How to Find Free PowerPoint E-Learning Templates

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I have mixed feelings about templates. On one hand templates are great because they help guide the production process and maintain consistency. On the other hand, it’s easy to become too reliant on templates. And then the other challenge is weeding through thousands of templates.

Another Free PowerPoint Template & Learning Interaction

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Here’s a template I created for a recent workshop on how to create an exploratory learning interaction. Since it uses a similar style to this previous template , the two learning interactions can be combined. Free template: PowerPoint learning interaction.

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Michael Allen – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


It makes more complex interactivity affordable and frees authors from the restrictions of templates. Learnnovators: Our hearty congratulations to you on being awarded: The ASTD’s Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Performance Award (2011). In our webinars, workshops, presentations, and publications, we quite publicly share what we do and how we do it. ABOUT Dr. MICHAEL W. ALLEN (CEO and Chairman, Allen Interactions Inc.).

How to Build an E-Learning Template in 30 Seconds

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This post on how to build an elearning template offers some good tips on where to look. I noted those areas that I could incorporate into an elearning course template. Building the template didn’t take too long. Here are the steps to create an elearning template in 30 seconds.


Here’s a Bucketful of Free Office Themed E-Learning Templates & Media Assets

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With that said, sometimes you can get away with a pre-built template. A good example is with office-themed templates. Here are some free office-themed templates and assets. New Multi-Layout Overhead Office Template. Office template: download.

5 PowerPoint E-Learning Tips & A Free Template

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One of the topics we cover in the elearning workshops is how to quickly create templates to help move the elearning courses out of that PowerPoint look. At a previous workshop someone wanted to see how this was done so we created one quickly in class. Hope you enjoy the template.


How to Build an E-Learning Template with No Money Down

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I call it the “quick template” technique. It’s a trick I share in many of my workshops. How to Create an E-Learning Template. How do they work the logo or branded images into the template? Once I review the site and make notes on what I can use, I assemble the template.


Over 40 Rapid E-Learning Posts with Free PowerPoint Templates & E-Learning Assets

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Because it was so popular I decided to make another post that highlights all the ones that include free PowerPoint templates or other free assets. Be sure to take advantage of the free templates & assets in the elearning community , too. Here’s a Free PowerPoint E-Learning Template.


Use This Free E-Learning Template to Inspire Your Next M-Learning Course

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The first is this would make a good elearning template. Since many people are used to clicking applications on their mobile device screens, create a template that looks like a mobile device screen. Free PowerPoint Template. You can download the template here.

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Here’s a Free PowerPoint Template & Font

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The general layout of their site would make a great elearning template. As you know, I like to use sites like this as inspiration to show how easy it is to create PowerPoint elearning templates. So I thought I’d make a template inspired by their site and then share a few tips. Free PowerPoint Template. The template has six different layouts. Also, feel free to modify the template as you wish. Here’s the link to download the free PowerPoint template.


Celebrate the End of Summer with This Free PowerPoint E-Learning Template

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That means one less day to create elearning templates. To help you relax and enjoy the last few days of summer, I’ve included a free tab-themed elearning template. Glassy Blue Template. Click here to view the demo template. See the template in action here.

A Year’s Worth of Free E-Learning Assets

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Free E-Learning Templates. Here’s a Noteworthy PowerPoint Template (and It’s Free!). Here’s a Free PowerPoint Template & Font. Use This Free E-Learning Template to Inspire Your Next M-Learning Course. 5 Free PowerPoint E-Learning Templates. Louis (ASTD).


Here’s a Free PowerPoint Template & Laptop Illustration

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Tidbits: Here’s a list of upcoming conferences and presentations: September 15 : Lincoln, NE (ASTD)— Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro. $80 80 for an all day workshop is a good value and worth the trip if you’re close to Nebraska. October 25: Baton Rouge, LA (ASTD)—Webinar.


25 More Free Display Graphics for Your E-Learning Courses

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Recently, community member Efrat Maor shared a bunch of displays and free PowerPoint templates that she created. Download the PowerPoint template here. Hope you enjoy the free graphics and PowerPoint templates. Doing a pre-conference workshop and presentation at the conference.


3 Ways to Make Your E-Learning Course Look Like a Comic Book

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Here’s an example I shared in this blog post on using Clip Art to create your elearning template. Tutorial : this tutorial walks through the template and shows a few production tips. Instead of building the layouts on the master template, build them on the slides.

The Most Practical Rapid E-Learning Tips from 2012

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5 Free PowerPoint E-Learning Templates. Here’s a Bucketful of Free Office Themed E-Learning Templates & Media Assets. Celebrate the End of Summer with This Free PowerPoint E-Learning Template. 5 PowerPoint E-Learning Tips & A Free Template.

The Next Generation of E-Learning

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One of the best things about Storyline is the ability to share slides and templates with other Storyline authors. I’ve even converted a few of the free PowerPoint templates to Storyline templates. And feel free to download the trial and use the free templates to test it out.


The Guiding Principle for all Rapid E-Learners

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And it has some visual design that usually comes from a template with specific colors, schemes, and fonts. Also added some details for the Boston workshops. July 18: Knoxville, TN ( Smoky Mountain ASTD ). July 25: Portland, OR (ASTD). July 31: Austin, TX (ASTD).

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How Can Infographics Produce Better E-Learning Courses?

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They’re not any different than what you normally see in a PowerPoint slide template. They may even inspire some template and layout ideas. I also recommend the visual design mind mapping exercise we do in our workshops. April 10 : Jacksonville, FL ( NEFL ASTD ).


More Than 30 PowerPoint Tips from the PowerPoint Pros!

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More Resources and Free Templates. Free PowerPoint Templates. Templates from the PowerPoint team. Templates from the Rapid E-Learning Blog. Free templates & downloads from the E-Learning Heroes community. Microsoft’s PowerPoint Templates.

9 Time Saving Tips When Building Courses

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At a recent workshop I was chatting with someone about simple ways to speed up course design. 8 Time Saving Tips: Build Template Slides. However the core features and functionality can be established upfront and then saved as a template slide. Upcoming Events & Workshops.

Quit Wasting Time Trying to Find the Right Look for Your E-Learning Courses

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They usually start with a nice looking template and then as they build the course they’ll add images that represent the content on the screen. For example, in our workshops we use this demo of the Hoh Rain Forest. We actually go into it quite a bit in the workshops I do.

More Answers to Your E-Learning Questions

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I’ve just finished a number of workshops and capped it off with a session at Devlearn. At a workshop in Portland, Mike went outside and shot some video with his smart phone and then built this quick demo to show easy it is to build interactive video courses.


10 Tips to Help You Get Started

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E-Learning Heroes Community : tutorials, PowerPoint templates, and free downloads. Templates are great for this. You can create templates to guide the look and feel as well as templates that help guide the interactive components. October 25: Baton Rouge, LA (ASTD)—Webinar.

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15 Free Display Graphics to Use with Your E-Learning Courses

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You can download many of these templates (and more) from the E-Learning Heroes community. If you’d like me to come to your area, the best bet is to connect with a group like your local ISPI or ASTD chapter and have them contact me.


Here’s Some Background Information for Your Next E-Learning Course

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During the year I conduct dozens of elearning workshops. I dedicate a large part of the workshop to graphic design because based on what I see, it’s an area that challenges many elearning developers. Contextually it’s a better fit with the content than the template.

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Three Ways That These 70 Rapid E-Learning Tips Will Help You Build Better Courses

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You can also download a PowerPoint template. August 16 : Atlanta, GA—ASTD: I’ll be doing two sessions, a pre-conference workshop on elearning (3 hours) and the other on elearning graphics. 149 for the workshop and the conference seems to be a fair price.


How to Create an Interactive PowerPoint Elearning Module

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In addition, the download can be used as a template. In this template I have two layouts. In this template, I added the image of the four people on the master slide. If you’re interested in a workshop in your area, have your local ISPI or ASTD chapter contact me.

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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Read and subscribe to as many blogs, newsletters and Podcasts on mLearning as possible, attend conferences, webinars and workshops whenever you can. Here''s a recent Keynote Presentation I delivered for ASTD Houston: [link]. 2012 has been an amazing year for mobile!

5 Tips to Make Rapid E-Learning Interactive

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Build a templated scenario and it’s just a matter of swapping the character and backgrounds images to go from one type of scene to another. Download: free PowerPoint template and practice file. August 30 : Honolulu, HI ( ASTD Hawaii ). Rapid E-Learning Workshop.

Four Essential Tips for the Rapid E-Learning Pro

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In last week’s post I shared a simple elearning template that I built in PowerPoint. I got a lot of questions about how to work with the template and make customizations. When I create the templates for the blog, I usually use the default “Office” color scheme to keep things simple.

An Easy Way to Build Branched Scenarios for E-Learning

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There are a few different ways I use the 3C model to template the interactive scenarios. July 25: Portland, OR (ASTD). July 31: Austin, TX (ASTD). I’ll be in town for business so the Austin ASTD is hosting a free Articulate jam session. Rapid E-Learning Design Workshop.


3 Simple Ways to Find the Resources You Need to Build E-Learning Courses

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Now that the elearning community is complete, I’ve been moving old demos and templates over to the site. Let’s be honest, many of the free PowerPoint templates that come with PowerPoint don’t really work for our courses. Break apart the free PowerPoint templates & examples.

Here’s an Inexpensive Way to Build a Library of E-Learning Assets

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Templates (usually WordPress). Take a close look at the blog templates even if you don’t need them for blogging. Instead of using the template for a blog site, pull out all of the graphics and use them to build your own elearning template. Louis (ASTD).

Want to Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro? Then Check Out All of These PowerPoint Tips

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But every time I do a workshop, I’m reminded that what may be old to me is often new to others. How to Build an E-Learning Template with No Money Down. How to Find Free PowerPoint E-Learning Templates. Here are the rest of my workshops for 2012.


7 Free Handwritten Fonts for Your E-Learning Courses

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Permanent Marker This works great with the display templates that you can download in the elearning community. If you’re interested in a workshop in your area, have your local ISPI or ASTD chapter contact me. I like to use handwritten fonts in my courses.


7 Secrets to Getting the Graphics You Need for Rapid E-Learning

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Rapid E-Learning Workshop: How to Create a Tabbed Notebook. Create E-Learning Templates With a Consistent Clip Art Style. Here’s a post that offers more detail and a free PowerPoint template. October 25: Baton Rouge, LA (ASTD)—Webinar.