7 reasons why the new Articulate Storyline is a Game-Changer for eLearning

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First, let me start by congratulating everyone who works for Articulate for the launch of Storyline. However if there’s a company that can do it, that is certainly Articulate. I have been a fan of Articulate for a long time even as I worked for Adobe on the Captivate and eLearning Suite products. The Articulate Community. I don’t really know if Articulate will put this as a feature on the box, but they probably should.

5 Gamification Examples in Articulate Storyline That Will Blow Your Mind

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I was going through a few online articles on gamification for research on my new course which is to be developed in Articulate Storyline. Here I’d like to share my favorite gamification examples created in Articulate Storyline. Learning Technology Articulate Storyline

The Effectiveness of Learning – What Does Success Mean to You?

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This post follows on from “ Back to Basics ” which outlined some key considerations for learning effectiveness and called for some refresher thinking about the fundamentals of what we do within our professional, how we do it, why and how successfully we do it. The business has an expectation of success and we can satisfy it through effective learning (and real value).A Effective Learning Bob Spence Effectiveness

Knowledge Checks Made More Effective – Scenario Based Assessments in E-learning

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Here’s a simple assessment question on Data Security. As you can see, it’s a basic question on the most secure way to carry data , presented with three options.

WebLearning: The current corporate solution for L&D functioning


WebLearning commonly called as Web-based learning has got much attention as being an incredible and effective opportunity to train employees nowadays. Engaged learning: Content digitization tools like Articulate 360 , Articulate Storyline 2 make the learning interactive and fun.

Compliance Learning Management System to Meet Your Training Needs


You can effectively develop e-courses using authoring tools such as Captivate, Composica, Articulate, and more. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance helps to secure personal information of LMS users.

Leveraging the Capabilities of AGILE Instructional Design Strategies

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An example of this includes using tools such as Review My eLearning or Articulate Review to collect and obtain iterative feedback from stakeholders to continuously improve the quality of the design. For many learning organizations, the term “AGILE” has become a hot topic.

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Avatars and Social Learning Theory

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Robert Bandura in the late 1970’s articulated the concept of social learning theory as a method in which individuals learn from one another in the context of a social situation through observation. Research in this area indicates that, indeed, human social models can be effective in influencing another to change behaviors, beliefs or attitudes, as well as social and cognitive functioning.

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6 Steps To A Better Mobile Learning Strategy

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When implementing mobile learning in workplace, following 6 steps will help create an effective mlearning strategy. Well articulated BYOD policies will need to feature in your strategy whether you allow or disallow staff to use their own devices for mobile learning.

A Conversation with Danny Stefanic of LearnBrite

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Stefanic: LearnBrite is created from a belief that by combining the best and latest technologies with proven eLearning techniques, we can provide the most effective learning experience and outcome. Check this example of a sample Articulate StoryLine course.

3 eLearning Authoring Tools That Deserve Your Consideration


Such tools are necessary for the delivery of professional eLearning content in an easy, quick, and effective fashion. Compatibility and security – ProProfs’ eLearning authoring tool is compatible with different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Articulate 360.

Approaches to Interactivity Building in eLearning


Here is an example of how they work together to build a course with interactive animations: The security group needs a new course to teach employees the importance of security. At the end of the process, the instructional designer uses an authoring tool—such as Captivate or Articulate—to combine the custom created interactions, with the content, graphics and media, and turn it into one complete course.

3 Types of Rapid Authoring Tools for Development

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Martin advised John him to go in for rapid e-learning 1 development which uses rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. Articulate Studio and Adobe Presenter are examples of PowerPoint add-ins.

Job Interview Process: 5 Tips Recruiting Leaders Should Know

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It also sets the stage for securing referrals from individuals who have proven themselves as quality candidates/new employees. Articulating to the potential what the next step will be and following up as indicated is an effective way to set your company apart and keep candidates interested.

Job 99

Interview with an Expert: Emilio Arocho, Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at FDLI

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Part of my job is to sift through the technical details, engage in dialogue with my colleagues and other stakeholders, and articulate a vision of change that focuses on the most high-impact return on our time and money investment. It takes more effort, and it doesn’t always connect immediately with a positive business outcome, but doing this helps my organization navigate the winds of change effectively.

6 Mobile Learning Trends That Grew in 2012

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Many companies and schools are adopting this policy as it is more cost effective and encourages people to keep working even after they go home for the day…or at least, that’s what the buzz is about. Instead it’s been a headache for IT and caused all sorts of security risks.

How Technology Solutions Made Learning Process Easy

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In some of our previous posts, these have been articulated. Of course, they come at a cost, and a huge one at that, but the main advantage they provide is being a one-time investment to deliver the most effective form of training in a completely secure manner.

The DevLearn eLearning Rockstar Stage Reveal

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Games deliver lots of actionable data to measure effectiveness, both individually and through group learning, showing gaps and areas to optimize for a continuous cycle of improvement. How using templates can increase your effectiveness. How to write effective RFPs.

5 Best Practices to Create Online Training Simulations

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Simulations are highly specialized, interactive programs that allow workforce to learn and practice real world activities in a controlled, secure, and risk-free environment. Reps can effectively transfer these skills to their workplace.

See the Results from Our 2014 Learning and Remembering Survey

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The results provide a snapshot of the type of knowledge employees need to remember most to be effective in their jobs… and the challenges that make it difficult to train them on this knowledge. Security & Investigations.

Survey 233

Role of Community Management in Workplace Learning Today

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There will be umpteenth obstacles beyond the control of a community manager ranging from the constraints posed by the platform itself to enterprise security policies that impact how users access the platform.

Flash To HTML5 – Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration

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During the journey, we identified several factors that have helped us craft a successful and effective migration plan for our customers. How to draw up an effective action plan for successful migration. Security Concerns.

2016: 12 months of learning

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In the third episode, Julie Dirksen , author of the ‘go to’ book for learning designers, Design for how people learn , talked to us about the latest theories on effective learning design.

Extended Enterprise Compliance: Mapping the Ecosystem

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With so many stakeholders in the extended enterprise value chain, an effective technology infrastructure is vital. Content authoring tools like Articulate , domiKnow , Gomo , iSpring and Lectora are commonly used to develop in-house online training.

4 Hot E-learning Trends That’ll Shape the L&D World in 2017

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However, concerns about data security in the cloud will persist in the new year. 2 A number of e-learning software vendors such as Articulate, Adobe, and Trivantis are enhancing the game-based learning development capabilities of their products, to meet this growing demand.

Free L&D webinars for March 2019

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Not only is this what most employees want, it’s also a key component of an effective learning strategy. It helps you scale your training worldwide, but every new recording is a pain to produce, and it’d be ideal for just-in-time learning, if only it could be effectively searched.

Go Mobile?

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But while many organizations have used the method effectively, it is not always the best choice. But just because millions of people use tablets and smartphones in their personal lives doesn’t mean all types of workplace learning can adapt to the medium effectively. In these cases, cost is a factor, but so are device standardization and security concerns. Mobile learning is often viewed as the next big thing in learning delivery.

Leadership Traits That Transcend Gender

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Successful female executives understand that success is usually the result of effective teamwork, borne of the efforts of many people working together to accomplish a common goal. What does it take to be successful in business?

5 Ways Scenario-based Online Learning Can Pave the Way For GCP Training

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GCP training has to be adopted by Pharma companies and research institutes as it leads to the safe and effective manufacturing of health and medical products and practices. Scenarios offer your employees a secure place to fail.

The Six Hats Of A Community Manager


There will be umpteenth obstacles beyond the control of a community manager ranging from the constraints posed by the platform itself to enterprise security policies that impact how users access the platform.

Best Practices to Migrate Legacy Flash Courses to HTML5 the Right Way

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Additionally, I will share some of our best practices that will help you plan this migration exercise effectively so that you can achieve a positive ROI on your investment. During scoping (To improve and maximize the effectiveness of the migration initiative).

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


Whether you want to learn more about awesome eLearning authoring tools, communicate more effectively with your learners, or organize your time better, our list of useful eLearning tools is sure to help. Articulate Storyline.

Which Learning Content Trends Matter Most to You?

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While “shorter” content isn’t necessarily better by definition, “right-sized” content can be highly effective when it’s offered at the right time in a useful format. Many organizations continue to use standalone content authoring tools like Articulate , GomoLearning , iSpring and Lectora.

10 Awesome Ways To Use Mobile Learning For Employee Training

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It can be used effectively to push for a higher application of acquired learning. This was done using Articulate Storyline 360 and was made mobile friendly for wider reach to the sales staff. Mobile learning for employee training is fast becoming an essential part of training delivery.

7 Executive Training Tips That Will Make Your Management Amazing


So their competence has a direct effect on your success. Many companies don’t see a great return on their training and development, and the cause is usually that the company’s strategy, values, and articulated goals aren’t aligned with the trainings. Day-to-day coaching and process consultation help people become more effective in that new design. Marie Westbrook was a consultant for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s senior leadership training program.