioner in human development, change management, performance improvement and learning. 50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10.

The importance of a Knowledge Sharing Culture

Growth Engineering

In this article we’ll show you what organisations stand to lose by allowing experts to hoard knowledge and just how badly things can go wrong when this aspect is ignored. Read this article to find out more about rewarding your employees.

Commonly Used Training Evaluations Models: A Discussion with Dr. Will Thalheimer

Convergence Training

And if you’re interested in that, you can read an article that I wrote, sort of a little piece of investigative journalism, if you will. Here’s Will’s article on the origins of the “ Kirkpatrick-Katzell Four-Level Training Evaluation Model.”

195 posts about MOOCs

Jay Cross

And I should hear note that I’m posting this in order to: (1) recommend Siva’s article, and (2) make an obvious point about MOOCs. Reflecting on #socialartists and #change11 NANCY WHITE | TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2011. s Top articles on Working Smarter JAY CROSS | FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2012.

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The LTEM Training & Learning Evaluation Model

Convergence Training

But then also, I’m going to I’m also then going to recommend that people go look at an article written by Matt Richter who’s come up with many other ways (see Matt Richter, Seven Ways to Use LTEM.). But he’s really loved LTEM and he wrote an article on it.