eLearning Example – Make Compliance Courses Engaging


One of the ways I become a better eLearning designer is by finding good examples and trying to replicate the elements I like. Recently, my friend Brooke Schepker from Yukon Learning shared a sample course. View the sample course.

Printing Slides in Articulate Storyline 2

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It’s not uncommon for Articulate Storyline developers to want to create a way for their learners to print a current slide for later reference. All of this information is included in the source files that you can download here. He is an Articulate MVP.

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Show and Tell: Gamified eLearning in Articulate Storyline 3

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If your content and interactions aren’t memorable, the information won’t stick. While we build learning games using a variety of development tools, you’d be amazed at how far a developer can take Articulate Storyline when creating game-like experiences.

4 Revealing Articulate Storyline Templates

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The click-and-reveal interaction is a tool used frequently throughout eLearning courses and is a very common Articulate Storyline template found in our library. These four click-and-reveal Storyline templates will give you a sample of how to get it done.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

to articulate goals that will help the organization reach those lofty missions and then. For example, your goal might be to hire and train three new service teams this year. Performance support is the extra bits of information or reminders that extend the training.

Sample branching scenario + cool tool

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It’s based on TiddlyWiki , a lightweight information management tool. Thanks, Steve Flowers, for pointing out Twine in the Articulate forum. Use simple codes to keep track of variables or limit learners’ choices (not shown in the sample scenario).

Sample branching scenario + cool tool

Making Change

It’s based on TiddlyWiki , a lightweight information management tool. Thanks, Steve Flowers, for pointing out Twine in the Articulate forum. Use simple codes to keep track of variables or limit learners’ choices (not shown in the sample scenario).

Surveys in Articulate Storyline? Here’s How

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Did you know informal surveys can be conducted through eLearning courses using Articulate Storyline? For example, in first question, if the learner selects option1, he prefers “ Category A”, else he prefers “ Category B ”. Learning Technology Articulate Storyline

3 Engaging Samples of Gamified E-learning Developed in 2016

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In this blog, we will highlight three gamified samples developed this year. When given information directly about customers, learners may not recall it in actual situations. eLearning Design game based learning gamified e-learning samples

How to Choose Between Layers and States in Articulate Storyline

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Layers and States are two of Articulate Storyline’s primary tools for building interactive content, but deciding how and when to use them can be tricky. Check out the examples below to see how eLearning Brothers’ templates use layers to keep slides clean and intuitive. Example 1.

Customizing Training Modules Made Easy With Articulate Storyline – Part II

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In my previous blog, we have seen how Articulate Storyline helps customize online training modules according to your requirements. In this blog, we will see a few example customizations with the steps. This blog shares how to create a customized menu in Articulate Storyline.

Articulate 360 Review: Why Your Business Should Strongly Consider Upgrading

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In this humble Multimedia Manager’s opinion, Articulate 360 is your new best option. Articulate Storyline 360: The flagship, the bread and butter, the big kahuna. For example, I had a hard time interacting buttons that appeared low on my iPhone 5s in multiple courses I tested.

Check Out This Gamified E-Learning Example

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Gamified E-Learning Example. Key Points of Gamified E-Learning Example. However, the learner doesn’t get the points, but they do get the information. What do you like about this elearning example? Lots of cool elearning examples to check out and find inspiration.

Top 9 Competencies of an Informal/Social Learning Designer


Informal/Social learning is one such major revolution (other than mobile learning and gamified learning) that demands a shift in the mere thinking of ‘learning’. Course design (formal learning blended with the right mix of informal and social learning).

Articulate Rise – Got questions? We got answers!

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I love Articulate Rise. Here at B Online Learning my colleagues and I have been running short overview webinars on the new Articulate Storyline 360, the Articulate 360 subscription add-ons (like the content library and Articulate Review) and Articulate Rise since they launched. We have had a great time with participants taking them through the changes of what is new (and very cool) in the new Articulate 360 subscription. Check out more information here.

How to Embed a PDF Viewer with Multiple PDFs in Articulate Storyline (Part 2)

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Now that we know how to embed a single PDF in Articulate Storyline from my first post , the next step is utilizing the same system in order to put multiple PDFs in the same course. Articulate Storyline executes its triggers based on a top to bottom order.

Embed 49

Creating A Customized Menu Slide with Highlighted Buttons in Articulate Storyline

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Designing a user-friendly Menu for an e-learning course is very important as it helps learners navigate easily through the course and find the information they want quickly. Though Articulate Storyline offers a default menu, you may wish to have custom-made menu for your e-learning course.

Articulate 360: What Does the New Subscription Model Mean for You?

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Articulate Storyline users have been anxiously anticipating the release of Storyline 3. For many months, Articulate has been previewing some of the features, such as the new responsive player. Well, the release came on Wednesday, and it wasn’t Storyline 3 but rather Articulate 360. With the new Articulate 360 subscription model, you pay $999 (discounted to $599 if you are already a Storyline or Studio user) for the rights to use everything for a year.

Book Review: Learning Articulate Storyline

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I recently read the book Learning Articulate Storyline by Stephanie Harnett. You can see Stephanie’s work at her website (all built in Storyline) and in her super-informative Screenrs. If you want to win your own copy, check out Articulate’s review of it: [link].

Quiz Time? Use These Built-in Question Types in Articulate Storyline

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Although many rapid authoring tools are available to create quizzes, Articulate Storyline holds a special place amongst the learning and development community. With Articulate Storyline, this customization is possible. 1] articulate. Learning Technology Articulate Storyline

Quiz 26

Flash to HTML5: Do it like a Pro with Articulate Storyline

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One such tool is Articulate Storyline. In this blog, we will look at how Articulate Storyline, with its various built-in components and features, can be used to convert your existing Flash-based e-learning courses to HTML5.

Articulate Storyline Tips in Under 140 Characters: Part II

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In my last pos t, you saw our recent crowdsourcing experiment to showcase the generosity and sense of community that exists with Articulate users from the E-Learning Heroes (ELH) Community. Learn more about how to control the order of your presentation in Articulate’s user guide.

8 eLearning Quiz Design Tips


You probably didn’t picture something like this: Well, that’s the quiz eLearning great, Jackie Van Nice , designed for an Articulate Heroes Weekly Challenge on Spelling Bees and Interactive Vocabulary Quizzes. I’ve written before about using an informal tone. Tone: Informal and fun.

8 E-Learning Production Tips for Your Next Gamified Course

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And what got me most interested was looking at their examples. Ingenuiti put together a portfolio page with three different gamified examples. It’s a great way to rehearse and recall information and do it in a fun way that is familiar to most people.

Interactive Video Made Easy

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Here’s one of my favorite examples of how things changed with the advent of rapid elearning. Click here to see an example of an Engage interaction with video. In this example the video plays and at certain points a clickable object displays.

5 Easy Steps to Creating Interactive Simulations in Storyline 2

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There are two main aspect ratios in use in Articulate: 4:3 and 16:9. See the screenshot below for an example. There’s an old adage that states, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So if one picture is worth a thousand words, how many words would a bunch of pictures be worth?

Instructional Design is Not Dead!

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They are taking SME experts, recording them and creating organizational podcasts or “radio stations” They are gathering informed end-users and helping them create user-generated content that can then be curated, reviewed, organized and made accessible to the masses.

Free Flip Card Interaction

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Click on it to get information. At a recent Articulate workshop he showed how to build this drag and drop interaction that gave the appearance of swiping cards left and right. Make it a habit to look for good multimedia examples and then try to recreate them in your software.

Articulate 360 – Animation and Interaction Abilities of Storyline 360

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Welcome to the second post of the fourteen blog series, What’s Hot with Articulate 360? Articulate Review – A tool that allows stakeholders to review online learning materials. Articulate Live – A collection of training webinars by experts. Learning Technology Articulate 360

M-Learning’s dirty little secrets

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Obviously you use it to inform your m-learning strategy! Think informal first. As John Feser articulates so elegantly, and furthered by others such as Clark Quinn , m-learning is more than just doing a course on a mobile device. I have a confession to make.

Articulate Storyline: Adding Accessibility Text to an eLearning Image

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kevin Siegel        You can use Articulate Storyline to create eLearning lessons that are accessible to users who have visual, hearing, mobility, or other types of disabilities.  Looking for instructor-led training on Articulate Studio or Storyline?

Here’s Some Background Information for Your Next E-Learning Course

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For example, in our elearning workshop we walk through the Hoh Rainforest design makeover. Below is another example. In the example below, the course topic is how an organization monitors Internet usage. In the corkboard example, the background is the corkboard image.

Stock 32

How I Created This Interactive E-Learning Course

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I used the information from the NASA site (which by the way is pretty darn cool). I leveraged the image carousel and the captions to provide more information about the trip to Mars. One just holds back information until the user is ready and clicks. Articulate User Day 2017.

Articulate Storyline Development Timesavers

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For example, if I have a button that I’ve given a checkmark to for a visited state, I can use the Format Painter to change another button’s state to look the same way. For example, Storyline’s default caption is “Double-Click” but what if your style guide requires “Double click” be used?

Ameliorate Your eLearning Professional Development with 1-on-1 Mentoring

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For example, you really want to know how to be a better Instructional Designer. So we take that information and set you up with Adam, who has over 15 years of experience as an ID that you can leverage for that entire hour.

5 Ways to Kickstart Your E-learning Career

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I’ll give my plug for the Articulate tools for two main reasons: Do a job search and most organizations are looking for Articulate course developers. Articulate User Day 2017. Articulate User Day 2017. Articulate Community Roadshow. Articulate Community Roadshow.

SCORM – Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate


Mindflash has recently started supporting SCORM content from Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. With this information, we researched what the most popular SCORM creation tools were on the market. It became clear after talking to customers, and prospects that Articulate’s Storyline and Adobe’s Captivate products were the most popular creation tools.

The Six Hats Of A Community Manager


Let’s take Amazon as an example. Providing generic, platform related information is not too useful. The activity stream turns into an overwhelming flood and people lose control of their information flow.

Find Color Schemes for Your E-Learning Courses

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Some of you have corporate style guides where the color information is provided. Swing by the Articulate booth and say "Hello" or check out my free session February 3 at 2:45: 5 Ways to Use Interactive Video to Engage Your Learners. Interactive Video Made Easy in Articulate Storyline.