Podcast 22: Launching a Learning Portal – With DirectEmployers Association

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That was the goal when the DirectEmployers Association (DE) envisioned its new learning portal, DE Academy. Q&A HIGHLIGHTS: Tell us about the DirectEmployers Association. We want DirectEmployers Association to be the go-to solution for contractors who need OFCCP compliance and talent acquisition information, resources and support. So what is the final product? Also, we offer punch lists in PDF format. WELCOME TO EPISODE 22 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!

CK Connect Product Review

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If I am an association member, then it could be based on Association recommendations, but uh, considering some associations that I have belonged to, I’m not sure I’d want to see their recommendations. . Oh what a night, and then that is all I remember of that song.


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eLearning Glossary: Definitions for the Most Commonly Used Terms

Association eLearning

AMS- An Association Management System or AMS is the association membership equivalent to a company’s Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). This is where an association stores data on their members and prospective members for tracking memberships, managing newsletter subscriptions, offering special gifts, sending invitations to events and workshops, and promoting discounts on products and services.

Product Review – Instilled LXP

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Writing a product review on a product that I use, well, I am about to use. Tie a PPT or a PDF to the video as it runs – matching section or clip by clip. Yes, you can have the match of a PDF, PPT, etc. Again, as noted earlier, the system right now only offers video as the content (but you can have a PPT or PDF, etc. Instilled LXP LXP NexGen LXP Product Review Uncategorized product review Product Review of Instilled

Agile Microlearning Explained

transformations lead to new solutions, advanced ideas, and increased productivity and profit. is able to create multiple associations and exercise the. COGNITIVE SCIENCE BEHIND OTTOLEARN v1.1

How Technology Partners Help Associations Comply with GDPR

WBT Systems

Since the EU approved GDPR on April 14, 2016, association technology firms have had lots of time to prepare for GDPR. In this post, we describe what your technology providers should do to help your association comply with GDPR. We also provide tips on some of the things staff should do to help their associations comply with GDPR—just in case you haven’t done them already. We’re not an European or international association. Your association is the “data controller.”.

Product Review: Litmos LMS

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Education, non-profit, association can be equally good markets for them. Lots of options, because reference materials, no longer have to be PDF, word docs or excel files. API E-Learn Info e-learning e-learning vendors elearning hosted Litmos LMS mobile learning Product Review SAAS SCORM Uncategorized craig weiss elearning vendors learning management system litmosSo what makes a Lite LMS different from a Standard LMS?

The Beginners Guide to Successful Video Pre Production

TechSmith Camtasia

It All Starts With Video Pre Production. Knowing the end now lets you figure out some critical information in your pre production planning: Where is the video going to end up? You may want to add extra elements that identify the product, company, or organization. It’s a small detail, but you don’t want viewers to have to guess whether the video is associated with your or not. Download a Script Template with Examples (PDF).

Celebrate Women’s History Month Year-Round

CLO Magazine

The historical dominance of patriarchal societies has systematically oppressed women for centuries, and justifying that with an “if you want it, you have to go for it” philosophy isn’t productive. Further, a 2016 American Association of University Women report found that between 1984 and 2004, women in Congress secured about 9 percent more in federal funding for their districts than their male colleagues and introduced about twice as many bills.

What is eLearning?


But a great definition we found to be true comes from the Association for Talent Development. Think of PDF style information delivered with clickable links to more resources. Product elearning what is eLearning

Streamlining Your E-Learning Production Process for Efficiency—Q&A

E-learning Uncovered

Diane and I had the pleasure of sharing some ways we have streamlined our production process in last week’s “Best of DevLearn” Webinar presented by The eLearning Guild, which you can view here. Log in as at least a free Guild Associate to view the recording.). During the session we talked about: The data types to capture and analyze about your production process. How to map out your production process at both a macro and micro level.

Yo Quiero Learning! Taco Bell Spices Up Training

CLO Magazine

We wanted to make it easier for employees to get training materials and easier to understand why we launch the products that we do and how it relates to our customer insights,” she said. “It’s We’ve got lots of new products, we lead in social innovation, and one of the things that’s important to us is that our team member experience is pretty innovative as well,” Onyett said. Ave Rio is a Chief Learning Officer associate editor.

What is eLearning?


But a great definition we found to be true comes from the Association for Talent Development. Think of PDF style information delivered with clickable links to more resources. One of the first versions of an authoring tool was known as RoboDemo, a product of eHelp that featured basic flash tools and video recording. The best difference and example we can give is companies like IBM or HubSpot that offer eLearning courses on their products.

Simplify Your Learning: 5 Tips for Slimming Down

Association eLearning

If you have a lot of information that absolutely has to be included, consider creating a supplementary printable resource, like a PDF. They’ll likely notice little things the production team didn’t, and can give you a fresh perspective on the pacing and complexity of the content. Do you have any other tips for keeping your association’s online learning from getting too overwhelming? At some point, we’ve all been stuck in a meeting or class that seemed to drag on forever.

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5 keys for Section 508 Compliance and Web Accessibility

Web Courseworks

Section 508 compliance requirements apply specifically to Federal agencies, but the overarching theme of offering inclusive and equally-accessible content to individuals with disabilities also aligns well with the interests of most private sector groups, professional associations, and organizations. Most private companies still want to make a good-faith effort to deliver courses and products that are as accessible as possible. The Word, PDF, PowerPoint,mp3,wmv.,

Web 190

The Certificate is Obsolete

Web Courseworks

This month’s thought leader is none other than Andy Hicken, Director of Product Development at Web Courseworks and frequent contributor to this blog. Andy will be presenting about one (particularly vexing) problem: traditional PDF certificates. Innovation in Learning Learning News Managing eLearning association elearning professional developmentThe Certificate is Obsolete: New Ways to Track PD, CE, and Certification.

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7 Questions To Ask Before You Hit Record: A Pre-Production Checklist

TechSmith Camtasia

That means having a good pre-production checklist that sets you up for success. Download the free PDF. Download PDF. These questions are an ideal pre-production checklist. Are their other tasks or activities associated with the process or content you’re presenting?

Report on course profitability with Arlo training management software

Arlo Training & Events Software

You can also export reports, either in PDF or Excel format, on the number of registrations with the “registration count” report in Arlo. This report summarises all activities (event registrations, orders, leads, value, tasks, and notes), associated with an account manager and their clients.

How beneficial is E-Learning software for businesses?

Your Training Edge

Improving job performance and productivity. Businesses need to train their new employees about the products and services they offer. In addition, for uncompromised development and manufacturing of products and services, businesses must also train them on all the range of software tools, equipment, and best practices required. ELearning comes as a lifesaver by offering accessible ways for product, services, tools, and compliance training.

How beneficial is E-Learning software for businesses?

Your Training Edge

Improving job performance and productivity. Businesses need to train their new employees about the products and services they offer. In addition, for uncompromised development and manufacturing of products and services, businesses must also train them on all the range of software tools, equipment, and best practices required. ELearning comes as a lifesaver by offering accessible ways for product, services, tools, and compliance training.

Play Testing Games — An Essential Step

Bottom-Line Performance

we may create the cards associated with a board game in a Word table and then print and cut them up for initial rounds of play). A game board might be printed as a series of PDF pages and taped together for initial rounds of play. We avoid going to a production version until we’re confident we have the right user interface and play experience. (We have created an 8-part comprehensive report containing a series of one-to-two page “briefs” regarding learning game design.

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5 Reasons Your LMS Should Be On ServiceNow


or 2004 or support other content types such as PDF or videos. Your assigned courses are associated with controls for 10-minute training audits – really! Integration Product ServiceNowWhat is a Learning Management System (LMS)? Before we jump into why you want ServiceNow based LMS, let’s start with a shared understanding of what an LMS is. At its core, an LMS manages training in your organization.

CME in the 21st Century – Webinar Digest

Web Courseworks

Standards are extremely beneficial, especially technology standards, because they create a common language that allows for consistency of a process or product, no matter who is providing it. Smothers gave a list of benefits for having standards: Most organizations are currently using the PDF certificate to verify and track the completion of continuing education. This means the learner has multiple PDF certificates to keep track of, and can easily be misplaced or lost.

PDF 100

How to Convert XML to ePUB – A Step-by-step Guide

Hurix Digital

ePUB is the XML format for reflowable eBooks or digital books and publications that is standardized by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum), a trade and standards association for the digital publishing industry. Also Read: Best Ways to Convert Your PDF Files to XML.

PDF 52

Managing eLearning: Fall Webinar Series

Web Courseworks

Why it’s important: eLearning Industry gives four reasons why you should move to Cloud Authoring: Trending – Cloud authoring has become one of the top IT strategies for businesses and associations alike. Collaboration – As work styles have moved more toward teamwork and collaboration, using cloud authoring makes team collaboration on projects easier and more productive. The key part: no PDF Certification needed.

2016 eLearning Hype Curve Follow Up

Web Courseworks

Fall 2016 Webinar Series – This fall, we will be following up with Valerie Smothers from MedBiquitous to talk about PI and the outdated PDF Certificate. Interview with Natalie Lavelle – NBOME is a medical association that has taken a front seat when it comes to PI-CME. Badges: – Our white paper explains how badges are becoming the new certificate as a way for association members and eLearning users to better track and gauge their learning progress. Plateau of Productivity.

Benefits of a White Label eBook Platform for Publishers


White labeling is a means to legally customize and brand a product or service produced by a third party as your own, typically, for a nominal fee. The benefit is that you don’t have to spend time and resources on developing the product yourself and you can customize an existing solution.

Global eTraining Releases Bluebeam Revu 2018 Intermediate

Global eTraining

Now, with the Bluebeam Revu 2018 Intermediate release, you can learn and explore more advanced tools and features such as Batch PDF creation, Measurement markups, Sequences and Actions, and Custom Columns. Following GeT’s Bluebeam Revu 2018 Fundamentals Course, we are pleased to offer a deeper look at the features and tools available in Bluebeam Revu 2018 through our Intermediate course release, now available in the ‘GeT Everything’ library.

S1000D: Defined, Explained, and Explored

Use of IETMs for Navy Air Force Defence

Having 8 years of experience in handling technical documentation, especially for defense, code and pixels has gained good knowledge on S1000D IETM development Code and Pixels is associated with US based company in designing and development of S1000d documentation. What is S1000D?

The Path to Paperless Learning in Manufacturing


Productivity and Profitability. A move towards a paperless factory allows manufacturers to become more productive and profitable compared to companies still operating paper-based systems. With a paperless learning strategy, factory managers and employees have access to up-revised and controlled documentation, improving efficiency while significantly reducing costs associated with managing such large amounts of information. Download the PDF. Download the PDF.

Presentation Materials - Request Online

TechSmith Camtasia

If you run a local User Group or professional association, or are conducting a workshop, class or brownbag, and would like to show off Snagit, Camtasia Studio, Camtasia for Mac, Jing, or Morae. Feel free to fill out this request form "here":[link] and we will send you eval CDs, product booklets, and other materials you need for your event. You can also find a generic PowerPoint presentation, product logos and more "here":[link].

Talking Performance Improvement and Certificates with MedBiquitous

Web Courseworks

No one involved with continuing education—not learners, not designers, certainly not LMS product owners—likes certificates. In part one of the interview, Valerie tells us about MedBiquitous, the Activity Report standard, and the problem(s) with PDF-based certificates.

S1000D – Why Do We Need it and How Does it Work?

Use of IETMs for Navy Air Force Defence

A few years back S1000d is mainly used in the Aerospace segment, because S1000d is basically governed by Steering Committee formed by ASD, Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) ATA e-Business Program These organizations form the S1000D Council.

The Best Retail LMS for Enterprise Brands: How to Onboard Employees Quickly and Boost Engagement


Keep employees up to date on rapidly changing product lines and new trainings. The brands will remain anonymous, but we’re willing to bet you’ve either used their products or at least heard of them.). The solution is available to all associates on a mobile device. #2.

eCombat: Lessons from the Interactive Battlefields of Afghanistan

Vignettes Learning

Of this, Ackerman writes, “It’s the first immersive, interactive Army e-book, replacing the simple PDF-style scans with dynamic animations of the warzone. Mutuality Element: Include group exercises, assignments and activities that require each member to contribute to the final product, while also inserting questions and guidance that encourage members to share solutions and invest in each other's ideas and concerns. Our Belief.

IAR Professional Development Portal

Association eLearning

Download the IAR Association Learning Management System Case Study as a PDF. Founded in 1913, The Indiana Association of REALTORS ® (IAR) is a professional membership society representing more than 18,000 REALTORS statewide who are involved in virtually all aspects related to the sale, purchase, exchange or lease of real property in Indiana. The real challenge would be getting the brokerages to buy into the concept, and help market the association’s course to their employees.

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How To Wield Your Skills Like A Weapon

Your Training Edge

It’s more convenient to put your work and references into a PDF if you don’t have the time and money to design a comprehensive website. #3. Determine whether there are any threats associated with your specific niche. Picture this.

Skills 141