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I went to a couple of sessions on podcasting and digital identity, which were short demonstrations of what lessons have been learnt so far during research and teaching fellowship activities. Tags: University of Plymouth TEL OER iTunesU online submission computer aide assessment FaceBook digital identity I spent some time at the University of Plymouth's Technology Enhanced Learning Showcase today, which featured the best of a number of in-house led initiatives in e-learning.

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We must reinvent teaching, learning and educational delivery systems." The goal is not to replace conventional teaching methods, but build on what the school does now to enhance student learning and preparation for the workplace. Numerous studies have shown outcomes improve when instructors and students combine traditional and new teaching methods using the latest technology. Innovating learning with Apple products such as iPads, iBooks, iTunesU and iMovie.

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believe it is important for everyone, especially those in teaching or training roles, to develop critical thinking skills. Known for his work not only in the theorisation of English language teaching, but also his study of communication through new media, Kress is an intriguing character. aLearning , June 18, 2010 Let me say right off the bat that if you’re doing needs assessment (you are, aren’t you?!?), Most high schools don’t teach programming.

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