How to Be Ready for Your Big Budget Increase


You are in your CEO’s office and she says to you, “I am happy to increase your training budget next year. Second, cost is not a main factor in determining whether to invest in a training program. Target Your Budget to CEO Priorities. Is your budget increasing?

Small Businesses: How to Get Started with E-Learning (Without Blowing Your Budget)


ASTD’s Learning Circuits just published their annual survey of E-Learning Trends and, being the training geek that I am, I’ve taken some time to compare last year’s survey with the current survey to spot trends that may impact my work and inform my interactions with clients.

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Talking eLearning ROI

Web Courseworks

Are you an eLearning expert with an excellent idea for a new initiative or online education program? For example, “increase member retention” might have three strategic strings: - Benchmark member retention programs. Assess value in existing membership programs.

ROI 170

Michael Allen – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


We use research and experience as a guideline, then reserve enough resources to modify our programs, perhaps several times, based on realized outcomes with our learners in the context in which they learn and perform. Being able to edit a program while it continues to execute is one of them. The non-programming authoring capabilities are so capable in ZebraZapps that these extensions to the system can be built by users themselves. ABOUT Dr. MICHAEL W.



We use research and experience as a guideline, then reserve enough resources to modify our programs, perhaps several times, based on realized outcomes with our learners in the context in which they learn and perform. Being able to edit a program while it continues to execute is one of them.

10 Free Audio Programs to Use for E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Even if you’re on a limited budget, you can get a good microphone for about $50. The video kind of reminds of all of the lame training programs I’ve been in where we had to write and perform songs based on what we learned. I’m no audio engineer. And odds are that neither are you.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Auditory Advantage

Learning Visions

Monday, March 19, 2007 The Auditory Advantage Patrick Dunn, in his latest rant, Games are not an alternative vision has this to say: The huge array of tools, techniques and approaches that games producers have developed with the benefit of their consumer-sized budgets are largely available to medium and low-end e-learning producers, if they would just apply their imagination. ASTD Keynote: “People Lie&# Richard Hilleman Electr.

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Retroactive Alignment

The Performance Improvement Blog

David Vance, former president of Caterpillar University, in an interview with ASTD , talks about the importance of aligning learning and business goals at the same time as fiscal-year budgeting is being done.

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How Much Does Informal Learning Actually Cost?

Dashe & Thomson

Current research indicates that 20% of learning is formal and 80% is informal, yet 80% of training budgets are spent on formal learning and only 20% on informal learning. A repot coming out of an ASTD research project supported by the U.

Cost 205

10 Advantages Of Leveraging LMS For Blended Learning

Upside Learning

So here are the 10 advantages of leveraging an LMS for blended learning, justifiably segregated for administrators and learners – both who will be a part of your blended learning program. And blended learning program carried out via an LMS enables you to do just that.

Stats on Workplace Learning

Marcia Conner

Although formal training accounts for only a small percentage of learning , unless noted specifically, the stats here relate to formal training, meaning that managed by a training department, usually through classes or online education (elearning) programs. ASTD estimates that U.S.

Achieving Competitive Advantage through Training

Enyota Learning

The company identifies several potential leaders every year and enrols them on a 15-month rigorous training program called the ‘Unilever Future Leadership Program’. These programs are aimed at creating the future line of leaders who can help the company grow.

If Not ADDIE, Then What with Michael Allen #astdtk13

Learning Visions

I'm at the ASTD Tech Knowledge 2013 Conference kicking off today January 29, 2013 in San Jose, California. But we’re pressed to produce a product that changes behavior and creates organizational impact – and do it on time and budget. Extreme programming, Agile, etc. Kineo.


The Next Generation of E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

In fact, the industry used to spend a lot of time talking about the programming part of elearning. The tool is easy to use and at the same time it’s empowering because it offers a level of capability that didn’t exist years ago without requiring some programming know-how.

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Impact of Tough Times

Kapp Notes

This month's ASTD big question is What is the impact of the economy on you and your organization? billion budget shortfall in the current fiscal year. percent of the nearly $520 million PASSHE expected to receive as part of the 2008-09 state budget.

Budget 130

A Conversation with Michael Allen–ADDIE, SAM & the Future of ID

Kapp Notes

He is the author of seven book including a best-seller on creating effective e-learning and in has received ASTD’s Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Performance Award in 2011. Michael Allen and I sit down and discuss the Zebra program at ASTD conference way back in 2011.


You May Already Own the Tools to Create Simple E-Learning Avatars

Rapid eLearning

There’s a simple text-to-speech program, but I just recorded some audio and added the.wav file. If you’re working with a limited budget, a tool like this lets you add some creative flair to the assets you have access to as you build your elearning courses.

Kirkpatrick Revisited | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

We need to let the stakeholders define their expectations for the program. with a post-test to measure learning for the entire program. He believes lack of success results more often from insufficient follow-up than from poor training programs or training delivery.

Re-evaluating Evaluation | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

The title was “Expanding ROI in Training Programs Using Scriven, Kirkpatrick, and Brinkerhoff,” which sounds pretty academic. Implementing his model does not include gathering data that would address program improvement efforts.

5 Tips to Make Rapid E-Learning Interactive

Rapid eLearning

I think you’ll agree that while PowerPoint’s not going to give you the programming options that you’d get in Flash or Storyline , it still is a very capable tool and does allow for effective elearning. August 30 : Honolulu, HI ( ASTD Hawaii ). October 17 : Bloomington, IL ( CIC-ASTD ).

e-Learning Job Search - Online Resources

eLearning Cyclops

With turbulent times, shrinking training budgets, and a level of uncertainty, more e-learning professionals are searching for new opportunities. You do need to be a member, but the associate level membership is free. ASTD - You can search jobs posted on their site and post your resume.

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Show Me the Money: Building a Rock-Solid Business Case for E-Learning


If you’re looking for even more detail and tools, check out my Infoline through ASTD. Once you have the problem(s) clearly articulated from a business perspective, you can begin to list the e-learning program’s benefits to address these issues.

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More Answers to Your Rapid E-Learning Questions

Rapid eLearning

So now’s a good time to offer some quick answers and links to additional resources for those just getting started, I have no budget. The first thing I recommend is to ask for a budget. If you do get a budget then you can stretch your money by purchasing the lower resolution images.

ADDIE isn't dead; how can it be?

Integrated Learnings

But as evidenced in many, many posts, articles, conversations, and presentations, we have to find some means to evaluate and effectively measure our programs. It's the only way to prove that our industry is making an impact within organizations; and, let's face it, it's the only way to keep our budgets intact so that we can continue with our efforts. By Jay Lambert. There has been a lot of discussion, and an infamous article or two, in our field about the death of the ADDIE model.


Three Things Trainers Need to Know About Project Management


Launching a training program can be a daunting task, one that take months or even years to shepherd from its inception ( identifying the need for an intervention ) to its closure ( evaluation ). Was the project delivered on budget?

The Only Person Who Behaves Sensibly Is My Tailor

Performance Learning Productivity

First, it does show small positive effects in the largest of workplaces, although diversity councils, diversity managers, and mentoring programs are significantly more effective. ATD has been producing this annual report for years (originally as the ASTD).

How to Select Learning That Fits Your Business

CLO Magazine

With so many resources available, it can be hard for companies to select the programs that will serve them best. But what’s the best training program? Factors such as goals, budget, time constraints and employee motivation can vary significantly from company to company. percent in 2011, according to the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). Some programs offer instructor access via individual webcam or videoconferencing.

How Trainers are Holding Themselves Back


In many organizations, the value of effective training and performance support programs is not well understood. People brought up several challenges, including not having enough budget, time, or bandwidth, and not having the authority or power to do what they needed to do.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: As eLearning Ripens on The Vine

Learning Visions

So as designers, we – (and by this, I mean I) – need to be better prepared to create more complex training programs. But sometimes I long for the structure and discipline such a program might enforce upon me. ASTD Keynote: “People Lie&# Richard Hilleman Electr.

Knowledge Direct LMS Receives Top Honors

Association eLearning

Knowledge Direct – a SaaS based learning management system for online continuing education, professional development and certification programs, received rave reviews in the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training category.

The 101 on a Chief Learning Officer


A Chief Learning Officer is a senior level executive who oversees a company’s learning program and strategy by supporting its overall business goals. After outlining a companywide learning program, a Chief Learning Officer needs to assess if they have the right employees to properly execute the strategy. The program they put in place also can not be static. Here are a few questions to answer: Do I have the budget to hire one?

What the Horrible Video Game E.T. Can Teach Us About Training


A few weeks ago, I explored the connections between instructional design and the critical and commercial success of the video game app Angry Birds , and how many of the same principals that made that game so popular could be co-opted into training programs. Do you test your training programs?

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5 Ways to Demonstrate Your E-Learning Success

Rapid eLearning

That’s a good question, especially in this economy because the training group is usually one of the first groups targeted when an organization needs to make some cuts to the budget. If you’re interested in a workshop in your area, have your local ISPI or ASTD chapter contact me.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Jane Bozarth: Better than Bullet Points

Learning Visions

Most of Jane’s examples – from people with lower budgets – not the glitzy example (we need to make learning engaging, not pretty). Even when you make programs like that mandatory, still only have a 5% completion rate. Reflecting on #ASTD10 Recommended: "In Defense of the LMS" Chicago Bound: Kineo at ASTD ICE #astd10 One Year on at Kineo #yam Now that’s an Enterprise Moodle! -- Kineo Moodle f.

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Do You Have the Skills to Succeed?

Rapid eLearning

If you’re looking for formal education on instructional design, we started to compile a list of degree and certificate programs in the elearning community. The opportunities to acquire them exist, even if you’re on a budget. April 10 : Jacksonville, FL ( NEFL ASTD ). April 17 : Virginia ( SEVA ASTD ). July: Knoxville, TN ( Smoky Mountain ASTD ). August: Houston, TX ( ASTD Houston ). October 17 : Bloomington, IL ( CIC-ASTD ).