This Week on #TalkTech: Going All Digital, Privacy Issues, and Automatic Content Recognition

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Will technology make privacy a thing of the past? He suggests that “privacy may actually be an anomaly.” Well the concept isn’t new, but the expectations are—the idea that privacy is a right. #TalkTech is the “flipped” approach to Twitter chats.

How to Choose the Best Games for Your e-Learning Courses


Grab learners’ attention and keep them engaged with dynamic, interactive games in your online e-Learning courses. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA. Lectora Online - EU. ReviewLink. CourseMill LMS. Community Forum. Products. Authoring Tools.

Should You Use Social Media in Your Course?


Privacy concerns. Does social media infringe on your privacy, or that of your learners? Social media users have different ranges of comfort when it comes to their privacy and the degree to which they want to share personal details online. Others take their privacy seriously, are selective in whose friend requests they will select, and allow some posts to be seen only by certain defined groups.

It’s Already on Your Permanent Record

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“Do people want privacy?” In the first case, when individuals are splashing their “moments,” updates, preferences and all manner of information in prose and video across social media, the privacy regulations become almost silly. Like Musk, I believe privacy is gone.

How Data Analytics Helps Boosting Your E-Learning Experience


From comparing learners’ performance and administering appropriate attention to setting test benchmarks, analytics is fundamental in learning mechanisms. In addition, managing data privacy is also a big concern. Whitepaper on Analytics in Learning.

What You Need to Know: GDPR & xAPI


Find out more as we explain everything you need to know about this important set of privacy regulations. What about xAPI and data privacy? The Privacy Shield framework was designed by the U.S.

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Open Office, Work Culture, and Productivity

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Jason Feifer: I witness an inability to concentrate, lack of privacy, and absent sense of ownership--which is a problem given that I occupy this space for the bulk of my waking hours.

The shift in how software and hardware is being built

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Top AI talent will also come from those companies too ( I wish I paid attention to algebra in school). ” All that said, in my opinion anyway, the most interesting aspect of all of this is going to be ethics: robots rights, threats to privacy, discrimination, moral considerations, etc. I was pulled into this article when I read “a gigantic shift in computing is about to dawn upon us.”

How to Grab and Keep Interest in Any Presentation

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We’ve all been in the situation, whether as students or teachers: Navigating through a text-heavy, bland PowerPoint presentation and struggling to either pay or capture attention. David A.

danah boyd ASTD Tech Knowledge Key Note #astdtk13

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These people are trying to hack the ATTENTION ECONOMY. They mess with the flow of attention in society. We see teenagers going public, but this doesn’t mean they’ve given up their privacy. Privacy is not control of information; it’s the ability to control a social situation.

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5 Ways to Use Video


You’ve already noticed that your learners are losing patience with PowerPoint presentations, possess increasingly diminishing attention spans and want everything they can possibly get on their smartphones. 1 - Introduction An introduction video is a great way to focus your learners’ attention.

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Hands On Training: An Effective Way to Learn


And for added security and privacy, you might have to provide a training environment with non-production data. As a result, students’ attention and focus increases and they develop critical thinking skills.

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This Week in MakingBetter: Teamwork and Tough Questions


Our friend, Joe Fournier , wrote about his questions about privacy with xAPI (and other forms of data). Marshawn to me on if he's surprised he didn't get the ball on the 1: "No. Because we play football. It's a team sport."

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Overcoming 4 Common Concerns of Outsourcing Training

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Information privacy and security. Data Privacy and Security Concerns. The privacy of confidential data and trusting an external agency with your groundbreaking research and proprietary information become major concerns.

Using Video in eLearning

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Videos should be thought provoking and well-focused in order to capture learners’ attention and keep them engaged. But a good quality video with meaningful content will make your students admire your professionalism and will certainly capture their attention.

Standard Options Apply


Some in the LTSC are very familiar with the European Union’s policies on privacy, security, data ownership and the rights of individuals in digital spaces. By making the LRS its own standard, the things that were really difficult to address at the spec level — like how data is shared across different LRSs — would be given their due attention.

6 Social Media Platforms, and How to Use Them for Your E-Learning


Facebook pages are public by default, although they do have some privacy settings. As an example, if you’re teaching a graphic design course for websites, you might spend one module talking about visual hierarchy (using headers, fonts and other design elements to direct a visitor’s attention), and create a Pinterest board showing examples of websites that use good hierarchy in their design. Convinced social media is right for your online course? Here are a few ways to put it to use.

5 Guidelines for Using Your Phone at Work


And so now the problem becomes not to figure out what to pay attention to, but resisting that automatic pull,” he continued. It’s disrespectful to the person you’re communicating with and invasive to the privacy of your coworkers.

Twelve Ways to Add Value to Open Source LMS Systems

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

I've been too wrapped up thinking about interactivity to pay attention to the pains learning managers must go through for making their Moodle implementations effective. Here we deal with problems such as grade data privacy, activation and deactivation of users for business reasons, and protecting sensitive business information arising from learning systems from prying eyes.

Interview with an Expert: Emilio Arocho, Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at FDLI

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And there are business cases where stability is rightly an absolute top priority (especially situations involving security, privacy, health and safety). Delivering excellent experiences with technology is less often about perfection and big financial commitments, and more often about having the right mix of attention to detail, ambition, and positive attitudes between your end users, staff, and vendor partners.

The Importance of People in Risk Management

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Now breathe…But in the rush to get the GDPR boxes ticked, did you consider that this regulation is simply to protect data and data privacy, and that it’s merely a part of the bigger cyber risk picture?If If the aim is to make cyber resilience and ongoing GDPR compliance part of your organization’s DNA, data privacy needs to be demystified. Thank goodness GDPR is done with. Right?So,

Captions vs. Sound – How to Get Heard?

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That kind of exponential growth should raise the eyebrows of anyone who wants to grab the attention of Facebook’s 1.71 Anything you can do to capture a viewer’s attention — even seconds more than than they normally would — can add up.

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Video Can Make or Break Your E-Learning Course


Lights, camera, action! Everybody likes watching good movies and videos in general. Whether it’s a video tutorial on what the fanciest features of your new smart phone or a funny clip of your friend’s child playing a guitar, videos can be engaging and catchy and leave a long-term memory.

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eLearning Cyclops: This Month's #LCBQ - Fun

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Privacy Policy. However, incorporating elements that are fun will keep the learners attention, make it an enjoyable experience and hopefully get people talking the course up to others. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages. Free eLearning. Cloud Apps.

How FocusAssist Works


For instance, if a trainee were to fall asleep or be playing with their phone and not paying attention it would be quite obvious in a live training session. A Note on Privacy and Security.

10 Tips to Effectively Use Videos in eLearning

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Videos should be short, thought provoking, and well focused in order to capture learners’ attention and keep them engaged. But, a high quality video with powerful content will make your students admire your professionalism and will certainly capture their attention. This way, your audience can watch it as many times as needed, from the privacy of their home, or while working outside the company premises, to refresh their memory without having to reread the entire eLearning course.

Digital Efficiency & Your Workforce


Attention management due to more digital connectedness and use of prioritization skills. Privacy and security rules and regulations that govern digital data. The word “digital” has been thrown around as the emerging core of how businesses will operate in the future.

The 6 Top Trends for Instructional Designers for 2017


Here are the top trends of 2017 that need the immediate attention of instructional designers: 1. They have been scrutinized for invading the privacy of learners, but not anymore.

(Webinar) Getting Started With Social: Why Learning and Development Struggles With Social Media, and How to Fix It

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What about privacy concerns? The problem most run into is an overemphasis on the “media” and less attention paid to the “social.”

(Webinar) Getting Started With Social: Why Learning and Development Struggles With Social Media, and How to Fix It

Bottom-Line Performance

What about privacy concerns? The problem most run into is an overemphasis on the “media” and less attention paid to the “social.”

How Mobile Technology is Changing the Way We Communicate


New attention is focused on ways that material can be searchable and accessed in smaller segments. When confidential projects and support documents are being beamed across so many mobile devices, it gets tougher to keep control of the privacy of this information and how it is used.

Navigating the Digital Ecosystem, Preselling, and the Problems with the Culture of Free with Robin Harris


Chris and Robin talk about how there is a lot more to building a website than many people think when they first start out, especially with the implementation of GDPR and the new privacy regulations. I’m just trying to get their attention.

3 Ideas to Make Your Online Compliance Training Program Engaging

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Here is a case study of how scenario-based e-learning worked wonders for online data privacy policies and procedures training – Scenario-based E-learning Courses for Excellent Compliance Training. Moreover, the attention span of humans (8 seconds 1 ) is also shrinking.

Reflections on the ‘New Groupthink’ and lessons for asynchronous collaborative e-learning

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” If this is true, then why don’t we give our employees and learners plenty of privacy and autonomy? You have to be someone who speaks well and calls attention to yourself. I re-read Susan Cain’s ‘Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking’. According to this very well researched book, at least one-third of the population are introverts. The book provides great insights into how introverts live within a culture that rewards and favours extroversion.

To tweet or not to tweet? P1

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Is this evidence of a more active listener contribution and a higher level of efficiency, or of a short attention span? You could also use privacy and time locks on certain contacts to avoid the impulse to message friends - the options are endless.