Articulate Storyline: Sending Learner Score to LMS Using JavaScript

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In this blog, we will discuss the steps on how to send learner score to LMS Using JavaScript. Authoring Tools eLearning Articulate Storyline 360 elearning assessment eLearning development JavaScript Learning Management System LMS result page Storyline 1 Storyline 2 Storyline course

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Formative Assessments in E-Learning

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Assessments in any learning course – whether academic or corporate, are absolutely necessary because they ensure that the course is meetings its objectives. Just like with anything else, assessing also requires a careful strategy. Summative assessment.

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Self Assessment for Your eLearning Program (Free Download)

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Fill out the form below to receive the Self Assessment for Your eLearning Program via email. The self assessment worksheet will allow you to score your training program in these key areas and see where you stand. e-Learning Learning Design elearning self assessment

How to Write Good Assessment Questions

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Your association can have the best course in the world, but if the assessments or knowledge checks aren’t written well they can make the whole thing fall apart. This is true whether you’re making an eLearning assessment or writing questions for a traditional in-classroom test.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

and Auto-Translation3 Give Your Video Content New Value4 Question Time: Make Assessments Interesting5 Customizable Themes: Great Design Made Easy6 Learning that Looks Great, No Matter. assessments that reinforce the learning objectives, and are interactive, varied, stimulating, and (where.

Skill Assessment Tests: Top 8 Benefits and How to Create One


Did you know that businesses that use assessment software are 36% more likely to be satisfied with their new hire? For a business to be successful, it needs to be able to accurately assess the skills of new hires, existing employees, and, at times, even customers.

An Introduction to Learning Assessments & Multiple-Choice Questions with Dr. Patti Shank

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In this recorded discussion, we talk with learning researcher and instructional designer Dr. Patti Shank about learning assessments in general and, in particular, multiple-choice questions. Dr. Patti Shank’s courses on Learning Assessments and Learning Objectives.

Designing Well-Framed Assessment Questions with Captivate

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Use the appropriate scoring options for the type of question being designed. This type of scoring should be used when it is important to evaluate that your learner knows all of the answers and not just some of the answers. Blog Assessment Captivate questionpool Questions Quizzing

Using Assessments Effectively in eLearning

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Assessments Mean the Difference Between Training and Learning. That’s where assessments come in. Using Assessments to Protect Your Investment. Assessments can be one of the ways we determine our ROI. What Qualifies as an Assessment? Types of Assessment.

How effective is your learning? Tips on assessing the effectiveness of Online Training


Informal Assessments within an e-course. Informal assessments like quizzes and short tests are commonly used within an e-course to ascertain its effectiveness and also help learners monitor their own progress. Formal Assessments within an e-course. Qualitative Assessments.

Use Rubrics to Assess Job Performance

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Use Rubrics to Assess Job Performance. He welcomes her, asks for her self-assessment sheet, and then they look over the scores he gave her. Without defined rubrics, performance assessments are very subjective. To be clear, a rubric isn’t just a score.

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Performance Assessment in eLearning: What eLearning Professionals Should Know


Performance Assessment in eLearning. Performance assessment determines a learner’s level of mastery and proficiency when completing “authentic” processes, problems, or tasks. 3 Types of Performance Assessment. 4 Tips to Use Performance Assessment in eLearning.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment: Key Concepts

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Are you exploring emotional intelligence assessment options for yourself or your team? What is an Emotional Intelligence Assessment? An emotional intelligence assessment is not a personality test. Personality type assessments merely attempt to identify an individual’s motivation and internal perception (self-awareness). Conversely, an emotional intelligence assessment seeks to identify many more facets. Our partners at BlueEQ TM provide such an assessment.

7 ways to assess without testing

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At a recent head teachers conference, one of the most astute comments was 'you can assess without testing.' There are many ways to assess, and here are seven: 1) Teacher assessment. Another method is teacher assessment is through observation.

Assessment 2.0: More powerful, more meaningful

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Assessment 2.0 is the next generation of assessments. It includes confidence as a weight in calculating scores. Read on to learn how confidence-based assessment works and why it’s so powerful. Assessment 2.0 How does certainty-based scoring work?

Who put the 'ass' in assessment?

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Hosted by the University of Dundee , the conference attracted almost 300 delegates from all over the UK, and farther afield and as could be expected, saw a number of papers presented on all aspects of technology enhanced learning and assessment. Who put the 'ass' in assessment?

Using our unique assessment suite

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Previously on the blog we talked about how Ed's survey templates allow instructional designers to ask learners for feedback on how they feel about their own understanding of content. Viewing learners' scores.

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How upskilling turned everyday employees into ardent advocates for change

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What’s Your Digital Fitness Score? With each new topic, the app gives users an assessment to gauge their existing knowledge, which Atkinson likened to a digital fitness credit score. “It’s Sarah McEneaney, digital talent leader for PwC.

Using Text Entry Boxes: Basics

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Posts about Text Entry Boxes in my blog and were written for older versions. A score attached to the objet (default = 1pt) can be added to the total quiz score. Adobe Captivate Blog Q&As blog q&as score text entry box variable workflowIntro.

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BLOG: #UTGForum updates

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So explain recent innovations in high score tables and monetisation etc, and apply them to learning tools.We're MORNING!So So we're back at King's Place for our annual Client Day and this is where you can follow all the updates from the day.Here's what's going on.Be

EVENT BLOG: Client Day - Refresh, Revitalise, Rejuvenate!

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Compliance testing can't put scores of people but string a few fun things together you can make a 'fun score' and leaderboard scenario to challenge them to beat each other. 1) SkillsServe blog - all new release notes uploaded there.

Guest Blog 50: How Structured Schooling has Scared the Adult Learner

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Welcome to the first guest post in my blog. Be it an e-learning course or a classroom skill enhancement course, there is simply no escaping from the bondage of test and scores.

Demystifying Gamification vs Game based eLearning

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For example, awarding badges on completion of assessments or providing a timer to a quiz question to add a challenge for the learner. Scoring mechanism/badges/awards. An Overview Of Gamification And Game-Based eLearning.

The future of learning management

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People familiar with my blog will know that I’m not a member of the anti-LMS brigade. No – the way we can acknowledge informal learning is via assessment.

Robert Gagne’s Nine Steps of Instruction: Do’s and Don’ts in E-Learning

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Use small, objective assessments in e-learning that test learners’ existing knowledge and also serve as a recap before they are exposed to new information. Do not make the assessments too lengthy or too difficult. STEP 8: ASSESS PERFORMANCE. Then Subscribe to this Blog ! .

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: My Blogs Personality Type

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Thursday, February 12, 2009 My Blogs Personality Type Well, it isnt very glamorous or creative sounding. But I suppose this is an appropriate description of my blogs personality? Check out your own blogs writing style at Typealyzer. And please, dont leave my blog alone.

Gamification Use Case: How To Offset Employee Disengagement With A Gamified Learning Portal Approach

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Scores (accomplishment and gratification). Competition (to assess where you stand against others). The learning nuggets are provided to the learner through a gamified path and the assessments feature diverse formats of gamified quizzes. Gamified assessments.

Introducing Waves – the learning campaign builder

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Because he has scored 100% and has the job role ‘Zen Master of Customer Service’ we won’t send him the basic customer service training, he will be sent the advanced customer service assessment to take straight away. Blog Learn & Connect

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The future of learning management

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People familiar with my blog will know that I’m not a member of the anti-LMS brigade. No – the way we can acknowledge informal learning is via assessment.

Evidence-Based Deep Learning – 12 Tips from Patti Shank


To make learning content easier to read and understand, check readability and aim for a score that’s considered “plain language.” Note: Not sure how to check the readability score for your Word document? The data from assessments is wildly inaccurate.

T2K Enhances its Echo Training Solution with Adaptive Learning

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Using assessments to automatically assign the optimal learning content you can easily minimize the cost of training with T2K Echo! The editor creates an assessment and tags each question with a skill. The assessment item is enabled to adaptive learning.

Can I Create a Pre-Test that Allows Learners to Test-Out of Viewing the Course Content?

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The exercises highlight features in Storyline that support the creation of robust assessment activities where the learning doesn’t stop when the quiz starts. Note: To demonstrate mastery, you may require the learner to score 100% in order to pass the pre-test.

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The Online Learning Jargon Buster

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SCORM is a development standard for tracking learner progress and assessment scores on e-learning courses. . It can offer more detailed tracking than SCORM, and does not simply record ‘completion’ or assessment scores. Blog Learn & Connect

A test to test whether you need testing

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I feel pre-tests should be used to provide employees with an option to skip the training and subsequent assessment, should they pass. Employees that obtain a good score are automatically more confident, and will be even more so if they are allowed to skip the e-learning. Blog assessment condescension Instructional Designers pre-test Punch cartoon suck-eggs training

These 3 Tips Can Change Your Compliance E-Learning Forever - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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The Rapid Elearning Blog. Create a Pre-Assessment. Make it a very comprehensive assessment so that you can truly identify their knowledge and skill level. Keep in mind that even though it’s an assessment doesn’t mean it has to be a standard multiple choice or true/false quiz. You can do an assessment as a series of case studies or scenarios, as well as a traditional quiz. How you design the assessment and course is up to you. Search the Blog.