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great article collection. Article: [link]. Open All the Way: MOOCs, OER, and Open Education. Size Isn’t Everything – Cathy Davidson – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The future of MOOCs

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No more lazy professors, no more specious journal articles. There’s no point rehashing the same lectures when the world’s best authorities have already recorded them and offered them to the world as OERs. MOOCs get a bad rap.

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The future of MOOCs

E-Learning Provocateur

No more lazy professors, no more specious journal articles. There’s no point rehashing the same lectures when the world’s best authorities have already recorded them and offered them to the world as OERs. MOOCs get a bad rap.

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Giving it all away

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Look, as altruistic as it may seem to give away all your content, ideas, lecture notes, videos, slides and even articles and books, for those who actually opt to do so, there are also excellent rewards. Tags: creative commons user generated content OER Picasso Web 2.0

What if they threw a party and none of us came?

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One of my recent open access journal articles (which I did not pay to have published) was peer reviewed by no less that 5 experts for the excellent journal Future Internet. Tags: EURODL IRRODL blogs OER social media open access journal TOJDE Academic publishing is changing.

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Top 40 eLearning Articles and 5 Hot Topics for Early March

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OER (9). Best of eLearning Learning. March 1, 2010 to March 14, 2010. March is off to a great start! And it’s nice to see that in the hot topics, the Big Question has had an influence. Nine Information Alternatives to the Now Defunct Training Magazine - Kapp Notes , March 2, 2010 Unfortunately, Training Magazine is folding up shop on its web site, print magazine and conferences. This post offers some other places to get information about training.

How Can K-12 Publishers Adapt in the Digital Era


Publish Superior Content Than OERs. Publishers must be aware of the free learning resources available on the internet- Open Educational Resources (OERs). Suggested Articles. Publishers have experienced a digital turbulence in recent times.

11 Differences between a MOOC and an Online Course

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MOOCs on various topics can be set up using blended content – some custom designed and some re-purposed from OERs and other available content from the net as long as one takes care to note the various IPR-related policies. Related articles MOOCs: taxonomy of 8 types of MOOC A faculty perspective on OCW and MOOCs Reports from MOOC Research Hub

The open case

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Just how many people will actually read an article in a closed journal? Often open access journals provide online forums for discussion of the articles presented. academic publishing OER open access open scholarship

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Why Open Content is Not Yet Adopted in the Workplace

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A quick definition from the article: The term "open educational resources" was first adopted at UNESCO's 2002 Forum on the Impact of Open Courseware for Higher Education in Developing Countries funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. UNESCO helped to define OER as educational materials and resources "offered freely and openly for anyone to use and under some licenses to re-mix, improve and redistribute."

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Daily Bookmarks 06/19/2008

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ZaidLearn: University Learning = OCW + OER = FREE! Video and article about assistive technology for college and high school students, specifically focused on physical impairments. Huge directory of links to free educational resources–open courseware, open educational resources, and general resources. Mostly higher ed. tags: openaccess , education , highered , e-learning , creativecommons , free. Learning in the Webiverse: How Do You Grade a Conversation?

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Can US Higher Education Publishers Leverage a Subscription Model


But how do they compete with resources like MOOCs and OERs that have made high quality course content from respected university professors available for free? It also expanded its multimedia offerings, with a Daily Podcast and more interactive articles.

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Online Educa Berlin 2014 Conference Review #OEB14

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One of the sessions I was in, was a blogger session which included Stephen Downes, a foremost expert on OER (Open Educational Resources). Stephen is really a sharp guy and in my opinion is one of the very few folks who has a finger on the pulse of OER, including MOOCs. Speaking.

What’s hot in Working Smarter in October

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‘A recent article in Wired Magazine, Collaboration and Conversation: MORE >> STEPHEN DOWNES: HALF AN HOUR. Daily presentations starting Oct 21 on MOOCs, OERs, open access, libraries, and more. HAROLD JARCHE. OCTOBER 29, 2013. PKM in 34 pieces.

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195 posts about MOOCs

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And I should hear note that I’m posting this in order to: (1) recommend Siva’s article, and (2) make an obvious point about MOOCs. s Top articles on Working Smarter JAY CROSS | FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2012. Best articles on Working Smarter, April 2012 JAY CROSS | TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2012.

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Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

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Reusing eLearning material (OER) from other sources or not, asks UNESCO. Three reasons why I hesitate - Ignatia Webs , September 22, 2010 Unesco is inviting us to jointly discuss OER, so if you are interested, let yourself be heard! concerning OER. Less learning more often&# (click to read the full article) Is it happening? How to revamp your learning model - E-learning in the Corporate Sector , September 7, 2010 In my articles Online courses must die!

Learning Styles and Visualization

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While the original article in the Telegraph is interesting, I heartily recommend heading over to the post that Stephen Downes did on this and read the comments. Ive been tinkering with Many Eyes over the last couple of weeks as a way of exploring potential visual navigation tools/interfaces for Open University courses and qualifications, and OpenLearn OERs/course units: [link] and search for "many eyes". e-Clippings (Learning As Art).