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eLearning Glossary: Definitions for the Most Commonly Used Terms

Association eLearning

SCORM, LMS, AMS, LCMS, API, JITT, what does it all mean?! AMS- An Association Management System or AMS is the association membership equivalent to a company’s Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). This is where an association stores data on their members and prospective members for tracking memberships, managing newsletter subscriptions, offering special gifts, sending invitations to events and workshops, and promoting discounts on products and services.

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Opting for live virtual training/webinars vs. pure classroom training: There are recurring and higher costs associated with in-person Instructor-Based Training (ILT) including logistics and trainer costs. Addressing Challenges Implementing and Using an LMS


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The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


A predecessor to SCORM, AICC was difficult to work with and many steps were required to get content in the format running in a learning management system (LMS). Similar to a username and password pair, the key allows developers to access the API and interact with data in an LMS. It also describes the association of new information with pre-existing knowledge. Asynchronous Learning. Classroom-Based Training. Cloud LMS. A CMS is more passive than an LMS.

LMSs that kick ass: Mzinga

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That means it’s time to feature another LMS that kicks ass! Q: What social media tools is Mzinga incorporating into their LMS? The first, the “Embedded Model,” weaves social learning opportunities throughout the asynchronous learning experience. The social media available within the Mzinga LMS includes blogs, discussions, rating, comments, and social profiles. Q: What drove your decision to incorporate social media tools into your LMS?

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But with the COVID-19 pandemic running its course, this is a year like no other — a year in which we’ve rapidly adapted to working from home, meeting virtually, and finding new ways to be productive and manage our deliverables.

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List of e-Learning Job Descriptions

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To promote innovation in the use of e-Learning/ILT benefit learning, teaching and research throughout the curriculum. Reviews the Company's programs of teaching and learning to assess their potential for on-line delivery and advise appropriate managers on which areas of the curriculum can be re-designed/enhanced using ILT and e-Learning. Leads the 'ILT Champion' initiative in relation to e-Learning. Skills: · Associate Degree in computer science, business or related area.