Learning and Development Glossary

Petra Mayer

Asynchronous Learning. Bloom’s Taxonomy. It is a classification system of power verbs that helps define and distinguish the phases of human cognition. From Cloud to Scorm, to Authoring tool to Microlearning – eLearning has become a full-fledged industry.

How to Effectively Shift to Online Teaching: The Ultimate Guide

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By humanizing your content and leveraging the benefits of asynchronous communication and learning, you can create courses that are as effective — or even more effective — as face-to-face learning. – Synchronous vs. asynchronous learning – What makes a quality online course?

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Theory-informed design tips

E-Learning Provocateur

In my previous article , I proposed a Taxonomy of Learning Theories to organise a few of the myriad of theories into some semblance of order, and to assist instructional designers in using theory to inform their work. In other words, assist the learner to link the new knowledge to the relevant point in their existing cognitive structure, and to construct high-level cognitive branches within which to fill the detail. The forum may be synchronous or asynchronous, or both.

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How to Build the Best WordPress LMS Websites For Clients for Maximum Fun and Profit through Effective Visual Communication with Vito Peleg from WP FeedBack


Giving those visual stimulations is a lot stronger than telling them, “Listen, we’re going to have a home page and we’ll three custom post types with two taxonomies and it’s going to have five categories in each.”

I don’t want “to understand” in my learning objectives

From the Coleface

Much of the literature about learning objectives talks about Bloom’s taxonomy. I’ll sidestep talking about its pros and cons in corporate learning, but the cognitive domain level 2 talks about comprehension/understanding. Learning objectives are core tools of the trade in learning design.