Five steps to successfully onboard employees with Confluence and EduBrite


Add Gilly in Atlassian Confluence to integrate it with EduBrite Learning Management System and create a cost effective employee on boarding training program. Atlassian Confluence Employee Training Learning and Development Learning Management System Learning Learning Management system

Integrate Jira Service Desk, Confluence and EduBrite LMS for effective Customer Support


Atlassian Confluence Best Practices e-Learning Employee Training Integration Jira Service Desk Learning and Development Learning Management System Microlearning Uncategorized Customer Success Customer Support Helpdesk ITSMEduBrite's app for Jira Service Desk integrates LMS search, Customer's training history, Training recommendations and Training Dashboard.

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Work Out Loud – Don’t Just Share What You Did

Nick Leffler

Another great example is Atlassian who collects data and talks directly from customers while giving them a view of the products and modifications they’re developing. The beautification of consumer software has finally made its ways into newer enterprise software and will have a profound effect on all industries. Enterprise Learning Atlassian Buffer Enterprise Social Network Enterprise Software Social Udemy WOL Work Out Loud

7 Innovative Ideas to Enhance Workforce Effectiveness


We’d advise you to say no to meetings simply, but unfortunately, they are one of the most effective ways of getting things done at work. According to Atlassian , these unproductive meetings can take up more than 30 hours of the time an average employee spends at work!

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No-Nonsense Employee Training: The Best Articles of This Week

How Atlassian Implemented a Culture of Innovation and Continuous Improvement. This article describes very clearly the steps that Atlassian took and even provides a link to their “playbook,” a set of principles that guide their operational processes.

Chairperson’s Report from Corporate Learning Week


Brands, Edward Jones, and smaller successful former startups, such as Credit Karma, Atlassian, and Okta. We had a good session from BJ Schone of Atlassian (itself a great technology company, serving software development teams within organizations).

Learning, by the People, for the People


Learner-centric” practices are at the heart of what more effective organizations deliver in their learning. Want to hear more about how organizations such as Intel and Atlassian are embracing the consumer mindset?

Experimental Learning Through Cultural Immersion

CLO Magazine

The numbers in Atlassian’s “State of Diversity and Inclusion in U.S. This leads to the phenomenon Atlassian uncovered among tech workers: Employees don’t think there’s a problem because they’re not close enough to the problem to see it.

Get Employee Onboarding Right


Create a balanced, effective onboarding program. The most effective onboarding programs incorporate three key success factors to engage and empower new hires from the start. The typical new hire process.

The 2-Word HR Lesson United Airlines Taught Us

Training Industry

Look at the large SaaS companies that have gone public in the last five years – including Box, Atlassian, Twilio and Coupa Software. Effective mobilization requires buy-in at the executive level. United Airlines had a challenging week. First, a video went viral of a passenger being dragged off the plane. CEO Oscar Munoz apologized for “having to re-accommodate. customers.” Then, in the face of a looming lawsuit, he issued multiple additional apologies.

Design Thinking for the Modern Workforce


This got everyone really excited about their work and it had a trickle down effect. Atlassian is a great example of a company that has seen the positive impact of design thinking across all facets of its organization.

Top 25 Training Topics for Small Business Employees

Simple steps, such as greeting a client when they walk into your business, replacing, “we don’t do that” with “here’s how we can help,” and following clear, effective escalation paths will improve your customer experience. Atlassian recently estimated that U.S.

Building a Learning Culture


Last month, Everwise hosted a webinar on “Building a Learning Culture” with Jeff Diana, the former Chief People Officer of Atlassian & SuccessFactors. Do you have the tools in place to effectively collaborate?

Profile of a modern learner in 2018 [infographic]


And, on top of that, we are interrupted around 56 times a day ( Atlassian). Collaboration and knowledge sharing takes silver, and is probably no surprise as learning from and with others is natural, and highly effective. Atlassian: Stop wasting time at work.