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How to Create an E-Learning Portfolio

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In recent posts, we discussed why you need a portfolio for personal development and to manage your professional career. The obvious next question is what tools and resources should I use to build a portfolio? What Goes in the Portfolio? Where is the Portfolio Hosted?

Listen: Discover Financial Services’ Jon Kaplan on tuition assistance programs and the importance of building trust among your learning team

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We also touch on his efforts at Discover to rethink and expand tuition assistance programs from a benefit to an asset. Jon really wanted to rethink that when he was at Discover and put in place a pretty impressive program to do that. We talked about the tuition assistance program.

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Finance Market Simulations Teach You How to Grow Your Wealth

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One of the three things he wanted to see there was the New York Stock Exchange. It was there he realized that investing in stocks can make his dream of being wealthy come true. At 11, he started investing in stocks. It is an interactive game that simulates the stock markets.

5 Ways to Kickstart Your E-learning Career

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Certificate programs take less time, seem to be more project-focused, and are a bit more pragmatic when it comes to applying what you’re learning. Here’s a list of programs recommended by the community. Build an E-Learning Portfolio.

A Guide to Superior eLearning Graphics

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All too often you find unrelated stock photography , huge chunks of text in awkward places , and mismatched color schemes in eLearning courses. In his time here, he has produced quite the portfolio of awesome eLearning graphics.

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Here’s a Simple PowerPoint Hack to Help with Course Design

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So you have plenty of quality templates and stock images to help guide your design. However, there are times when you may be stuck with a specific image and need to figure out how to create different (but matching) layouts without doing a bunch of edits in a different program.

My Experience of Working Out Loud Using Pinterest


I knew the potential of Pinterest and had seen some excellent resumes and work portfolios on Pinterest. I also heard from many folks about their own examples of working out loud and some of the articles, videos and posts that they have found useful along the journey.

Here Are Your E-learning Tips for 2017

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The key point was that it didn’t matter what underlying technology drove the content, the next generation course designer could build e-elearning with no programming skills required. Build a portfolio to document your skills.

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It's the end of the year as we know it.

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It's easy to forget how much how far you've come unless you look back and take stock, which is why writing this post is such a cathartic process. If you're interested in what I talked about, this article goes through the highlights. The past year has been a corker.

Visual Design Tips from the eLearning Coach


Here is an article that describes the process in more detail: Subtractive Visual Design. If you’re not inspired by your color palette, then look at some of the designer portfolio sites at Behance and Dribbble and find a color palette that will work for your current project.

Your WordPress LMS Freelance Business Transformation with Matt Inglot


Once people purchase the program they don’t have a need to purchase again or renew anything. For example, the most complicated thing we ever built was this whole financial portfolio analyzer tool that lets you actually input your investment portfolio and track it.

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 Moxie Awards!


Recap from: Built In Chicago News Article. Edovo works to reduce recidivism by providing incarcerated people with access to tech-enabled educational and rehabilitative programming. We are launching a native ad program and innovative video product.

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Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

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10 Free Audio Programs to Use for E-Learning - Rapid eLearning Blog , June 1, 2010 I’m no audio engineer. Introduction to Social Networking - Learning and Working on the Web , June 21, 2010 As our Work Literacy Ning site (2008) is in danger of getting bumped off the Net due to Ning’s new pricing policy , I will post some of the key articles here so we don’t lose them. Portfolio as workspace vs. showcase. Most high schools don’t teach programming.

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