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How to Maximize ROI by Investing in LMS for Association?

Paradiso Solutions

For in-house or corporate certifications, employ an online assessment. Create new digital revenue streams. Better Engagement Through Communities of Practice. For in-house or corporate certifications, employ an online assessment. Create new digital revenue streams. Organize training sessions and webinars.

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Why your Enterprise Social Network is your most valuable social learning platform

Jane Hart

It means that an individual’s personal activity stream will consist of all their subscribed activity streams – from all their formal learning initiatives as well as from their work teams and communities too. 3) Promote self-governance (autonomy ) – Supporting participant autonomy is a key element of a GSLE.


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Personalised learning

Learning with e's

What happens next is that schools try to redress this imbalance by streaming kids - placing them into sets so that the 'brighter ones' get the chance to shine, while the 'less bright ones' are not left behind. It may also be premised on faulty assessment methods. Standardised assessment militates against personalised learning too.

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What the ACCME Is Saying about Tailoring Your CME Experience


As a result, clinicians and teams can drive improvement in their practice and optimize care for their patients. They use real-world practices to help build a community of practice that enables CME providers to learn from each other, continually improve their education, and demonstrate how accredited CME measurably improves healthcare.

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Back to ‘what’ Normal? #AulaCon

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

Split into sessions running the day, there wasn’t the overlap of needing to choose which stream to attend, there was only one. First job of the day, I didn’t have to worry about choosing the right stream or missing a great talk elsewhere in the event. Why is it difficult to create this community among students?

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Will Richardson Interview of Clay Shirky

Experiencing eLearning

I was very fortunate this morning to see that Will Richardson had rescheduled his live interview with Clay Shirky on U-Stream. Focus on assessment as the way to bring change in schools–what you assess is what you will teach. Q: So you mean to focus on assessment, that’s the lever for change in schools?

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Synching feelings

Learning with e's

A lot of academics and scolars scoff at Wikipedia and forbid their students to reference it in their assessed work. Blogs can become a rallying point - a tribal totem - around which people can come to terms with ideas, change their approach, exchange best practice, and generally engage with their community of practice.