Highlights of the ASTD International Conference and Expo 2012


Recently, I had the opportunity to be part of the Harbinger Team that exhibited at the ASTD International Conference and Expo in Denver, Colorado from May 6-9, 2012.


Review of ASTD International Trade Expo

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With great anticipation I entered the huge expo at ASTD International show earlier this week. If you think they used the ASTD app and wrote down some notes, I think you would be surprised. I would love to see a survey from ASTD sent one week after the show to attendees asking them what vendors they visited online with specific requirements that they did so, without visiting the ASTD app, ASTD online site showing the exhibitors and their web sites and the heavy book.


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Design Day and the ASTD Big Question for July

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Around the same time, the ASTD Learning Circuits Blog had the July "Big Question" which was "Choosing Tools" which is actually a series of questions: How does the eLearning design process need to change to accommodate such a wide variety of tools? Or, you can use the motion aspects of technology like Adobe's Flash to show assembly of an item as opposed to static images accompanied by text or even audio.

Recap of ASTD TechKnowledge 2013: Day 1

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Okay, the first day of ASTD TK13 has wrapped up – at least from the expo side of the house. Can output to MP4 or Flash, I loved the MP4. Thursday: Recap day two of the ASTD TK13 show, including expo. ASTD ASTDTK13 authoring tools content authoring tool e-learning e-learning vendors education LMS m-learning trade shows e-learning trade show online learningExcuse any strange text breaks – writing from the WordPress iOS app.

Five Reasons I’m Sending My Entire Team to Our Industry’s Biggest Conference


But this year, the stars aligned, and we were fortunate enough to be able to send our entire learning and development team to Denver for the ASTD International Conference and Expo. Now it looks like these flash mob sessions are becoming a staple in our learning tool chest.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Flash: Embedding Video in the Experience

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Thursday, June 15, 2006 Flash: Embedding Video in the Experience I really like how they did this. on2.com creates the codec used in the Flash Player 8. ASTD Keynote: “People Lie&# Richard Hilleman Electr.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Flash Celebrates 10 Years!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006 Flash Celebrates 10 Years! Check out the presentation at Adobe, celebrating 10 years of Flash. Flash 10th Anniversary Posted by Cammy Bean at 3:49 PM 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Cammy Bean Greater Boston, MA, United States View my complete profile About This Blog Subscribe in a reader Subscribe via email Are you an Instructional Designer?

Learning Designers have 3 Choices Regarding Mobile Learning [#mLearning]

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Incidentally, if your existing learning is Flash-based and your learners try to access it on mobile devices, this is what they are seeing: Convert, Shrink and Retrofit your existing desktop e-Learning for mobile devices.

E-Learning Trade Shows + Product Reviews 4 #TK11

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However, with ASTD’s TechKnowledge 2011, starting next week, I’m going to hold off until after TK11, to write on virtual worlds. It offers the ability to create courses in HTML5 or Flash. So, you can still have audio/video in HTML5, just as you can with Flash. What is nice, is that 99% of the tablets in the market today, and the majority coming out into the market this coming year, will accept both Flash and HTML5.

LMS Vendors: U Can Survive – Innovate, Invigorate and Invent

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HTML5 will be available on every one of those tablets, plus they will offer Flash (notable exception the iPad). Offers 3G and the data access is free – no additional charge, unlike a smartphone; plus many offer full Flash capabilities, color screens and the e-ink too – the mainstay. When a vendor said, hmm, you know HTML5 courses are possible, so we will create a player that will play courses built-in 100% HTML5 and will work with Flash.

2013 Corporate Learning Trends: Where Are We Now? (White Paper)

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Based on what we’ve seen through industry conferences (ASTD ICE 2013, Training 2013 anyone?), Most people who demo Knowledge Guru are quick to make sure it is HTML… and not Flash.

Cost Consious Corporate Gift Idea

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Here is what ASTD's Magazine, T&D had to say about Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning. It reveals new methods and tools that are being used successfully in a variety of settings, including Flash mobs and cheat codes, video iPods, instant messaging and blogging. It is always so hard to determine what type of corporate gift is appropriate for clients, co-workers or your boss?

Cost 58

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8: One Smart Player

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Arguably, the most common way to publish a Camtasia project is as a Flash SWF. Although your learners will not need Camtasia installed on their computer to use a SWF, they will need a modern web browser and the free Adobe Flash Player (www.adobe.com). According to Adobe, the Flash Player is installed on most of the world's computers.  The Smart Player automatically detects if the learner's device or browser supports Flash.

5 Essential Qualifications to Look for in an Instructional Designer


In order to be a Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (ASTD), or a Certified Performance Technologist (ISPI), one has to continually take courses to improve and hone their skills… which is good for you!

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5 Tips to Make Rapid E-Learning Interactive

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I created this demo from one of the Flash examples that Allen Interactions shares on their site. Comparison between Flash & PowerPoint versions. August 30 : Honolulu, HI ( ASTD Hawaii ). October 17 : Bloomington, IL ( CIC-ASTD ).

Some Thoughts On Tablet Learning (aka Elearning On iPads)

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In a recent ASTD webinar on Mobile Learning it was noted that it’s the iPad that’s really got mlearning kick started in the workplace (link to webinar recording and notes). In my opinion if you’re creating elearning primarily for desktops it would be best to use Flash.

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6 Steps To A Better Mobile Learning Strategy

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Flash vs. HTML5 : This is actually not a point of debate anymore. As argued earlier if that really suits your purpose, go with HTML5, else it is best to develop your elearning in Flash and keep mobile web development separate.

#ICE #ASTD2013 conference recap

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So my first ICE ASTD conference is finished. Over the past few years we had big leading topics in the world of learning; Curating, Mobile, Flash vs HTML5, TinCan. Everybody now understands that Flash is dead (no matter how unbelievable that seemed a year and a half ago).

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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Also learn everything you can about new technologies like HTML5, responsive design, CSS3 and begin to let go of some of the older technologies like Flash. Here''s a recent Keynote Presentation I delivered for ASTD Houston: [link]. 2012 has been an amazing year for mobile!

The Next Generation of E-Learning

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Finally, I could create a lot of the interactivity that I wanted to do but couldn’t because I didn’t have the Flash programming skills. July 18: Knoxville, TN ( Smoky Mountain ASTD ). July 25: Portland, OR (ASTD). July 31: Austin, TX (ASTD).


Avoid the Curse of the Frankencourse

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Most rapid elearning tools are like Articulate Presenter and convert PowerPoint slides to Flash (and soon HTML5). Or if you’re using other products you’ll add the Flash output to the PowerPoint slide. But if you do combine PowerPoint-to-Flash with other applications, you’ll need to examine the tools. July 18: Knoxville, TN ( Smoky Mountain ASTD ). July 25: Portland, OR (ASTD). July 31: Austin, TX (ASTD). August 15 & 16: Houston, TX ( ASTD Houston ).

Four Essential Tips for the Rapid E-Learning Pro

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PowerPoint offers a pretty good selection of animations that let you mimic a lot of what you see in Flash. With a rapid elearning tool, you’re using PowerPoint’s easy authoring environment to create Flash movies. June 9 : Langhorne, PA (ASTD)— Tips to Becoming an E-Learning Pro.

Does Your Client Need to Know You’re Using PowerPoint?

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When I managed a team of Flash developers I rarely ran into the same branding requirements that I did when using PowerPoint. The final output is Flash. And most clients don’t know much about Flash. Just let them know you’re going to deliver a Flash-based course.

Seven Things I Learned This Year

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Flash may Die and HTML 5 is Going to be Big 2010 opened my eyes are Flash and HTML 5. I really think that 2010 marks the Beginning of Long Slow Death of Flash. 6) iPad (5) SkillSoft (2) Social Learning (15) Virtual Classroom (5) ASTD (8) eLearningGuild (2) And here were my top posts based on social signals.

Learning Management Systems Flash Technology - Best of eLearning Learning

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Adobe FlashTutorials - MinuteBio , July 24, 2009 I have been deep into numerous Flash projects. Some are WBT’s that contain Flash interactions, others are entire courses made in Flash. For some, I am delving beyond my current knowledge of Flash Actionscript. Thus, I have been visiting many Flash tutorials. “I Facebook Applications for Learning - 2009 - ASTD , July 18, 2009. Flash (13). Best of eLearning Learning. July 17, 2009 to July 24, 2009.

Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


In case you are interested to master this emerging standard, here is a course from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) that is specifically designed for e-learning professionals: • [link].

Are You Getting the Most Value Out of Your Rapid E-Learning Tools?

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I use PowerPoint to edit my graphics, create illustrations, videos, and Flash movies. Use PowerPoint to Build Flash Movies & Illustrations. In a previous post I mentioned that the PowerPoint-to-Flash tools convert your slides to Flash movies.

E-Learning: An Impossible Dream?

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You see in Linkedin groups – go check out the ASTD Linkedin group and see how many times they focus on ILT vs WBT. Until a few years ago, ASTD didn’t offer a standalone E-Learning conference, yet e-learning has been around for more than a dozen years. ASTD is not the only ones. If you have a computer that is at least from 2000 and can make sure the Flash version and Adobe reader version you need is on the computer, it will work.

Camtasia Studio vs Adobe Presenter: Working with PowerPoint Presentations

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Using Camtasia, you can add callouts, images, audio, Flash hotspots, animations, and even a quiz.). We've teamed up with  ASTD  and offer a  live, full-day class  on that program too. by Kevin Siegel       If you have already created a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, it's very easy to re-purpose the presentation as eLearning content using either TechSmith Camtasia Studio or Adobe Presenter.

Tony Bingham #ASTDL20 keynote

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Today I’m at ASTD’s New England Regional Conference: Learning 2.0 These are my live blogged notes from the opening keynote with Tony Bingham, CEO and President of ASTD. Now that’s marketing… The groundswell is not a flash in a pan – it’s a different way for people to relate to companies and each other. Don’t get left behind in lovely Westford, MA. Conference Board research from 2009: CEO challenges “how do we stay afloat?”

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Help, I have an Instructional Design Master's Degree and I Can't Create E-Learning

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This month's ASTD Big Question relates to a person who graduated from a theory-only program in Instructional Design and was not provided with the experience of actually creating instruction using any of the latest tools. Go to YouTube and search for "Learn Flash."

M-Learning 101: I’ll Take My Rapid E-Learning to Go

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Android devices play your current Flash content. Before you spend a lot of time reworking your current content it’s important to know that the Android devices and most non-Apple tablets already play your current Flash content. From there you can play your Flash content.

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Tony Bingham Opening Session #ASTDTK12

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These are my live blogged notes from the opening session at ASTD’s TK12 in Las Vegas. This is not a flash in the pan. 2012 is the year of collaboration. Why now? Opening video produced by video – Search on in 2011 – the year in review. 2011 was the year of…” – go Google it and watch it. Q4 2010 smart phones outsold computers. Sharing lots of stats…800,000,000 on Facebook, iphone sales, tablet sales, etc.

Make Sure Your E-Learning Course Looks the Way It’s Supposed To

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For example, if you’re working with a rapid elearning tool and they’re showing you something that has to be custom programmed in Flash, it’s good to know this before you invest too much time on the project. June 8: Philadelphia, PA (ASTD)— How to Cultivate Communities of Practice.

Take A Leap Of Faith With Mobile Learning

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Interestingly, these statistics are only marginally better than those reported by ASTD for the US market in May 2012. This article was originally published in Learning Technologies 2013’s special show guide issue.

Do You Know the Answers to These Rapid E-Learning Questions?

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So it tends to be easier to just do a simple conversion to Flash than to spend time thinking how to craft an experience better suited for elearning. If you have Flash programmers on staff, this frees them up to fully utilize their Flash skills. April 17 : Virginia ( SEVA ASTD ).

ATD2015 Conference Post – Review

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In all the years I have attended and have known about ATD (formally ASTD), this year is by far the most in terms of e-learning vendors, especially those in the LMS space. Works only in Flash at the moment, so forget about seeing those courses on any iOS device. But they are going to launch their newest game course this summer and it will be HTML5, then at some point they will go back and change the Flash courses to HTML5 courses. Well hello there!