9 tips for successfully including peer collaboration in an online course

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Many of our clients run successful collaborative eWorkshops (mostly asynchronous, so no or few webinars ). Asynchronous collaboration often goes deeper. Few people copy other people’s contributions when they work in open environments where there is a strong feeling of trust and partnership. Working with a partner (‘buddy’) or small teams of 3-4 people doesn’t work in asynchronous environments.

How a few easy tweaks can improve your online icebreakers

The eLearning Nomad

It’s a crucial week as well as we establish a feeling of safety and trust. Quite the contrary – it is a time for bonding and building trust with strangers. Although some e-facilitators have a more hands-off approach, I believe it really helps the trust building process when e-facilitators fully participate in the icebreaker activity.

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How a few easy tweaks can improve your online icebreakers

The eLearning Nomad

It’s a crucial week as we bring about a feeling of safety and trust. Quite the contrary – it is a time for bonding and building trust with strangers. Although some e-facilitators have a more hands-off approach, I believe it really helps the trust building process when e-facilitators fully participate in the icebreaker activity.

In response to The importance of being synchronous

ID Reflections

I will reiterate the focus of the post here just to keep myself on track: asynchronous communication is not the focus of this blog, so we’d better find some equivalent arguments to justify communicating in real-time, when we don’t usually have a record of what is said and done, when all participants have to be available at the same time, when communication has to be spontaneous, when the pacing is inflexible and when there is no rewind button.

Asynch, Synch.And the Winner is?

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The key though is inherently tied to the two types of e-learning: asynchronous based learning and synchronous based learning. While this person can continue to add things (files, etc.) – the chunk is placed in there – and trust me, it is not a quick thing to do – it takes considerable time. It is not a web based training course, because if you were to take a deep dive at WBT, you will see it aligns more with something called Asynchronous Based Learning.

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Dos and Don’ts of Hosting a Virtual Sales Meeting


Using interactive learning platforms, peer-to-peer networking, and asynchronous video technology to deliver the information your sellers need, in the most engaging way possible, is a great place to start. Do mix asynchronous content with live sessions.

How to Run Effective Group Projects in Online Education


The biggest problems with group projects boil down to trust and accountability. Synchronous vs. Asynchronous communication. So, while asynchronous communication tools (such as email or community forums) can provide flexibility for members to respond when it is most convenient for them, synchronous communication (live chat, video conferencing) helps groups stay on the same page. Group projects help prepare learners for the real work environments, but they’re hard to organize.

What is Distance Learning? Definitions, Examples & More


Online educational tools allow students and instructors to interact synchronously or asynchronously and give endless training opportunities with distance learning courses or hybrid courses. Experiences in a well-trusted LMS may include study guides and self-paced assignments, video lectures, audio recordings, videoconferencing, interactive learning objects, and live chat with fellow students or asynchronous discussions. Most e-learning programs are asynchronous.

Working virtually

Clark Quinn

In both endeavors, there’s trust. In both cases, we’re using Slack as the primary tool for asynchronous communications. Of late, I’ve been involved in two separate initiatives that are distributed, one nationally, one internationally. And, as with some other endeavors, I’ve been using some tools to make this work. And, finally, it really really is. I’m finding it extraordinarily productive to be working virtually.

Doist’s Fadeke Adegbuyi on training a completely remote workforce on productivity


Opt for asynchronous communication. Companies should promote deep work and focus by opting for asynchronous communication tools, like Twist. Regularly assess calendars for recurring meetings that may be unnecessary and replace status meeting updates with asynchronous updates instead. Default to trust and give your employees the space to exceed your expectations. Think your productivity game is strong? Think again.

When and How To Move Leadership Training Online


To support learners in an asynchronous environment, the learning design needs to include milestones and clear completion requirements. Including interactive touch-points and other check-ins can also contribute to a heavily asynchronous program’s success. Only within environments of trust can emerging leaders give and receive the authentic, supportive feedback required to identify personal leadership blind spots.

Picture This: Selfie Videos Can Help You Master Virtual Selling


Video is an effective and considerate way to communicate that lets prospects view your message on their own time, asynchronously, when they’re not jumping from call to call or juggling other work and family demands. When was the last time you recorded a selfie video? On vacation?

LearnTrends: Extending Learning to the Edges of Organizations

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They use it asynchronously too. Most work gets done based on trust–you trust that your manager won’t undermine you, your manager trusts you to do your job. Live blogged notes from Extending Learning to the Edges of Organizations with Charles Jennings & Andy McGovern. My side comments are in italics.

Training a Remote Workforce via eLearning: Challenges and Options


Companies spend a lot of time and effort in fostering mutual trust among employees and building a work culture and in line with their core values. They serve to keep employees in good cheer, gain each other’s trust and build a working rapport.

What Is “Online Learning” And How to Do It Quickly and Easily During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Convergence Training

More on Blending: Think about Synchronous and Asynchronous. When you’re thinking about creating that blended learning solutions, remember to give thought to the issue of synchronous and asynchronous learning. And use asynchronous online learning activities, such as a PDF, a video, a recorded webinar, or an elearning course, when there’s no real benefit for getting together to learn. Recorded webinars fit into the asynchronous bucket that we mentioned earlier.

Getting Learners to Collaborate in a Virtual Learning Environment


Asynchronous Forums. Online classes must allow enough time for learners to build a good working rapport, gain each others’ trust, share their knowledge, and support one another through d group activities to emerge successfully.

Personality style has impacts on how we cope with remote work

CLO Magazine

Use multiple communication channels including asynchronous (e.g., This necessitates that the manager and direct report relationship is built on mutual trust given the absence of close working proximity.

How to Effectively Shift to Online Teaching: The Ultimate Guide

TechSmith Camtasia

By humanizing your content and leveraging the benefits of asynchronous communication and learning, you can create courses that are as effective — or even more effective — as face-to-face learning. – Synchronous vs. asynchronous learning – What makes a quality online course? Benefits of humanized online learning: Creates a sense of trust and community. And one of the keys to that is asynchronous learning. Synchronous vs. asynchronous learning.

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Free L&D webinars for October 2020

Limestone Learning

Organizations need to balance a learning design strategy that’s both bite-sized and relevant; individualized yet rooted in community and collaboration; asynchronous and synchronous while coherent and engaging. Salespeople are keenly aware that trust is the fuel that generates each transaction.

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TCC09: The Tao of Online Facilitation

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The presentation also shows how these principles complement the following adult education theories: constructivism, andragogy, cognitive economy, and asynchronous learning. Wu-wei is not doing nothing; it’s trusting the flow of energy and going with it rather than trying to control it. The Tao and Asynchronous Learning: Keep the energy flowing 24/7; use diverse energy sources at different times and rates. Ying Yang. Liveblogged from the TCC 2009 conference.

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10 Social Media Rebuttals

Clark Quinn

Employees can’t be trusted. Either they can be trusted, or they can’t (and if they can’t, you’ve failed, not them). Social media tools are asynchronous as well as synchronous, so work can continue as needed. Jane Hart posted a tongue-in-cheek video by Ron Desi of 10 reasons why you should not have social media in the organization, and is collecting rebuttals.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | April 5, 2019

Mike Taylor

Communities are just-in-time learning mechanisms—they’re containers of trust that scale beyond individual relationships.” – Rachel Happe ( @rhappe ) That’s why it’s so important for us as learning leaders to be intentional and cultivate these within our organizations. Twist is an asynchronous communication tool that givespeople who don’t like Slack a different option to try. “To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” -Lao

2014 – The Year In Review


Learnosphere supports both the self-paced (asynchronous) and facilitated (synchronous, via web conferencing and social features) modes of learning, thereby providing a comprehensive learning experience to users. Strive to become and remain a trusted Thought Partner for our clients. 2014 has been a wonderful year for us, because it was replete with LEARNNOVATIONS (learning innovations).

A Look Back at 2020 for E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Synchronous based learning is ineffective – yet a main approach with EdTech, whereas asynchronous is far better, and widely used in Corporate. . If you are going this route for your customers, trust me, there are far better options. .

The Effective Blended Learning Strategy


Not only do you benefit from the implementation of a synchronous learning strategy, but also you have the chance to benefit from “go at your own pace” techniques that are part of an asynchronous learning strategy. The best place to begin is by deciding which parts of the course will be synchronous/live and which parts will be asynchronous/online. Advice instructors and facilitators to respond within 24 – 48 hours to maintain the learners’ trust.

CEO Yuchun Lee on Leadership in Learning


Above and beyond traditional learning, employees need two things: the latest and most relevant content from trusted sources and an efficient, low-friction way to collaborate. There should also be processes to help sales managers coach their reps more efficiently, virtually, and asynchronously by reviewing sales calls and reps’ own recordings to provide feedback.

TCC09: Wikis that Work: Effective Wiki Practices for Virtual Learning Communities

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They effectively managed issues of trust, workload, and learning within their social network. Lecture videos, readings, participation, asynchronous discussions. Wiki Wiki. Liveblogged notes from the TCC online conference. My notes in italics. In this session, we will share a collaborative wiki created by a self-organized, self-managed group of online graduate students.

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Online training in empathic mode


An empathic pedagogy has been shown to benefit feelings of trust, enjoyment of study, motivation and engagement in learning, the development and strengthening of a bond between teacher and learners, the creation of a positive learning environment, the development of a sense of belonging to the group, the valuing of learning, and educational success.

Team Q&A: Ryan Macpherson


As a newly made dad, Ryan still took the time between feeding schedules and business calls to tell us what it means to be a great leader (spoiler: it’s all about trusting your team). The rise of social learning and platform asynchronicity and integrations is playing a part in creating knowledge sharing that is much more powerful when it is set free at all levels of the organisation and I love that we are helping to drive that shift through Coassemble (Sorry L&D)… 3.

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Flip your classroom: The benefits & challenges of the flipped classroom approach in enterprise learning


Flipped courses provide lectures and other informational material for learners to consume on their own time , via asynchronous self-study content, video-on-demand, or other similar means. Unlike a traditional, classroom-centric course, or a purely distance-learning program, the flipped classroom approach is a blended learning technique that marries the best of synchronous and asynchronous teaching approaches. 2) Overly reliant on student trust.

Converting Live Workshops to an Online Course (Part II)

Web Courseworks

I trust you can Google "Bloom’s Taxonomy," so for the sake of brevity, let’s just use William Horton’s abbreviated version: Absorb, Do, Connect. I also use an example from Magna Publications, a publisher that developed and markets a completely asynchronous three-hour workshop on campus safety for administrators and professors (Campus Safety 101).

What are the Hidden Advantages of Hiring Relaunchers?


Here are a few elements of successful reentry internships: Skills and Competency Assessments : relaunchers are likely to have asynchronous skill sets, where they have well-developed communications skills, for example, but lack awareness of some of the communications tools you use. Mentorship and Informal Guidance : Some things are best learned from a trusted colleague.

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Navigating the New Normal: Advice from Degreed Clients | Ford


Melanie: This has been a great opportunity for the entire team to go from the conceptual idea of virtual and asynchronous learning to the actual necessity of it. ” So what does it look like when we really need to extend trust to our learners? As Ford works on its aspiration of being the most trusted company, what better way to do that than by trusting our employees with their own learning? Degreed: Can we talk a little bit more about trusting your people?



Learnosphere supports both the self-paced (asynchronous) and facilitated (synchronous, via web conferencing and social features) modes of learning, thereby providing a comprehensive learning experience to users. Strive to become and remain a trusted Thought Partner for our clients. 2014 has been a wonderful year for us, because it was replete with LEARNNOVATIONS (learning innovations).

Free L&D webinars for May 2020

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Web-conferencing tools like Zoom and WebEx and individual asynchronous elearning solutions offer enormous potential for the creation and deployment of accessible and effective alternatives to Instructor-Led Training (ILT). Assess the challenges and considerations in choosing learning solutions such as virtual classroom training (VILT), asynchronous elearning training solutions and even blended learning. Gain trust and bond with managers by providing solutions to their pain.

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MOOCs in the Workplace and Heutagogy

ID Reflections

MOOCs can thus be a happy blend of the offline and the online, the synchronous and asynchronous, and offer a complete course for those who wish to take it but does not stop anyone from dropping in and out of the course as well.

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Microlearning under the Microscope: How to Incorporate Microlearning into Online Training


Sharing builds organizational trust and collaboration. Merge synchronous and asynchronous training methods to create a knowledgeable, engaged workforce. Microlearning generally involves dissecting learning into “microscopic” learning bursts (typically 2-10 minutes each). Supporters say microlearning matches human brain processing capabilities, combating learner boredom, disengagement, and poor retention.

ELearning showing purposeful evolution


The eLearning space is alive and changing, with new tech developments being added to the core capabilities of asynchronous classes and content that can be distributed and updated online. To gain the corporate trust and funds they need to rebuild training programs in a digital mold, they will need to state emphatically what eLearning can do for their respective companies. ELearning showing purposeful evolution.

What Is Learning Management System, Its Features, And Advantages Of Using LMS


By using an LMS, you can provide an excellent customer training experience so that they will continue to trust your brand and become your advocates. Your LMS must also support both synchronous and asynchronous learning and combine both online and offline learning combined in a learning path.

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Online training practices destined to increase employee productivity


The key characteristic of online training is that it is flexible and asynchronous. In fact, by embracing asynchronous online learning, you also avoid the hit in your company’s productivity that would have come from having employees take time off work to attend a training class, as well as the negative effects that would have in your daily workflows. Increased productivity has been a constant goal for modern economies ever since the early days of the Industrial Revolution.