3 LMS Must-Have’s to Support Synchronous eLearning


With all of this flexibility and the ability to cater to each learner’s preferred learning style, most e-learning course strategies are divided into what is known as synchronous and asynchronous learning categories. The most successful e-learning courses create a combination that incorporates the use of both synchronous and asynchronous learning methods. Which LMS Features are the Most Important for Supporting Synchronous eLearning?

The 3 Ps For Effective Courses!


Trainers have several roles and responsibilities in the eLearning environment. Apart from this valuable trait, there are the famous 3 Ps that need to be implemented for an effective eLearning course. The online trainer functions have been the pinnacle of debate for the past two decades. Every eLearning researcher has come up with timely functionalities and roles to be executed by the trainer. People: People are the first layer of an eLearning environment.

LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers

Tony Karrer

An LMS is a big, expensive tool that takes quite a bit of work and is generally harder than you think it's going to be when you start out. Tools for On-Demand Information - An LMS? WBT Manager Integrity eLearning 1 6.90 Pinnacle Learning Manage. Update, Nov.