Remote control: Six articles to help you work effectively from home


So, while buzzwords like “machine learning” and “zero trust security” typically dominate headlines, the hot phrase now is remote-working. 7 secrets of successful remote IT teams (CIO) – From organizational insight to security measures, John Edwards offers 7 simple tips to get everybody working collaboratively and effectively, no matter where they’re located. Our partner, Atlassian, offers some useful best practices for working at home with kids.

Experiential Learning Through Cultural Immersion

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The numbers in Atlassian’s “State of Diversity and Inclusion in U.S. Ultimately, creating inclusive environments that foster diversity comes down to understanding and appreciating individuals as full-fledged people rather than categories, which leads teams to support and fight for equity in ways that combat fatigue. The more employees collaborate across differences and cultural divides, the more trust and appreciation they build.


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Learning, by the People, for the People


” And [the management team] said, ‘Well, I have this trusted third party I go to or I do a Google search.’ Learning teams that are aligned with and meeting expectations of the larger organization empower “always-on learning, and a culture of exploration and discussion to enable continuous invention1.”. Want to hear more about how organizations such as Intel and Atlassian are embracing the consumer mindset?

7 Innovative Ideas to Enhance Workforce Effectiveness


62% said that meetings are not efficient enough to bring the team closer. According to Atlassian , these unproductive meetings can take up more than 30 hours of the time an average employee spends at work! Imagine, the core products or services that your organization deals with require lots of updation and software improvement and your core operations team is on it. But then you need to train your sales team to get them accustomed to the newness of the products.

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The 2-Word HR Lesson United Airlines Taught Us

Training Industry

When I hired my VP of product, I made him own customer success because I felt I couldn't trust his product roadmap unless he had full transparency into how our customers were using our product.” Look at the large SaaS companies that have gone public in the last five years – including Box, Atlassian, Twilio and Coupa Software. In Totango’s 2016 Customer Success Salary Survey & State of the Profession Report, 75 percent of companies reported teams younger than three years.

Get Employee Onboarding Right


And not having a longer-term, structured onboarding program puts the onus on managers without equipping them to get their new team members up to speed. Continuing onboarding until full productivity is achieved, which often takes 6 months, helps new team members gradually come up to speed without overwhelming them in the beginning. Help new hires develop accountability and trust by giving them a voice in establishing, measuring and reporting on onboarding goals.

Building a Learning Culture


Last month, Everwise hosted a webinar on “Building a Learning Culture” with Jeff Diana, the former Chief People Officer of Atlassian & SuccessFactors. Diana compares laying the groundwork for a culture of learning to properly equipping your sales team with the tools to crush their numbers. No leader wants to be at the helm of a culture or a team that isn’t deemed healthy and something they can be proud of leading.”.