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Customer Engagement Metrics: What Marketers Can Teach Learning Pros

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Today we feature engagement metrics advice from Laura Patterson , President of VisionEdge Marketing. Why Do Engagement Metrics Matter? In other words, according to Gallup research , engagement metrics matter. Business Implications. 3 Powerful Engagement Metrics. Truthfully, there is no magic one-size-fits-all metric. However, we do recommend that customer-focused professionals consider three broader engagement metrics.

Association Learning System Rankings

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The Association market is by far, IMO, one of the top three markets, that as a vendor, you should be in. In the past, I’ve always listed the association mkt within the B2B/Customer Education, because it does fit nicely within. Before diving into the rankings and the explanation on this new approach to rankings, here are some interesting factoids about the association space. There are Professional (which most folks are aware of) and Trade associations.


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Top 10 Association LMS Features – 2020 Edition

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Prior to 2020, many associations relied heavily on in-person tradeshows, seminars and on-site training because they were historically popular offerings for both the association and the member. Many associations are discovering they are now behind their for-profit competitors.

How Do Associations Drive Lifelong Learning? It Depends

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According to the most recent IRS reports, nearly 64,000 professional and trade associations are based in the U.S. I found out several months ago, when I hosted a roundtable with leaders from two prominent member-based organizations – Kevin Pierce , Manager of Digital Learning at The American Academy of Dermatology and Jake Gold , Director of Education at The Community Associations Institute. In 1970, there were only 10,000 associations representing 2 million residents.

How Can Associations Improve Member Education? Ask a Learning Tech Analyst

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In this environment, you’d think associations would be bursting at the seams with participants in member education programs. Not surprisingly, a 2018 survey of more than 1000 association members confirmed that career development is now the primary reason why most people join associations. However, only 53% relied on their association for those educational experiences. How can associations reverse this trend? What does this mean for associations?

Upcoming Webinar: Developing a Compelling Strategy for Your Education Business

Web Courseworks

A Sneak Peek at an Upcoming Webinar with Tagoras on March 26, 1 pm Eastern – In just two weeks, Web Courseworks will join Tagoras for a webinar on Developing a Compelling Strategy for Your Education Business. I have a strong interest in joining Tagoras for this webinar because of how impactful an education business strategy can be on the entire lifecycle of educational products. Of those associations that use technology for learning, under a quarter (23.4

Association Learning Blogs: Most Popular of 2016

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As we approach the end of June, and with a little inspiration from last week’s blog on Reflective Learning , we thought it was a good time to look back at some of the most popular association learning blogs of the first half of 2016. Retention is one of the most critical metrics for associations and membership organizations today, but what benefits truly increase value for association members and ensure they renew their membership?

How to build the business case for Virtual Reality


It’s no surprise that 97% of B2B technology buyers build a business case for purchase decisions. A business case is the best way to organize many stakeholders from various functional areas around objectives, expectations, and return on investment (ROI).

The Nature of Business Tribes

CLO Magazine

In business, tribes are often social groups linked by a leader, shared purpose or goal, common culture or organizational boundary. Belonging to a tribe in business can infuse hope among team members and awaken collaborative instincts. Businesses can either become victims of this force or leverage tribal instinct for maximum business performance. As such, how leaders tell the story of a business has tremendous impact on how individuals create meaning and come together.

Podcast Episode 8: The Business Benefits of xAPI – With Mike Rustici

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And what kind of real-world business benefits come from using xAPI? KEY TAKEAWAYS: For extended enterprise professionals, measuring the business impact of learning programs is essential. The xAPI data standard adds value to this process by making it possible to link all types of learning activities with business performance metrics. Starting small is a legitimate way to discover how xAPI can help you improve learning programs and related business results. .

xapi 63

Content Marketing: What Every Learning Practitioner Needs to Know

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I hand-picked this collection of posts because I think they’re particularly useful for anyone involved in offering educational content to customers, business partners, suppliers, association members or even employees. By Michelle Linn , Co-Founder, Mantis Research. Content Marketing Measurement: 37 Most (and Least) Useful Metrics. Where Does Content Marketing End and Instructional Marketing Begin?

LMS Innovation: Where’s the Value?

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If you follow my writing — even casually — you know how excited I am about the direction of LMS innovation and its ability to help organizations create business value. We founded this blog to research the industry and provide fiercely independent reporting and analysis of learning for measurable business impact. One of those opportunities was with SpongeUK , where I explained how LMS innovation is helping businesses create new revenue streams.

Planning, Executing & Measuring Microlearning Efforts To Drive Competitive Success


When companies plan their micro content delivery efforts, the first and foremost step is carrying out a competitive market research about their industry at the content and campaign levels. Some of the bite-sized information may not be related to campaigns but is associated with the latest topics of interest for modern learners. This is the kind of content that businesses should plan for a successful microlearning strategy.

Where the Corporate LMS Market is Heading (2022 and up)

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You say to yourself, I have mixed feelings about this, but the trend lines, the data is all pointing this way – the systems, the business environment is all aiming this way. They are buying it for metrics that they believe will identify skill patterns (S/W).

The Happy Bottom Line

Jay Cross

Business tradition asks workers to leave their emotions at home. This is business,” said the Godfather, meaning that feelings have nothing to do with it. As president of the American Psychological Association, he urged psychologists to “turn toward understanding and building the human strengths to complement our emphasis on healing damage.” Look at the January issue of Harvard Business Review. Well-being in Business. CLO , October 2012.

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Research Seeks to Separate Learning Wheat From Chaff

CLO Magazine

19 While many organizations invest significant funds into developing their senior leaders, new research uncovers that only a small proportion of the activities are likely to drive meaningful results. According to Jeff Munks, IED associate who helped conduct the research, “This is the classic ‘80/20’ rule at play — a small proportion of activities drive the bulk of the results.

The Shape of Global Workplace Learning 2020: An Interview with Sriraj Mallick, President, Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning

According to Human Capital Trends research by Deloitte , Learning has to be a part of the Modern Workplace – integrated into the core ‘organizational ecosystem’. Training has to tie-in with business benefits, for it to be sustainable.

Global 313

Walmart Gives Employees Access to Affordable Online Degrees

CLO Magazine

The company partnered with Guild Education, a Denver-based leading education benefits platform, to offer affordable online associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in business and supply chain management to all full-time, part-time, salaried store, supply chain, home office and Sam’s Club employees who have been with the company at least 90 days. ” Glover added that they are working with Walmart and an analytical firm to study the metrics of the program.

Curated Insights: The Human Side of Extracting Business Value from Information

CLO Magazine

For decades, employees have attempted to collect and sort information, and management has sought to derive associated quantitative business value — largely to no avail. Insights have been referred to as the new currency of business, and today’s economy is often referred to as the insight economy. trillion by 2021, according to “Insights-Driven Businesses Set the Pace for Global Growth,” a 2017 report by Forrester Research Inc. Measuring Business Value.

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Let’s start using a whole new class of meaningful HR KPIs – Jean-Marc Tassetto in HRReview


For example, according to the 2019 run of its annual Digital Learning Realities Research , HR analysts Fosway reported that only 14 per cent of respondents in the UK HR community think they are effectively measuring the impact of learning, while 53 per cent admit they’re probably doing it ‘ineffectively’ and 33 per cent are not even trying. ” […] “ The rise of new HR metrics So how does this new API work? This article has been originally published in HRReview.

B2B Video Guide: 8 Must-Dos (and 2 Don’ts) for Success

TechSmith Camtasia

Whether you work for a big brand, a small business or yourself, creating a video marketing strategy is a great way to connect customers with your product or service. Most marketing videos should be 2 minutes or less–according to research from Vidyard. Business Video

Creating Continuous, Frictionless Learning With New Technologies

CLO Magazine

While the concept of “on-demand” learning is not new, it’s been historically tough to deliver, and though most learning and development departments have linear e-learning modules or traditional classroom experiences, today’s learners are seeking more performance-adjacent, “point-of-need” models that fit into their busy, fast-paced work environments.

LXP Deployment: 5 tips for going live in a week

Origin Fractal LXP

COVID-19 revealed our businesses and organizations weren’t ready to stay at home and fight a global pandemic. Even if businesses wanted to change the way they worked, many didn’t have the capacity to train their employees remotely on new processes.

ROI and L&D: What Trainers Need to Know About Operational Results

Bottom-Line Performance

However, one glaring omission stands out: the absence of a business-oriented perspective. But the entire purpose of L&D is to support the goals and strategy of a business. The business does not exist in support of L&D. In our industry, thought leaders and practitioners frequently talk about the need for L&D to deliver value to the business and measure impact. Harvard Business Review.

ROI 138

LMS Technology Trends: Why Focus Is The Next Big Thing

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Strategic LMS vendors differentiate and structure their business on solving specific problems better than the competition and then invest resources trying to find many similar clients that need that exact solution. In the learning technology market, focus creates business value and winning vendors have it! Later, I moved into high-end LMS sales for 13 years — specializing in solutions for corporate extended enterprise and associations.

Measuring Success (ROI) of a Training MOOC, Part 1

Your Training Edge

Now, researchers are starting to probe what kinds of students take MOOCs, why they take them, and what factors contribute to individual student success. The first metric to be considered was the number of students completing the courses with passing grades (usually defined as 70 percent or better). Depending how you look at it, this metric leads to either an excellent or a terrible conclusion. Second, decide how each metric will be determined.

ROI 118

What are the Top 2021 HR Priorities


Global research and advisory firm Gartner recently surveyed more than 800 HR leaders about their top priorities for 2021. Business, industry, and world changes are more dynamic than ever – creating an ever-evolving demand for new skills as emerging needs arise. .

Learning Analytics is #1 in 2020 Global Sentiment Survey


However, the model is also about retrieving outcome indicators from the business in the form of key metrics to trend and track over time. Using tools like annotation and association make the stories come to life in collaborative, not controversial, ways.

2 Things Good Leaders Do to Create a Great Workplace

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” Articles and books abound in providing theories, research results and outcomes on productivity and profitability, motivating us to put certain practices into place. At the same time, research shows that companies that disregard diversity as a vital component of their business strategy have a higher percentage of disengaged workers. Gallup Research ([link]. Deloitte Human Capital Research ([link]. We all want to work in a great place.

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LMS RFP Tips: How to Find Your Best Learning Technology Fit

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It is a document buyers send to relevant suppliers, outlining the business need, buying parameters and requirements. There are nearly 700 vendors specializing in learning solutions for corporate, academic, association and continuing education needs. An RFP makes it possible for you to structure the evaluation process, so you can compare vendors “apples-to-apples” and determine how well they fit your business needs, functional requirements and budget.

RFP 75

How to Connect Employee Skills With Organizational Strategy


The skills that your business needs in order to succeed? We tend to take a wide look at various components when defining our business strategy, but often, looking inwards is missed. Aligning Your Learning Strategy to Business Goals.

Skills 142

How to Reduce Your Course Development Costs By 90+ Per Cent

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The most amazing metric, though, comes from the American Library Association which says that by 2020, information on the Internet will be doubling every 15 minutes. Research indicates that the time, effort, and cost to create e-learning courses using authoring tools is exorbitant. Blog posts from such reputable sources as Harvard Business Review. Learners today are presented with a wealth of choices and opportunities for learning.

Cost 219

Learning Measurement Insights are a Workshop Away


The research shows that learning measurement is a priority for learning leaders. Discuss how to create and use business and activity metrics to associate and correlate to learning over time. Further, having capabilities and tools on staff to address learning measurement in a practical and repeatable way is critical to showing evidence of impact and building a process of continuous improvement.

Workplace Learning 2025 – Lighting the fire of learning

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So says Maria Ho, associate director of research at the talent development organisation ATD, who notes that PDPs are a “best practice we have identified as being associated with business and learning success”. Six Part Series: Workplace Learning 2025.

Useless vs. Useful Learning Data


An Interview with Learning & Performance Consultant JD Dillon on metrics L&D should value to prove learning success in business. Here’s what JD had to say about learning metrics and how to tie learning to bottom-line business results. What are the top ten learning metrics you can pull from a typical LMS? Training hours associated to specific objects. Finally, we limit ourselves by separating “training data” from “business data.”

Should You Use an Employee LMS for Extended Enterprise Learning in 2019?

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On the other hand, customers and business partners can’t be forced to engage in learning activities. Extended enterprise learning initiatives are usually owned by different business groups than the employee LMS and thus are funded and deployed at different times. With the resulting increased executive exposure, business impact, not cost, is the key factor in vendor selection. We’re currently tracking more than 800 business-oriented learning systems.

Podcast Episode 3: Gamification and Learning – With Karl Kapp

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In this interview, Dr. Kapp and I discuss how organizations can use gamification techniques and technologies to enhance learning and improve business performance. Simulations can be very effective in business environments, where organizations can use these techniques to engage people and ALSO help add business value. What kind of simulations work well in business? Specify metrics that tie to performance. WELCOME TO EPISODE 3 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!