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What You Can do to Combat Racism at Work


Many are speaking up, stepping up to articulate feelings, to push for action, to encourage healing. They are all better suited and better positioned than Avilar to do just that. Two questions that are relevant to business leaders. They are: “What can I do?” We know that a great company culture can help to attract and retain great employees. By design, competencies do not give weight to one’s educational level or school affiliation. That we should do.


How to Develop Leadership Competencies that Work


We all know that future business leaders don’t emerge by chance. Do you know how to develop leadership competencies that work? . Business judgment : Make business decisions that drive positive bottom-line performance.


Why Competency Projects Fail (And How to Avoid It)


As a competency-first approach has moved from novel idea to mission-critical business strategy, organizations have – with varying degrees of success – put competency programs into place. Why do competency projects fail? And what can you do about it? Have them clearly articulate the company goals and success plan. Second, if the competency project doesn’t reflect the jobs that people do every day, managers won’t care.