What an offline player means for your learning community


Well, we are getting towards this with an Offline Player for your LMS. An offline player, in the context of elearning, is a program which allows learners to download elearning content when they are connected to the internet, then complete the training later when disconnected. Read on and find out what an offline player could do for your employees. Not so long ago all learning was delivered offline. The Offline Player.

4 Best Practices for Transitioning From Offline to Online Learning


And, this includes their employee training and development programs as well as onboarding initiatives. However, transitioning from offline to online training is a challenging process. In this article, we’ll take a look at four best practices that can help you simplify the transitioning process. You don’t have to be a tech aficionado or a programming guru to create online courses. To start your eLearning program contact us today!


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Offline Marketing for Online Courses with High Ticket Ecommerce and Consulting Business Expert Sayan Sarkar


Learn about offline marketing for online courses with high ticket ecommerce and consulting business expert Sayan Sarkar in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Most of the time in the world of marketing we are learning about the new ways of doing things with marketing online, but as Sayan shares in this episode, he has had tremendous success with his businesses by marketing offline in newspapers. But for me, I have a high ticket program.

LearnDash Program with 10,000+ Users


His learning program boasts over 10,000 active users going through his training program. These three tools used together are powering some of the most robust LearnDash powered programs to date. The best way to do that was to get the program online, in a way that all of our different program members could interact with it and we’ve run thousands and thousands of guys through our program and the results are fantastic.

Maximize Your CME Program with These 11 Features and Services


There is a feature-rich, automated LMS available for your CME program , as well as a professional service that can help when your CPD office is short staffed or when you need to fill that specific need or skill gap. What LMS features are vital for your CME program? Program evaluation.

ROI: Determine the Impact of Your Training Programs


And, measuring the ROI for your training programs is no exception. Industry Growth Means Managers Need to Understand the Business Impact of Their Training Programs. Industry growth suggests that companies will continue to invest in training programs – online and offline. It’s clear that there are lots of advantages to implementing online training programs. Your online and offline training investments should deliver quantifiable returns.

ROI 40

Good eLearning Design for Bad Internet Connections


Designing eLearning programs for imperfect Internet connections is, oddly enough, a valuable skill. Find out in this article! In fact, many developing nations rely on eLearning programs and training materials for quality learning experiences. These individuals, upon completing eLearning programs with you, would happily become an advocate to all who are interested in their community to learn more about your course. Enable content download and offline reading options.

Associations Need to Lead Change with Education Programs

WBT Systems

The authors of this whitepaper make a compelling case for associations to step in and bridge the growing education-to-employment gap by offering alternative, affordable, industry specific education programs for professional development and credentialing. Often this is because of the rigid structure of these programs, which is not supportive of non-traditional students who may need to work part-time, or have other responsibilities.

7 Programs that Increase Employee Engagement

Aktiv Mind

7 Programs that Increase Employee Engagement. Before you start reviewing different software programs there is an important step you need to take; you need to hear from your employees. Here are some of our favorite project management programs that help you connect with your employees and increase their level of commitment and engagement. Bloomfire : Finding a project managment program that your employees will like, and more importantly use can be challenging.

We Know Training and AHEIA Partner to Train Albertans


One such training provider is our longstanding partner, the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association (AHEIA) , who have generously released their new Alberta Fishing Education Program free of charge to all Albertans for a limited time. We Know Training is proud to be able to support all Albertans seeking to further their knowledge and training through partnerships such as this and industry-leading online training programs. Articles eLearning

Can Learning Consume the C-Suite? Why It Will in 2021 & Beyond


Data from Brandon Hall Group showed that pre-pandemic, 96% of companies relied on instructor-led training and only 50% had remote, digital programs in place. As of March 2020, in-person trainings were no longer feasible, so organizations needed to change their training programs to an entirely digital model, and quickly. Both programs were short, moving employees from their jobs to new positions in a matter of weeks.

Suite 40

15 Benefits Of Computer-Based Testing

Dan Keckan

Many online programs take their assessments offline. But computer-based/online assessment offers numerous benefits to online learning programs. This article outlines 15 of these benefits. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Design and Development Educational Technology Tools eLearning Assessment eLearning Design Tips

What You Need to Know: Online Training vs. Traditional Training


However, understanding the merits and demerits of training methods both online and offline can help you make a more informed decision. Merits and Demerits of Training Methods (Online vs. Offline). VISIT THE VIRTUAL TRAINING RESOURCE HUB << Merits of Offline Training.

Learner Marketing: Why You Need an Effective 360° Communications Plan

Learning Wire

Who is the program for (target audience) and what are the expected benefits? It should engage learners by making them realize how important the program is—for them and the company. Communication milestones for training programs. Involve leaders and managers—the real influencers and sponsors—to convey the information to potential learners and sing the program’s praises. Give away useful goodies to keep the training program in people’s minds.

Adopting a modern apprenticeship model

CLO Magazine

This is perhaps most visible via the continued rapid increase in e-commerce as reported by Mastercard Spending Pulse, which tracks both online and offline spending trends; seasonal shopping from November 1 to December 24, 2019, was up 3.4 The modern apprenticeship program model is focused on in-demand jobs and provides both on-the-job training and classroom instruction. Leadership Development apprenticeship Apprenticeship Program talent development

Honoring International Women's Day


They stay mainly behind the scenes and do what needs to be done to keep the money flowing from donors and other funding sources to the programs and people who are out there in the trenches. Moreover, women are great collaborators and are very thorough in needs analysis, which is at the core of any training and development program. ”. Vineeta Magoo, Senior Training and Development Program Manager, Sabre. “As Articles Litmos International womens day IWD SAP Litmos customers

SAP 63

Augmented Intelligence, Not Artificial Intelligence: E-learning’s Game-Changer


Examples of the limitations of AI abound: Last year, for example, trolls corrupted Tay, Microsoft’s Twitter bot, so badly she had to be taken offline. When a struggling student is identified, the program notifies professors or other mentors that the student needs an in-person intervention. Articles Learning Management System AI augmented intelligence eLearningArtificial intelligence is a term that comes with a lot of baggage, thanks to popular culture.

Mobile Content Management Solutions: Why Simple File Storage Is Inadequate


The ability to do all of this offline. An individual user can grab any number of files located in any repository and create a bookmark stack that they can reference anywhere — online or offline.

[IN DEPTH ANALYSIS] Does a sense of community matter in online training?


While we looked at the first three in a previous article , we will explore here the latter. Firstly, because eLearning programs pose particular challenges due to, sometimes, lack of synchronicity, or the “face-to-face” interaction of learners with teachers/trainers, or even with their peers. this feeling of affiliation cannot only develop towards the group but also towards the training program as well as the institution that dispenses it. Articles Catherine Meilleur Researc

LMS trends that can result in better training outcomes


That said, in this article, we will be exploring the LMS trends and how they can deliver better training outcomes. With this tool, training managers can easily identify what is or isn’t working in the training program. 4. LMS apps for offline learning.

6 Dirty Myths About eLearning People Still Believe

Your Training Edge

In this article, we collected 6 of the most popular misbeliefs that prevent you from becoming an online student and getting a diploma or a certificate of your choice. In fact, most of the offline colleges and universities also use online platforms for interaction with the students. The universities that have decided to run online courses or full educational programs choose the platforms that allow them to provide protected services. Getting education online becomes viral.

Get Your Audience Pumped: 30 Ways to Motivate Adult Learners

The eLearning Coach

Although this usually requires a higher budget than other strategies, look around for pre-programmed games that work with your tool set. This might help some learners buy in to the program. Create an online and offline learning experience. Related Articles: Characteristics of Adult Learners. Tags: ISD RECENT ARTICLES Motivation is the force that drives people to fulfill a need.

SCORM Compliance and LMS: What Does It Mean to be ‘SCORM-Compliant’?


The heart of SCORM is that it allows Sharable Content Objects (the SCO part of SCORM) or programs to run on multiple LMS platforms in multiple browsers. Put simply, SCORM makes it possible for different brands of LMS platforms to run programs created from different authoring tools.


Get Your Audience Pumped: 30 Ways to Motivate Adult Learners

The eLearning Coach

Although this usually requires a higher budget than other strategies, look around for pre-programmed games that work with your tool set. This might help some learners buy in to the program. Create an online and offline learning experience. Related Articles: Characteristics of Adult Learners. Tags: COGNITION ISD RECENT ARTICLES Motivation is the force that drives people to fulfill a need.

How to Run a Workplace Culture Workshop That Benefits Your Bottom Line


We’ve seen a return on investment from leadership development programs , and workplace culture programs can yield the same results. Unboxed Training & Technology offers off-the-shelf employee training programs that handle the heavy lifting of training your team.

SCORM Compliance and LMS: What Does It Mean to be ‘SCORM-Compliant’?


The heart of SCORM is that it allows Sharable Content Objects (the SCO part of SCORM) or programs to run on multiple LMS platforms in multiple browsers. Put simply, SCORM makes it possible for different brands of LMS platforms to run programs created from different authoring tools.


Online Industrial Training Tools & Tech to Know About

Convergence Training

In addition to this article, please feel free to listen to our Effective Manufacturing Training that Works webinar and our Selecting Online Manufacturing Training webinar as well as download our Manufacturing Training guide and our Selecting & Using Online Manufacturing Training guide.

Are You Appy?

Nick Leffler

Oh, you also have to know how to program or a lot of money to hire a developer for your app or pass it on to a developer who you don’t get to work very closely with. Apps can be programmed in the operating systems native language which is a huge benefit. Facebook recently (recently being over a year ago) ditched programming their app in HTML5 for the native language of each operating system. Second, mobile apps can work offline if that’s a need.

Key Factors in MOOC Success, Part 1

Your Training Edge

Over a series of two articles, we’ll explore the qualities of good MOOCs, especially as they related to workforce and corporate learning. In this first article, we’ll look at some overarching qualities of good online education, and in the next we’ll examine some more course-specific factors of MOOC success. Udacity learned this lesson the hard way in its pilot program with San Jose State University that took place earlier this year. Offline support.

Learner First Model Part 9


If you’d like to read more about the learner-first model, you can check out the other articles in the series, or download a free copy of our ebook. The first question to answer when delivering your training program is around your rollout model. Is training taking place online-only, or are there also offline components? If there are offline components to your training program, you’ll need to deliver your training accordingly. Disseminate Your Training: Delivery.

Developing Leaders From a Distance

Innovative Learning Group

It was often inconvenient to remove a leader from circulation for days at a time to attend a development program. Leaders are simply too valuable for most organizations to take offline for long periods of time. Leadership development will involve sharing more videos, participating in more (and shorter) virtual sessions, and reading more books and articles. Leadership Workshops Evolve From the Classroom. It’s interesting how change is sometimes thrust upon us.

What is XAPI And How Should You Use It?


“API” is short for application programming interface which indicates that xAPI will seamlessly integrate with your learning management system. xAPI effectively tracks a wide range of online and offline learning It substantially enhances your analytics capabilities, makes integration into any learning management system easy and intuitive, and supports more learning experiences, like gamified, social and group learning. Formal learning experiences (i.e

xapi 55

6 Tips To Create Customized Online Training Content For Your Corporate Learners


In this article, I’ll share 6 tips to create customized online training content for your corporate learners. Some HTML5 tools even allow them to download the online training content for offline viewing. Your customized online training program must evolve with the changing needs of your employees. Read the article 7 Best Practices For Developing Personalized eLearning Courses to discover 7 best practices to follow when developing personalized eLearning experiences.

Tin Can API & the Future of E-Learning


It is this aspect (potential applications of the Experience API) that we intend to mainly focus upon in this brief article, by triggering thoughts and ideas on the topic, along with curated pointers to some of the resources available on the web. Most informal learning is happening even while learners are offline (without being connected to the LMS). Occurring even while learners are offline. An interesting article on ‘Tracking Software Clicks with Tin Can’.

The Best Enterprise LMS 2.0 for Training and Knowledge Retention


In fact, information retention jumps to 41% when lecture duration drops to 15 minutes (according to the same article above). In that case, you might want to go through a formal privacy training program during onboarding. Mobile App with Offline Functionality .

How To Create A Winning eLearning Gamification Strategy


In this article, we’ll be showing you how you can go about creating a winning e-learning gamification strategy in your organization. It’s worth noting that the term doesn’t mean introducing an offline game format into e-learning courses.

How You Can Use Mobile Learning Apps For Microlearning-Based Training

Adobe Captivate

In this article, I will outline what mobile learning apps are and the benefits they offer. We have used mobile learning apps for varied requirements from microlearning to supplementing primary eLearning or ILT programs (learning aids or Performance Support Tools) as well as for assessments. In this article, I will outline what mobile learning apps are and the benefits they offer. A mobile learning app lets you view your learning content offline from your mobile device.

What to Look for in a Learning Management System (LMS) for Manufacturing Training

Convergence Training

A learning management system, or LMS, is web-based software application organizations can use to manage and administer their employee training programs–that includes training that occurs online, naturally, but also training that occurs face-to-face, such as instructor-led training, field-based training, and so on. Some are really part of even larger software management programs geared around an organization’s hire-to-fire, talent-management efforts.

LMS 53

The role of instructional designer in social/informal learning

Spark Your Interest

I like how Clark Quinn describes options in this article [link]. Building and supporting an informal learning “space” – whether it’s online or offline. An instructional designer can also evaluate existing formal programs that perhaps no longer need to be managed formally and could be more effective if they were informal and/or social.

Roles 100

Fixed Training Costs vs. Variable Training Costs

Your Training Edge

Though, I always mentioned that online modes for training and learning are becoming the norms of the day, yet, many stakeholders involved in the training process, either online or offline; do hold concerns about the training cost. Not just their concerns are the gist of this article, but current economic scenario also bring some additional concerns in terms of training funds availability, in particular, when additional funds are required.

Cost 135