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Social Software Adoption

Tony Karrer

Not surprising, the terms most closely associated with Adoption are Adoption of Social Software and Adoption of Enterprise 2.0. There are some great resources on this such as: Ten tips for choosing & using social software Adoption of Web 2.0


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Your workscape may include being coached on giving effective presentations, calling the help desk for an explanation, and researching an industry on the Net. Keep me in touch with colleagues and associates in other companies, as on LinkedIn. Show me what others are interested in, as with social bookmarks like Diigo and Delicious. link to your blog and bookmarks, people in your network, links to documents you frequently share, members of your network.

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Facebook Platform

Tony Karrer

Something like the social network operating system , maybe. I also feel like Facebook is a bit creaky and as Thomas Vanderwal's recent post Facebook for Business or LinkedIn Gets More Valuable points out, as you use Facebook more and have more friends, it seems to get harder to use. Luis Suarez - How to Boost Your Social Capital with Facebook mentions MyBlogLog. In fact, LMS, Elgg, Flickr,, Wikis, Blogs, Discussion Groups, Amazon, hmmm, the list gets long quickly.

eLearning Around The Web

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You will need to register with the Guild, which enables you to become an Associate Member for free. Brief History of Social Media. Brett Borders has written a history lesson of social media that may surprise you. LinkedIn Guide for Knowledge Workers.

Twitter and Webinars

Tony Karrer

Advantages of the Webinar Tool No switching applications Everyone (not just twitter users) can see the chat Avoids annoying people on twitter who don't want to see a flood of chat messages Advantages of Twitter Viral effect – may draw additional people into the webinar Possibly engage with people who are not in the webinar Accessible outside the webinar tool (searchable, etc.) These will be associated with a hashtag for the event.

The Power Of Visual Grouping

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We then assume that grouped elements are associated. A corollary of this principle is that unintended associations and relationships can occur by placing elements too close together. This is an effective way to show that objects and data are associated in charts, diagrams and maps.

Emotions and Learning: Part II

The eLearning Coach

Over the past few decades, research has shown that emotions have an effect on many of the processes involved in learning. Also, studies show that a person’s affect influences the cognitive processes associated with motivation. Share this on Linkedin.

10 Ways To Design For Emotions (Part III)

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It’s quite clear from research on the effects of emotion and learning, that an emotional connection can be generated through instructional strategies and creative treatments. Design for social interaction. This is typically because the object is associated with emotional memories.

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Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

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In the case of a well known LMS vendor for example, their system came up on Avant, but when I went to play a course, their course player screen failed to work effectively and the course window did not look as it should, in comparison to some of the other better known browsers. Charles Jennings, Managing Director, Duntroon Associates. These sites include, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, various Linkedin Groups, Linkedin.