5 training articles we’re falling hard for this autumn season


Here are the top five we’re falling hard for: “ Are You Developing Skills That Won’t Be Automated? ” — This Harvard Business Review article written by Stephen Kosslyn, psychologist and CEO of Foundry College explores what learning skills knowledge workers should focus on that cannot be automated by machine learning or robots. — Be sure to bookmark Atlassian’s Work Life blog.

eLearning Host List February

Tony Karrer

Using various social signals we came up with the following as being the hot items during February 2009 via eLearning Learning. You can find a bit more on this capability in the post Hot List. Enjoy. Top Posts and other Items The ‘Least Assistance’ Principle eLearning is not the answer Multi-Generational Learning in the Workplace Here’s How I Built That PowerPoint E-Learning Template Informal learning - what is it? What Goes in the LMS?