Articulate: A Complete 360

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by Kal Hadi, CTT,  COTP       The long anticipated Articulate Storyline upgrade was announced recently by Articulate and came not as Storyline 3 (as many expected) but rather in the form of the subscription-based  Articulate 360 , a suite of tools that includes every tool that Articulate makes. Articulate has decided to change the way upgrades to their products are going to work in the future. Articulate 360 Articulate Storyline

The Top 3 Aspects of Articulate 360 You Must Know

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Finally, the much awaited day has arrived and Articulate launched its enhanced eLearning authoring tool – “ Articulate 360 ”. This version of Articulate is a completely different package, unlike its earlier upgrades. Articulate Review. Articulate Live.

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Articulate 360 – Developing Good Screencasts With Peek

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In the first four blogs, we saw how Articulate Storyline 360 enables you to develop e-learning courses easily. We also looked at the Articulate tool’s abilities to create animations and facilitate e-learning interactions. Source: Articulate. Learning Technology Articulate 360

Articulate Rise – Got questions? We got answers!

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I love Articulate Rise. Here at B Online Learning my colleagues and I have been running short overview webinars on the new Articulate Storyline 360, the Articulate 360 subscription add-ons (like the content library and Articulate Review) and Articulate Rise since they launched. We have had a great time with participants taking them through the changes of what is new (and very cool) in the new Articulate 360 subscription. Mac: Chrome.

This Week in mLearning Podcast – A Review of Articulate Storyline [Episode 5]

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First impressions: fast downloads, seamless installation and PC/Mac version. 2- Articulate Storyline: killer features and performance limitations. 3- Articulate Community. 4- Articulate Storyline´s mobile story and challenges for the future (SCORM support, security, etc). 5- Articulate Storyline compared with Adobe Captivate. Welcome episode #5 of our new podcast entitled “ This Week in mLearning. ” In case you missed previous episodes, you can find them HERE.

6 Reasons Why Responsive Design Makes sense as the Future of e-Learning and m-Learning Design

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How many times do you reach for your smartphone even when you are in front of a fully capable Mac or PC computer? Take for example Articulate Storyline 2 which does not support Responsive Design and Adobe Captivate 8, which does. In Articulate Storyline, things are not so simple.

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Articulate 360 – Animation and Interaction Abilities of Storyline 360

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Welcome to the second post of the fourteen blog series, What’s Hot with Articulate 360? Peek – A screen-casting tool for Mac and PC. Articulate Review – A tool that allows stakeholders to review online learning materials. Learning Technology Articulate 360

eLearning: Determining the Best Size for Today's Lessons

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by Kevin Siegel      When developing eLearning lessons using any of the top development tools (Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, or TechSmith Camtasia Studio), you need to take the size of your learner's device into account. If you are creating content for learners using standard desktop computers (Windows or Mac), a project size of 800x600 still works well.

Articulate 360 – Easy Authoring Features of Storyline 360

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Articulate 360, the brand new software from the developers of Storyline, is creating ripples in the world of online training. How does Articulate 360 help create good web-based learning materials? Articulate 360 – A Bundle of Nine E-learning Applications.

How I Work: My Top 3 Productivity Tools

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Boot Camp is a software included with OS X that lets you run Microsoft Windows on a Mac. Although Apple computers and OS X has dramatically increased in popularity over the years, most programs (including Articulate Storyline/Studio) are only compatible with Windows-based computers.

eLearning: It's Time for Some Reflection

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Since I use Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate for my eLearning development, publishing projects as HTML5 would have taken care of his requirement. I made sure that my MacBook Pro and my iPad were on the same wireless network, then I started Reflector on my Mac.

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Lesson II, Part I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player.


I’m saving my pennies for a Mac but in the meantime when I refer to ‘right-click’ you Mac users will press the CTRL key + click. Stay tuned for Lesson II, Part II… From → articulate , eLearning , tutorials 7 Comments → jane permalink 3ks!Expect

New Authoring tool rankings #11 to #20

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Added bonus – supports Mac OS too, and has an app in the Mac store. 15 Articulate Studio 09 - Until I see what 2013 can do (and it is about to be in beta), Studio sits at number 15.

Mac Authoring Tools - Help Needed

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This organization predominantly has Macs and would like to use something like Articulate or Captivate to: "convert our existing Powerpoint trainings, include quizes, track responding, track time spent enaged, insert Quicktime movies and deploy via the web." For so long, Adobe has had products on both Mac and PC, I assumed that Captivate had a Mac version - but I didn't find one. I was just asked a question and was a bit at a loss for a response.

Browser Testing: What If You Don’t Have the Right Browsers?

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Operating systems include Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu, while browsers include Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera , and Safari. Uncategorized Adobe Captivate articulate Articulate Storyline Articulate Studio authoring tools browser testing design development e-learning e-learning design html5 iPad mlearning project management storyline In a recent blog post , I described the process we used recently to manage a rather large browser testing project.

6 Trends in Rapid eLearning Tools to watch in 2012

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Desktop App Stores — Mac users have downloaded over 100 million apps from Apple’s Mac App Store and Microsoft recently showcased their upcoming Windows 8 Store, which will enable PC users to easily download, install and stay up-to-date with software.

eLearning: Working with Numbers

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Note that the yellow box shares some common Monospace fonts for both Mac and Windows. Sometimes I create my graphs directly in Articulate Storyline using shapes (in the image below, that's exactly what I did using lines, text, and simple shapes).

3 Powerful Rapid Authoring Tools Released in 2016

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Articulate 360. 360 is the brand new product of Articulate Inc., the developers of the popular rapid authoring tool, Articulate Storyline. Indeed, Articulate 360 is one of the most powerful rapid authoring tools of 2016, if not the most powerful.

Top 10 Authoring Tools for 2017

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Articulate Storyline 3 – Back from the throes of the SL2, which sorry was still an update IMO. Articulate 360 – uh, my mom always said if it isn’t nice don’t say it, but Rise should be called Deflate. Articulate Storyline 3 *.

Macintosh Rapid E-Learning Authoring Software

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Is there a rapid elearning or screencasting production tool for the Mac? Tags: viewletbuilder SWFtools articulate Mac Jing screenflow rapid elearning authoring tools Apple Macintosh adobe captivate Camtasia A contributor to my post Capture that E-Learning Demo: Update, asked me: We have been looking at both Camtasia and. The E-learning Curve blog shares thought-provoking commentary and practical knowledge for e-learning professionals. Find out more.

Why Author eLearning Content to Industry Standards?


Articulate has a variety of tools for Windows or Mac users who are willing to take a few extra steps. Since a native Mac version of Articulate does not exist users will need to install Paralles Desktop, VMware, or Apple Boot Camp. Articulate claims that 60,000 organizations, 64 million learners and 151 countries are using their tools. Articulate pricing starts at $999 for new users and educators receive a 50% discount.

The brand new Captivate 9 puts Adobe years ahead of the competition

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Back in 2012 you would have been hard-pressed to find anything exciting in version 6 of Adobe Captivate, in fact most of the cool stuff at the time was coming from Adobe’s competitors, namely Articulate with their new Storyline software and their latest iteration of Articulate Studio.

eLearning: The Origins of a Training Methodology

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Today you have plenty of options when it comes to developing eLearning, including Camtasia, Captivate, Storyline, and two Presenters (one from Adobe, the other from Articulate). by Kevin Siegel        I've been creating eLearning since the early 1990s.

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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Articulate Storyline. One of the best tools, if you are already using Articulate, to convert your existing (Articulate based) courses to run on iPads, other tablets and mobile devices.

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Web-Based Authoring Tools for Scalable eLearning Development: The Time Has Come

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Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate) offer robust design features but fail to provide an environment for collaborative development and review. For us, the unique features and Mac support offered by Claro were enough to seal the deal. The era of web-based authoring systems is here.

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The Real Killer Feature in Apple iBooks Author is Preview

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If you don’t have a Mac or just want to see how iBooks Author works and what it takes to create interactive eBooks, I posted a hands-on video yesterday HERE. Articulate, Adobe, Camtasia, Lectora) implement the way iBooks Author ‘Previews’ content on iPad.

E-Learning 101: Straightforward Answers to Fundamental Questions—Part 2

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What are the key differences between Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Articulate Studio? Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora are all excellent choices for creating Section 508 courses for people with disabilities using assistive technology.

Storyline and ZebraZapps: seriously powerful, seriously simple

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First up is Storyline from Articulate. Storyline is a desktop authoring tool which Articulate would probably position alongside their current Studio suite of Presenter, QuizMaker and Engage, but for me this is definitely a replacement. The Articulate Studio has been incredibly popular and some developers have achieved impressive results. A few highlights: The demo I saw was running on a Mac, so that's a plus for me. It runs on PCs and Macs.

Adobe Captivate 7: Support for the Tin Can API

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Today's learners are consuming eLearning content using a vast array of devices (PCs, Macs, and mobile devices such as the iPad). Note: Tin Can support is also available in Articulate Storyline. by Kevin Siegel. And learners are working outside of traditional LMSs. In spite of these challenges, educators still need to capture reliable data about the learner experience. The problem with data collection is that you need an expensive LMS to store the data.

Features of Adobe Captivate 9 Introduced/Enhanced in 2016

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Until now Articulate’s ‘E-learning Heroes’ portal enjoyed that unbeatable reputation. Device capture enhancements are applicable for Mac OS, but not Windows: Improvements in the gesture palette.

Flash to HTML5 The Great Migration

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HTML5 even has platforms such as Linux and Mac OS X covered, offering a much wider reach with your build. Increased load speed HTML5 runs up to 58 percent faster on Linux and Mac OS X systems than Flash. Many preferred e-learning authoring tools now publish courses to HTML5 (Articulate Storyline, Studio, Lectora, and Captivate included), removing the need for additional development costs.

10 Things I Love about

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Enter from the Articulate folks, the makers of Articulate Presenter and Articulate Studio. That means I can record something from my Mac at home, or my PC in the shop, or record something when I’m traveling right from my laptop.

Best of the Best: Content Authoring Tools

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– This is a tool that for fans of Articulate who may want some additional capabilities might enjoy. Articulate Studio – Stale. In fact, most folks have no idea that there are other authoring tools out there beyond Articulate, Captivate and Camtasia. . For my Mac OS fans, a screen recording software that is 100% geared to the Mac OS space is Telestream’s ScreenFlow.

Back from a year-long Sabbatical from Tech: 9 Things I’m excited about

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Kudos to Articulate! Techsmith’s new AppShow, Mac and Windows mobile features, including TechSmith Fuse – I see that my friends over at TechSmith have been busy embracing the mobile revolution by adding features that make it easy to develop mLearning.

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Top authoring tools for eLearning


In no particular order: Articulate Storyline. One thing to note for Mac users – there is no dedicated version for your machine (unless you install Windows on your Mac). If you’re new to eLearning you may not be as familiar with the terminology as you could be.

10 Top Tools to Develop First-Rate Product Demonstration Videos

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Articulate Storyline 2. You can create product demonstration videos using screen recordings, edit with Action Fine-Tuning, and import videos in Articulate Storyline 2. Mac users can record an iOS screen as a high resolution video using the Device Capture feature in Captivate 9.

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eLearning: What's the Best Microphone for Voiceover Audio?

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It doesn't matter if you use Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline or TechSmith Camtasia Studio as your eLearning tool of choice. You can hear samples of audio created using the Mac's built-in headset by viewing any of the videos I've created within the past 6 months on our YouTube channel. Is Articulate Storyline your tool of choice? by Kevin Siegel.