17 Awesome Resources on Micro Learning


Articles/Posts. Megatrends in MOOCs: #4 Micro Learning Paths : This article (by Bryant Nielson) discusses how Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)s can act as frameworks for a wide variety of micro learning activities.

Gaming Learning

Clark Quinn

I’ve been thinking about games for the simple reason that I’m keynoting and doing a panel and a session about gaming and learning at NexLearn’s Immersive Learning University conference next week. So when I read this recent article , while generally supportive, I had a problem. The good thing with the article is that it argues that we should be doing more with games to support learning, and I couldn’t agree more.

Games 154

Will Thalheimer, Subscription Learning: A Fundamentally Different Form of eLearning #LSCon

Learning Visions

Every year Will reads over 200 articles on learning and learning research. Tools that can support spaced learning: www.cameo.net www.mindsetter.com [link] NexLearn''s Simwriter platform (incudes microlearning objects) [link] (an open source tool) More providers here: [link] Of course, good instructional design still counts in subscription learning.