eLearning Process Survey results!

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So, a few weeks ago I ran a survey asking about elearning processes*, and it’s time to look at the results (I’ve closed it). The second question was asking about how the assessments were aligned with the need. The fourth question digs into the issue of examples.

5 time-saving tips for your next learner survey

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Learner surveys are one of the most popular techniques used to evaluate elearning. But too often, surveys focus on the wrong things, or miss opportunities to gather more valuable learner feedback. We’ve compiled this quick guide to getting the most out of learner surveys.

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Spice Up Induction Trainings with Gamified Assessments

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Nobody likes to start their first day at work with assessments. The nervousness, tension, hesitation and anxiety associated with a new job are bad enough – to top it all, an induction course with a long assessment that must be attempted can prove to be a bit too much for new hires.

A Quick Survey Can Produce Long-lasting Leadership Results

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Post-Training: Conduct an independent “quick and dirty” survey of program participants. Ask for specific examples that show how the information presented has helped them. The example will tell what was used. The survey is best used as a 360-degree instrument.

Is It Time to Assess Your eLearning Course Audience?

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Maybe it’s time to assess your eLearning course audience. For example, in marketing we may speak of baby boomer, upper-middle class, college educated, females as a target audience. For example, did you know that millennials are active in their communities?

GUEST POST by LAUREL NORRIS: Robust Responses to Open-Ended Questions: Good Surveys Prime Respondents to Think Critically

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Robust Responses to Open-Ended Questions: Good Surveys Prime Respondents to Think Critically. Using Dr. Thalheimer’s method improved the quality and usefulness of survey data – and provided me with much more robust responses to open-ended questions.

Self-Assessments Only Get You So Far (Do This Instead)


What does this have to do with assessments? Over the past few months, we’ve launched the Effective Leadership Profile Assessment based off of research conducted about what the most effective leaders do differently. We are the worst judges of ourselves.

4 Ways to Assess the Product Knowledge of Your Sales Team

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A Training Industry survey also reveals that most of the sales training received by sales people is about the product. Such periodic assessments not only reinforce the training conducted, but also improve retention and facilitate knowledge transfer on-field. Scenario-based Assessments.

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How to Develop Branching Assessments in Articulate Storyline

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When it comes to creating assessments for an e-Learning, the tool endows developers with a lot of power to create and customize different types of assessments, using triggers and states. For example, the learner attempts Question 1 with the options “Yes” and “No”.

Training Needs 7: Future and Anticipated Training Needs

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Summary: Your overall training needs assessment is not complete until you know what’s coming further down the road. Here are some ways to assess for future and anticipated training needs. A third area of assessment is organizational and departmental needs.

7 Best Practices in Setting Up a Corporate University

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The first best practice is consistent and constant assessment and analysis. One of the first assessments you’ll want to make is the need for a corporate university. As part of the university’s operations plan, you should constantly assess training, as well.

Training Needs 5: Leadership, Talent Management, and Succession Planning Needs

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Summary: An often-overlooked area of needs assessment is leadership, talent management, and succession planning. Let’s define these areas and look at some ways to assess them. Let’s examine these areas and then discuss assessment methods.

2011 Social-Media Measurement Survey (for Workplace Learning Field)

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With this worry in mind, I've created a research survey to begin a process to see how best social-media (of the kind we might use to bolster workplace learning-and-performance) can be measured. Here's the survey link. Please take the survey yourself. The survey will help us with this second approach. Note: Survey results will be made available for free. If you take the survey, you'll get early releases of the survey results and recommendations.

Smile Sheet Questions -- New Examples July 2016

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Since February, when it was published, I've received hundreds of thank you's from folks the world over who are thrilled to have a new tool -- and to finally have a way to get meaningful data from learner surveys. Traditional smile sheets tend to focus on learners' satisfaction and learners' assessments of the value of the learning experience. Scientific research shows us that such learner surveys are not likely to be correlated with learning results. New Example Questions.

How MOOCs Can Solve Common Training Problems

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On one hand, it is becoming ever more necessary for companies to provide training, especially for recent college graduates: according to a Gallup survey , only 11% of business leaders believe that college graduates are adequately prepared to succeed in the workplace.

MOOCs Aren’t Interactive, So There’s No Real Learning Taking Place

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Use surveys and polls. Surveys and polls can be used in many ways in MOOCs. For example, as an introduction to a particular learning activity, take a poll to gauge what learners already know or how they feel about the topic.

Training Needs 2: Existing Training

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Summary: A great starting point for an overall organizational needs assessment is current training programs. Before you begin assessing various organizational areas for training needs, it’s a good idea to start with training that already exists.

Four Ways to Assess Learning

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When it comes to learning design, it’s best to assess an issue early. Organizational diagnosis and needs assessment tools can help accelerate the design and delivery of targeted, high-impact solutions. Even a short or partial needs assessment has the following benefits: • Brings what is working well into focus. There are four steps that comprise a rapid needs assessment process that can immediately be put to effective use.


Quiz Design: Recognizing Types of Learning

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For example, a training objective might be that after training, the learner should be able to name all 23 flavors of frozen yogurt our company offers-in order of popularity. These job skills require a different kind of assessment. Measuring learning with a multiple-choice quiz for these is not going to be a complete assessment.   If you would like to learn how to create effective quizzes and surveys, attend Jennie's  live online class.

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Identifying your Organizational Training Needs: 1

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Assessment and Measurement Methods. Summary: In this series, we will examine training needs assessment. First, we will explore an overview of needs assessment. For example, management may point out that customer service complaints have risen.

Training Needs 3: Industry, Job, and Task-Related Needs

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Summary: Some of the needs you may uncover during your assessment are related directly to the industry, the jobs within the organization, and the tasks within those jobs. Let’s look at these needs and how to assess them.

Increase Course Performance with These 7 Tips for Bite-Sized eLearning


An example of a spaced eLearning approach might be one microlearning lesson every day. For example, posting a link to a noteworthy eLearning article or video will give online learners the chance to expand their knowledge base. Survey your learners to identify their performance gaps.

11 Invaluable Tips To Design Blended Learning Courses for Corporate Training


For example, are you going to use it as a supplemental teaching tool in the classroom, or will the learners only be using their tech tools at home? Ask them to complete online surveys to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your blended learning strategy.

How to Evaluate Your Online Training Course


Evaluation allows you to assess how effective your e-Learning course is, how it’s benefiting your organization and what you need to change to get better results next time. A survey or questionnaire is a great way to ask your learner’s opinions after the course ends!

Latest LMS Trends – The Truth is No Longer a Stranger

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Completely different LMSs targeting specific market segments or types of businesses – example – one targets retail, another targets academia, the system itself is usually the same base, but tweaked for the specific segments. Two or more systems sold by the same vendor, again, same base, tweaked but feature sets are very different – example: one system has m-learning capability built in, the other system does not. The survey tool is typically included.

Training Needs 4: Career Development

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Let’s take a look at this important needs assessment area. Let’s look at each skill area and then discuss how you can best assess those needs. For example, customer service skills may almost certainly be required of customer service reps who face the customer population.

Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics: Breakout Rooms

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In this blog series, Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics, I''ll be sharing high-level summaries of virtual classroom tools, including chat , breakout rooms , whiteboards , application sharing , synchronized web browsing , and survey and feedback tools.

6 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Training

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Earlier this year, we published the results of our 2017 Learning and Remembering Survey. In the survey, we asked respondents to tell us one thing they would improve about learning & development and/or training at their organization. Want to view the rest of the survey results?

6 Ways to Add Sizzle to Your Classroom

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Assess Yourself. Last but certainly not least, have the class assess you. No, not a level one Kirkpatrick survey. At the end of day one have the class assess your skills as their facilitator. ” Here is a sample of the Learning Rebels Day One Assessment: .

The nature of e-learning in Australia

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Given the increasing importance of cloud computing in this region according to The New Media Consortium, its relatively poor showing in this survey was surprising. Of course, I must also remember that my survey is hardly scientific. This post is written by Ryan Tracey.

15-point Post-Course Evaluation Checklist for eLearning Developers


A post-course evaluation usually appears as a comprehensive survey. Most of the time, we see this survey too short or too long, but seldom covering the key areas of an eLearning course’s design and delivery process. Use this checklist to guide you to create your next survey.

How Lectora Inspire Can Overcome Your Training Challenges

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Provides options to convert text-heavy content into engaging interactions: When you need to convert classroom content into e-learning, for example regulatory compliance courses, Lectora Inspire makes it easy to handle high volumes of text.

Blended Learning? Start Here First


You should establish learning goals and assessments first, then choose the resources to accomplish these goals. How often are progress and proficiency assessed? Look for a software that allows you to continually monitor and assess learner progress.