Marketing Your Association to Millennials: Make it Social

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Yet associations and organizations are slow to capitalize on these advertising venues assuming them to be unprofessional and lacking in their target audiences. So here are the facts, if you want to market your association to millennials, make it social. Facebook.

Valuing Your Association’s eLearning: Tips for Pricing Membership Education

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How do you decide what is a fair price for your association’s eLearning? The first consideration you should make when pricing your association’s online learning is how much value it offers your members. Average price for association eLearning. Share this on Facebook.

7 Things About eLearning Your CEO/Executive Director Wants to Know

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As an Education Director, you see the writing on the wall, and have decided that eLearning is the answer your association’s needs. Make sure you’ve submitted an RFP (request for proposal) to a few LMS providers that offer the features your specific association or organization needs.

Education Balancing Act: Asynchronous, Synchronous, and Blended Learning

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The use of different delivery methods and learning strategies helps maintain engagement. What category does most of your association or organization’s training fall under? Share this on Facebook. What do you think of when you hear the term eLearning?

Creative: You Asked For It, But Now It’s Terrifying

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The association had asked for something creative, but this… Cold sweat formed on the reviewer’s brow as their muscles tightened. It’s critical that you and your course developer (whether it’s an external vendor or someone in your association) have the same creative vision.

Top 4 Things You Can Learn from Buzzfeed (and #2 will blow your mind!)

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So, without further ado, here are four ways BuzzFeed dominates their industry and how you can use their methods to dominate yours. Share this on Facebook. In the modern world, clickbait marketing has taken the internet by storm and websites like Buzzfeed are leading the charge.

Education Programs Prepared With Purpose

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It’s easy to say, “Let’s match the training methods to the knowledge and skills we want our members to gain.” But what does that mean and how can your association do it? Let’s say an association wants to provide eLearning to help its members learn how to use a new piece of equipment.

Creating Secret Facebook Groups to Create Class Discussion

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When looking to find an effective method to create discussion for your class, training, or just group discussion, creating a Facebook group is a great way to do this. When you create a secret group this hides the group and all its content from anyone else on Facebook. Here are the steps you need to take to create your private Facebook group. Login to your Facebook account. Click the “Create Group” option in the left sidebar on your Facebook homepage.

Getting the Board behind Online Learning Part 2

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In a previous blog post I shared my tips for making an initial pitch for online learning to your association’s board of directors. Are you ready to move on to the “exploration phase” of your quest to implement online learning at your association? Share this on Facebook.

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Email is Cheap, but isn’t (Always) the Answer

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Partnering with Professional and Trade Associations, Meagan consults and develops programs to move the needle in membership marketing & engagement, event marketing & sponsorship/exhibit sales. . When it comes to appropriate marketing strategy for your association, processes can look different from one organization to the next – although, there is a ton of overlap in the methods used. Launch a blog: Your association has a lot to say. Share this on Facebook.

What to Do If Your Association’s Online Course Failed

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Here are a few other ways to test an idea and assess demand: Create a lead magnet (an ebook or report) related to the course topic and send traffic to it via newsletter links, Facebook ads, and other paid advertising. You most likely promoted the course in newsletters, but next time, try some of these other methods. Paid ads: Online advertising—for example, Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook—gives you the ability to target specific demographic and interest groups.

When CEs Aren’t Enough: How to Engage and Empower Learners

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Incorporate knowledge checks, learning activities, team challenges, scenarios, and other proven methods for increasing engagement and knowledge retention. Share this on Facebook.

Project Management on a Shoestring Budget

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So, your association has decided to create a new online course. Hence why associations are called organizations J. Share this on Facebook.

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Secret to Creating Self-Motivated Learners

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Your learners’ interest in your association’s educational offerings works the same way. Learners are more likely to take advantage of your association’s educational offerings if you: . ? Share this on Facebook. When was the last time you got excited about learning something new?

Mark Sheppard: Entering the Backchannel of ATD ICE 2018

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Before we talk about other methods, the personal approach is always a good one. The backchannel process has proven a stable and reliable window into events such as ICE, and the usual tools (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) are still there and available for use.

Simplify Your Learning: 5 Tips for Slimming Down

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Bullet points are another popular method for reducing the word count. Do you have any other tips for keeping your association’s online learning from getting too overwhelming? Share this on Facebook. Association eLearning Blog eLearning Featured Posts Tips & Tricks Association LMS elearning courses learning management system lms member education online education project management

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How to Attract a Loyal Learning Audience, Even on a Tight Budget

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As adults, many of us pursue continuing education through professional associations, educational institutions or commercial training companies voluntarily. Post regular visual webinar calls to action on social channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Tidying Up: Three Steps to Ensure Your Content Sparks Joy!


The KonMari method, Kondo’s system of simplifying and organizing, has started a wildly popular trend by teaching us to ask a simple question about each item we own, “Does it spark joy?” If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Abila on Twitter , Facebook , Google+ and Linkedin.

New Knowledge Direct® LMS Version 6.5.1 Now Available

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Ability to import questions via plain-text method. ? Share this on Facebook. Association eLearning Blog eLearning News Featured Posts Learning Management Systems best lms new learning management system top lms

How to Leverage the Marketing Power of Social Proof

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Association members encounter an overwhelming amount of information every day from organizations pushing themselves into the already crowded professional development space. Your association can leverage the power of social proof when marketing your online learning programs. Your association can increase the power of your educational marketing efforts by leveraging four types of social proof. #1 What can your association offer to them in return?

Meeting the Needs of Multimodal Learners


Given this shift, it’s important for associations to examine whether their offerings and services are matching what is most valued by members. Members aren’t after just one learning method however, they want all the options. For associations, this can be a tall order to deliver.

LMS Integration:  The Learning Ecosystem

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The next layer of sophistication allows learners to share catalog content, certifications to their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ feeds or profiles. LMS vendors have a variety of automatic and manual methods of integrating the LMS.

How to Validate an Online Course Idea

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Some of these validation methods rely on attracting eyeballs through different marketing channels, including Google AdWords and other paid advertising. Use paid advertising to display your CTA on Google as well as LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social platforms used by your target audience. Blog association Continuing Professional Development Design e-Learning elearning marketing Online education tips pilot planning professional development

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How Does the Blend of Social Learning and Microlearning Boost the Overall Learning Uptake?


Social learning is associated with learning in groups or interacting via chats or forums across different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Organizations are striving towards excellence to stay ahead of the curve in today’s ever-evolving market conditions.

8 Incredibly Effective Strategies to Build an Email List from Scratch

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While social media marketing is taking the world by storm, email marketing is still the most efficient method for acquiring new customers. Email is 40 times more effective at this task than Facebook or Twitter, and building an email list is essential for any business.

Riding the Winds of Change at ACLEA’s Annual Meeting


Content consumption alone is no longer an adequate measure of knowledge retention , and many associations are starting to gauge topic comprehension by adding quizzing or assessments into their courses. The Community Brands team is heading to ACLEA’s 55 th Annual Meeting in Chicago July 27-30.

How to stimulate creativity in online teams: A 100% online process to design a blended learning trajectory

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Our tools set consisted of Adobe Connect in combination with Google docs and a Facebook Workplace group. In addition, we used a Facebook Workplace for communication between the sessions, the choice for Workplace was made because it was already in use within the organization. Joehoe!

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10 Golden Social Media Rules For Your Company

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But even social media has evolved to take advantage of the fact that companies now depend on them, which is why methods of social media marketing and promotion which were previously free, now charge a good amount of money. Companies that have had a social media presence before platforms like Facebook and Instagram monetized their digital ad spaces, will have a good idea how things have changed.

Specifying a Criterion in Performance Objectives

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If you’re in the Design phase of a training project, you’re likely formulating performance objectives and selecting instructional methods. Ideal candidates include just about any measure you can associate with a number – defect levels, speed/time, quantity quotas, etc. Though not associated with a particular statistic, one can observe whether the learner was able to identify the cancellation reason as a result of asking the right questions. By Shelley A. Gable.

Effective Ways to Motivate Your Employees through Peer-Based Online Learning


You’ve seen some recommendations about incorporating this method in the training your company provides. Some methods include peer-assessment schemes, counseling, private study groups, discussion sessions, various projects, community activities, and workplace mentoring. This is a cost-effective training method. Peer-based learning is a highly effective method of gaining knowledge and skills. What’s the deal with peer-based learning?

Getting the Most out of your Social Learning Program


Consistency is key in fostering user adoption, as well as choosing elements that are not too far displaced from methods your workforce is already familiar with. Ever wonder why Facebook rolls out changes that are deemed so unpopular by their usage base?

A Conversation with Danny Stefanic of LearnBrite

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It was 1994 when I formed the Virtual Reality Association, I knew VR was coming and I knew it would not happen overnight. players to follow the VR trend, including FaceBook with their 2 billion dollar bet on the Oculus Rift. The other day I had a great conversation with Danny Stefanic.

Why Companies Should Spend More on Social Learning | Social.

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Karen O’Leonard from Bersin & Associates wrote an article last week entitled Corporate Spending on Social Learning.

Spotlight on.SHEVA


Entrepreneurship Converting Women in handcrafts and art design from small groups to associations who work with NGOs and the government. The most recent course we added was Digital Photography which includes how to take good pictures for Instagram or Facebook accounts.

Training Reinforcement Alliance DPS


As I have said many times before … selling is complex enough, we should not add to that complexity with hard to use sales tools and methods which confuse salespeople. To learn more, visit our website, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.