Leveraging Informal Learning Methods


It usually takes the form of reading articles, books, viewing online courses in spare time, or going to a seminar rather than registering into a formal course. What is likely happening is that people are going about learning in informal methods, which are more difficult to measure.

3 Methods To Assess Competencies

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If you are now getting the grip of competency-based training (CBT) and initiate the design of such models, in this article you’ll learn 3 different methods to assess your employees’ competencies. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Learning Management Systems Competency-Based Learning eLearning Assessment Employee Performance Free eLearning eBooks

Top 10 Articles About Flipped Classrooms


We gathered for you 10 articles defining flipped classroom, showing different points of view on this new teaching method and there are also some tips for those of you who decide to flip the classroom. Opinion eLearning methods elearning trends flipped classroom

8 Benefits Of Simulation Training Compared To Other Methods In Corporate Training

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In this article, I share 8 reasons why you should use this learning approach compared to other methods. When developing a training strategy, it is important to consider how you will design the training.

The Secret to Getting Learning Results May Not Be What You Think

Page 8 7 Hope Isn't a Method Page 20 Contents 5 Crafting Your. 20 Hope Isn't a Method Hope Isn't a Method 7 Given this approach, it’s no surprise that only 25% of CEOs think that their training. The Secret to Getting eLearning Results Isn't What You Think 1 Navigating a.

5 Micro-Learning Articles Worth Reading


Making the decision as to the best delivery method for elearning is the job of an instructional designer. To help you get caught up on the micro-learning phenomenon, consider reading the five articles below. 5 Must-Read Micro-Learning Articles.

The 5 Best Methods Of Improving Mobile Application User Experience

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This article describes how you can improve your mobile app User Experience. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Design Mobile Learning Trends User Experience

Upskilling Employees: Advantages and Methods To Teach Staff More


In the 2016 Huffington Post article “ High Turnover Costs Way More Than You Think “ , the cost to an organization of losing one millennial was estimated to be up to $25,000. The post Upskilling Employees: Advantages and Methods To Teach Staff More appeared first on eFront Blog.

Performance Measures Roundup: Methods That Measure Up


Because this has been one of the top requests we’ve been receiving this year, we’ve gathered some of our top articles on the subject to give you a one-stop shop on your journey to having better and more effective performance measures.

3 methods to boost effectiveness through anticipation and planning

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This article is inspired from our Videocast collection in collaboration with Olivier Sibony , author, strategic decision-making expert and member of the CrossKnowledge Faculty !

The Most Effective Methods in Organizational Training

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For example, many employee training methods are specifically designed to impart certain skills or techniques to specific types of personnel, while others are meant to optimize workplace efficiency. In short, these types of training methods are meant to address specific problems and issues, which makes their impact more focused, but at the same time, more limited. Choosing An Organizational Training Method?

5 Must Read Training and Development Articles

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Sometimes, developing a good employee training program is not just about implementing the right policies or hiring the right people; it also often involves reading informative training and development articles. These articles don’t always have to be unique or ground breaking, though. These articles can also help expose you to various experts in the field, and look at different perspectives and opinions with regards to employee engagement.

10 Must-Read Articles About Asynchronous Learning


Last month we published a list of top 10 articles about synchronous learning so it’s about time to take a look at the opposite approach – asynchronous learning. From the same article we started our list of top 10 articles about synchronous learning.

Choosing a Training Method: 3 Things to Consider

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When you’re faced with choosing a training method, here are tips on deciding direction. Picking the Right Method for Your Next Training Project. And make sure that the training method you choose considers the needs of diverse learners, especially those with disabilities.

Corporate Training Methods: What Works Best


There are a number of methods that training providers utilize to assist individuals attending the class to learn these important lessons. It’s possible for you to upgrade a class by just altering a link and directing the students to a brand-new article or teaching module.

Agile eLearning - 27 Great Articles

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Agile Instructional Design I'm still studying all of this to see whether I really buy that Agile methods will work. The first couple of responses to this month's LCBQ Addressing I Want it Now #LCBQ have come in and Kasper Spiro's caught my eye: On demand: agile e-Learning development #LCBQ. Like Kasper, I'm very familiar with Agile in software development. I was not as familiar with it in terms of eLearning development.

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8 Benefits of Simulation Training Compared to Other Methods in Corporate Training

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Please note this article was originally published by our team on elearningindustry.com.

10 Must-Read Articles about MOOCs


Here are 10 articles you must read about MOOCs: 1. Which is what makes this article an important ‘must-read’ on everyone’s list. Instead of revolutionizing traditional education methods, could it be revolutionizing it in other ways?

Improve Training with These Must Read Articles

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This month I have compiled a fantastic collection of the most interesting employee training articles! There are tons of new training methods and techniques that are being developed and upgraded that are sure to aid you in making your company’s training more efficient.

Adaptive Learning Methods Could Close the Trained Worker Skills Gap

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For example, in a December 2016 USA Today article, IBM Chairwoman and CEO Ginni Rometty announced her firm plans to hire about 25,000 people in the next four years, and plans to spend $1 billion on employee training and development. A rebound in output from the U.S.

The 4 Basic Methods of transforming Learning into eLearning


Whether or not you are confident about including these learning strategies, go through this article. Basic learning methods can easily be integrated in your next eLearning course using these ideas.

Next-generation corporate training methods


Next-generation corporate training methods. Cutting-edge companies are now leveraging emerging methods of corporate training to keep their workers engaged, creating better-prepared employees in less time. Very interesting and great article!

3 Methods of Reflective Practice in an eLearning Environment


In this article, we’ll share with you 3 common reflective practice strategies you can easily introduce between the chapters of your eLearning courses to provoke performance and engagement improvements. Method 1: Compare with yardstick. Method 2: Rate your mastery.

3 Employee Training Methods for Managers

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There are all kinds of employee training methods, but certain methods are best implemented by specific types of personnel. Likewise, there are also plenty of training methods that require personnel other than trained instructors. So if you are putting together an employee training program that includes the participation of your organization’s managers then here are methods for you to try. The Best Employee Training Methods for Executives.

Improve Your Employee Training Methods Learning

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There are many materials and methods you can use when preparing and equipping your employees with skills so that they can do their job in a better way. But considering the many available options, selecting the method that will perfectly fit each and every training session can be hard. In this article, we explain to you the various training methods you can apply in your organization. Most organizations apply the blackboard method in each training station.

Delegating Course Facilitation Duties to Trainees: Benefits and Methods


In this article, we’ll share the five ways to allocate facilitation responsibilities to learners. The post Delegating Course Facilitation Duties to Trainees: Benefits and Methods appeared first on eFront Blog.

Evidence-Based Training Methods and Spaced Learning (An Interview with Dr. Will Thalheimer)

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In this article, we’re going to continue our ongoing series of interviews with Dr. Will Thalheimer , and we’ll be getting some tips for using spaced learning to better support learner memory in workforce learning & development efforts. Back in 1992, these researchers Bruce and Bayrick (check spelling here) counted up all the articles that had been written on spaced learning at the time, and there were more than 300 then, and every year there are at least 10 more.

Improve Your eLearning Design Workflow with the Pyramid Method

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Product designer William Newton wrote a compelling article some time ago on the tiers of good design and the pyramid they form. Find the original article here: The Design Process: A Pyramid.

This Week’s Top 5 Articles in Corporate Training

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We must not forget that old school methods are dynamic and must be adapted to the changing times in order to keep training programs fresh and engaging. The post This Week’s Top 5 Articles in Corporate Training appeared first on Training Station.

The 4 Basic Methods of transforming Learning into eLearning


Whether or not you are confident about including these learning strategies, go through this article. Basic learning methods can easily be integrated in your next eLearning course using these ideas.

Context is King: Excerpts from posts and articles - Part I

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Then a tweet by @sumeet_moghe on the same topic today prompted me to put up excerpts of the articles and posts I have been reading here. Learning from dictionaries, like any method that tries to teach abstract concepts independently of authentic situations, overlooks the way understanding is developed through continued, situated use. For the paste one week or so, I have been reading up on the importance of context as opposed to content.

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5 minutes to learn – an article from Jean-Marc Tassetto, co-founder of Coorpacademy


An article in the International Journal of Educational Research Review states that a group following a “traditional” training program is less efficient than a group with the same content in a microlearning format (64% vs. 82%), and that microlearning can increase an individual’s learning capacities by 18% compared to traditional methods. The post 5 minutes to learn – an article from Jean-Marc Tassetto, co-founder of Coorpacademy appeared first on Coorpacademy.

How to Stop Worrying About a Jobless Future? An article from Jean-Marc Tassetto, co-founder of Coorpacademy


This article has been originally published in Bdaily Business News. Here are some extracts of the article: “We all know that Artificial Intelligence and automation are coming at us at breakneck speed. ” You can read the article in its complete and original form here!

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Evidence-Based Training Methods and Smile Sheets (An Interview with Dr. Will Thalheimer)

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It’s always a good idea to use training methods that are (1) based in evidence and proven to be effective and (2) focused on improving performance on the job. Dr. Will Thalheimer is one of the leading research experts on evidence-based and performance-focused training methods, and he’s been kind enough to grant us an interview that we’ll present as a series of four related articles. Evidence-based training methods & learning myths.

What is the advantage of LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability)


LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) is a method for rich learning tools to integrate into each other. Blog articlesWhat is LTI.

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Synchronous or Asynchronous? How to Pick Your Training Delivery Method by Danielle Slatinsky

Learning Solutions Magazine

There are best practices, and this article gives a succinct summary as well as a plac. Creating effective online instruction requires consideration of many factors if it is to lead learners to achieve the desired skills and knowledge.

Why Employee Training Articles are Important for Your Employee Development

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There are plenty of employee training articles on the internet. However, like most things on the internet, it’s also important to exercise a little discrimination in how you choose articles for your company’s training program. For example if you find some corporate training articles but they are written by Bozo the Clown, perhaps it would be best to steer clear. Where Can You Find Quality Employee Training Articles? What are the Benefits Training Articles?