Looking Forward to Busy Time at ASTD 2014

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Looking forward to this year’s ASTD ICE conference in Washington, DC. Hoping to show them the highlights of the conference and all the wonderful events at ASTD this year. ASTD Handbook The book store will be in Salon GHI. ASTD Conference

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ASTD's TechKnowledge Book Discount

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We are having a really great time at ASTD's TechKnowledge conference in San Jose! Orders must be placed before close of business Friday, February 4th.). What's more, the bookstore quickly sold out of our Captivate books! Did it sell out before you got there?

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ASTD no more

Jay Cross

That left out lower-level trainers so development replaced directors in a name change and the doors were opened to everyone in the training business. Vendors of packaged training courses filled ASTD’s exhibit halls. Every business you could name was going global.


ASTD ICE 2009 -Impressions

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I’ll confess that I may not have been at the ASTD conference every day this past week, but I do have some impressions of the event I’d like to share. I was a little disappointed that ASTD decision makers, whoever you are, did not put the eLearning vendors together. ASTD is an interesting “club” of volunteers and staff with a somewhat bureaucratic culture. ” Tags: ASTD Elaine Biech Game Based Learning

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Knowledge Guru Game Creation Wizard Unveiled at ASTD ICE

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We are taking our show on the road to ASTD ICE, May 20 – 22 in Dallas, Texas to unveil the Knowledge Guru Game Creation Wizard. Try it free for 30 days… then take advantage of the ASTD ICE special rate.

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ASTD Keynote - Talent Managment

Clark Quinn

I'm at the ASTD Conference in San Diego at the general session. Tony Bingham, ASTD CEO, is talking about and showing videos around talent management. Tony asked the audience - how many know the key strategies of your organization and then key metrics of your business. It looks like there are about 5,000 people in the room. A complete guess at the number, but pretty good size.

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Five Steps to Business Impact From Learning

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Five key organizational factors determine if there will be business results from learning: 1) alignment; 2) anticipation; 3) alliance; 4) application; and 5) accountability. If you go to the ASTD Conference , I encourage you to attend Sean's session.

ASTD TechKnowledge 2013 Workshop Agenda

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On January 29, 2013, I am partnering with Koreen Olbrish on a pre-conferene workshop at the ASTD TechKnowledge Conference. Aligning Your Game to Business Outcomes. There is no point in creating a game in a business environment if it doesn’t help improve performance. This section of the workshop discusses several methods for ensuring that the learning objectives you establish in the game link to the business outcomes of your organization.

Discussing the ASTD Handbook, eLearning, and Published Expertise with Elaine Biech

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When my copy of the second edition ASTD Handbook arrived at the office this summer, I immediately felt the urge to explore my new resource and see what content made the final cut for an important industry asset. The ASTD Handbook does just that. The ASTD Handbook does this. .

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ASTD TechKnowledge Wrap Up in Pictures #ASTDTK12

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Back home now after another exciting week in Las Vegas for ASTD’s TechKnowledge 2012 conference and expo. (I Thanks to ASTD for letting me play along this year! I took a redeye home Friday night and then went camping with my son’s cub scout pack Saturday night. Crazy, I know.).

ASTD ICE Conference Recap, Lessons Learned and Random Events

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had a great time at the ASTD ICE Conference which recently concluded in Dallas Texas. ASTD ICE learning game design workshop resources. ASTD ICE Slides. The location is awesome and the workshop will be as well if the workshop at ASTD ICE 2013 is any indication.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Thoughts on ASTD

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Sunday, June 07, 2009 Thoughts on ASTD This past week, I spent Monday and Tuesday at the ASTD International Conference & Expo in DC. Posted by Cammy Bean at 12:39 PM Labels: articulate , astd , kineo 6comments: Jane Bozarth said. "there" was a big busy bar!

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ASTD Keynote - Talent Managment

Tony Karrer

I'm at the ASTD Conference in San Diego at the general session. Tony Bingham, ASTD CEO, is talking about and showing videos around talent management. Tony asked the audience - how many know the key strategies of your organization and then key metrics of your business. It looks like there are about 5,000 people in the room. A complete guess at the number, but pretty good size.

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Selling Social Media for Learning: ASTD Big Question

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This month's ASTD Learning Circuit's Blog Big Question is "How do I communicate the value of social media as a learning tool to my organization?" Address a Business Need The most important element in communicating the value of Social Media is to solve a pressing business need.

Philadelphia ASTD Meeting Lot of Fun

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Last night I presented at the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of ASTD and ran into a bunch of old friends and made some new ones. The topic of the night was “Unleasing the business value of 3D immersive environments for enterprise learning and collaboration.&#

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Review of ASTD International Trade Expo

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With great anticipation I entered the huge expo at ASTD International show earlier this week. If you think they used the ASTD app and wrote down some notes, I think you would be surprised. I would love to see a survey from ASTD sent one week after the show to attendees asking them what vendors they visited online with specific requirements that they did so, without visiting the ASTD app, ASTD online site showing the exhibitors and their web sites and the heavy book.


ASTD Keynote: “People Lie” Richard Hilleman Electronic Arts #tk10

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This are my liveblogged notes from Thursday, January 28 Keynote at ASTD TechKnowledge 2010 in Las Vegas, NV. In the business of making video games. EA University Knowledge Changes Everything Producers and designers – at EA – the business is so unique. This year women took over the video game business! Tags: gam astd gaming Richard Hilleman, the man behind the EA sports brand (Madden football) -- currently focused on EA’s internal university.

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ASTD's Big Question for December 2008: New Learning

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The ASTD Big question this month is What did you learn about learning in 2008? Tags: ASTD Big Question I learn so much all the time from students, clients and colleagues, it is hard to narrow it down to just two or three things, but I'll try.

The Right Place to Find Help: ASTD's Big Question

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This month's ASTD Big Question on the Learning Circuit's Blog is about Social Networking and finding help and expertise if you have a question or a concern for which you need input and/or advice.

Big News Out of ASTD International Conference & Expo 2014


This past week I had the privilege of attending my first ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) conference in Washington D.C. Brand new colors and signage trumpeted ASTD’s rebranding as “ATD”—the Association for Talent Development.


Usable Learning Busy-ness

Usable Learning

Just got back from a busy week at ASTD ICE (did a certificate workshop, two panels, speed-mentoring, planning committee meetings and a session) and it was lovely to see and meet so many people. Hey folks — am returned from all the San Francisco adventures, and am happy to be home.

Upcoming webinar: Driving business results with learner-centric programs


Webinar: Driving business results with learner-centric programs with Brandon Hall Group. Your people are busy, but they need relevant, timely learning experiences that enable their work, not interrupt it.

Join OpenSesame at ASTD-Cascadia Chapter's Annual Conference!


Companies are being forced to evolve quickly to adapt to these changes, shifting business practices to accommodate the increased demand for access to real time information.


3 Critical Insights from the 2013 ASTD State of the Industry Report


Looking at trends will help you decide where to focus your efforts in 2013 in order to have the greatest impact on your business. Here are OpenSesame’s top three takeaways from ASTD’s survey overview: eLearning Solutions Enterprise


Niche Is the New Black: ASTD Conference Day 2

CLO Magazine

While I was in Orlando for ASTD’s 2011 International Conference and Expo I had the chance to have dinner with a couple of good friends I haven’t seen in a few years. Since I saw Chris and Moki last, they’ve dropped out of the 9 to 5 and started up their own business serving a unique niche. Their business idea? Worldwide, the soccer industry is a booming business and Euro teams like Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid are giants. From the Editors ASTD LMS


Analysis of ASTD International Conference and Expo 2013

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It’s the yearly review of the ASTD International Conference and Expo. First off, this part is going to sound like I’m bashing ASTD, and perhaps to a degree I am. If you were a volunteer to ASTD, this is not about you – it is solely about ASTD. ASTD bags – always nice. It would seem to me that in order to push a lead towards a potential sale is to offer a special ASTD International show discount. EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it.


How Roche Diagnostics Used Training as a Business Strategy

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On Thursday, January 17th 2013 I attended “Training as a Business Strategy,” a CIASTD session led by Jennifer Zinn, VP of Commercial Education and Communications at Roche Diagnostics. Zinn referenced a model and terminology that ASTD actually introduced way back in 1998.

Attending the ASTD International Conference? There's an app for that!

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If you are attending the ASTD International Conference in Denver May 6-9, download and start populating the ASTD Events app - Android or iOS (iPhone/iPAD) available. Contact Sharing : Easily share your digital business card information via QR or Bump technology. You don't have to carry around a paper schedule! Only drawback I see is I loaded the app on both my iPhone and iPAD and it looks like they don't sync up.


The Biggest Myth in Building a Learning Culture

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The reality is, everyone – EVERYONE , wants to be part of a business which values knowledge and learning. . As I said at the beginning of this post, if as a business, you are searching for a way to “build” a learning culture you have deeper issues.

Report from ASTD TechKnowledge 06

The Learning Circuits

Incoming ASTD president Kevin Oakes thanked the Rocky Mountain Chapter, advisory boards, hard-working staff, platinum sponsors, silver sponsors, planning committees, and others. If I'm not mistaken, Kevin is the first educational technolgy specialist to lead ASTD.

Working Today - Preparing for Tomorrow: Houston ASTD Conference

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I'm speaking at the Working Today - Preparing for Tomorrow - Houston ASTD Conference. Thursday, September 23,2010 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM CDT The conference will focus on three critical areas: technology, business development and talent management. Special emphasis will be placed on the critical components of technology, business development, talent management, and how integration must take place at both individual and organizational levels.


Learning: Playing the Blame Game

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Perhaps it’s because we are busy blaming them for not understanding materials designed by CAL Tech Engineers. Perhaps it’s because we are busy blaming Baby Boomers for our lack of design imagination – because, you know, Baby Boomers don’t like that kind of stuff.

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Kaizen, Learning Rebels and the Zombie Apocalypse

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When you are head down in tasks; over-whelmed by the expectations of leadership and the business, have unrealistic deadlines and budgets then trying. As you may know, the year 2014 was the year dedicated to the concept of Kaizen.

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5 Reasons I’m Geeky about Learning Design!

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Alignment with learning goals and business outcomes is now more critical than ever. Finding out more about your business and its people. Concurrently, your goal is to help the business meet its goals. My name is Shannon and I am geeky about Learning Design. . There I said it.

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MOOCs – What Are They? Why Should You Care?

Your Training Edge

Being a big believer in “Technology Enabled Learning”, Bryant seeks to create awareness, motivate adoption and engage organizations and people in the changing business of education. Featured Posts MOOC Training ASTD ATD MOOCs Strategic Training

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