The Role Of Memory In Learning – Encoding

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Here, we will take a closer look at the first step—encoding—and its role in learning. Instructional Design Brain Facts Cognitive Load Theory Learners Attention Long-Term Memory Short-Term MemoryAs we discussed in the previous blog article in this series, there are 3 main steps in the memory process: encoding, storing, and retrieving. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Radically rethinking the role of L&D

Jane Hart

In July 2016 I read a number of blog posts and articles that argued the case for a radical rethink of the role of L&D in today’s workplace. Josh Bersin also writes how there now seems to be a clear recognition that L&D role needs to change, in Using Design Thinking to Embed Learning in Our Jobs (HBR, 25 July). If you’d like to find out more and/or to share what you have been doing to radically rethink the role of L&D, then come and join us.

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Role of Interactivity in eLearning


Not only has eLearning interactivity been proven to activate long-term memory, but it also improves attention, promotes motivation, and enhances knowledge retention. Boost Understanding of Learning Objectives – Assessments, scenarios, simulations, and role-plays that provide immediate feedback to learners help to reinforce learning objectives by providing reasoning for the correct response and ensuring that the final message is clearly understood.

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How to Design Attention-Grabbing E-Learning

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Upon hearing these few measures, I let out a breath, put away my phone, and give the story my full attention. But attention-grabbing e-learning is essential in today’s world. Here are four ways to design attention-grabbing e-learning.

The elearning attention span: How long should your project be?


So, how can you retain people’s attention and compete with other forms of digital content? TED curator Chris Anderson once said: “Eighteen minutes is long enough to be serious and short enough to hold people’s attention.” What one thing will make a person perform better in their role?

Corporate Learning Long Tail and Attention Crisis

Tony Karrer

This gives rise to the Attention Economy where the scarce resource is not distribution channels or information, the scarce resource is attention. If you think about the Long Tail graph, it works just as well when we substitute Attention instead of Sales.

Are shorter attention spans hampering your best efforts In L&D?


“According to scientists, the age of smartphones has left humans with such a short attention span even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer” The Daily Telegraph, 2015. There’s been a challenge to the belief that attention spans are shortening. “I

Role of Gamification in Transforming e-Learning

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Thus, gamification can play an important role when we incorporate it into the learning process by enhancing student engagement and learning. Games allow learners to take on new identities and roles, asking them to make in-game decisions from new vantage points. They also adopt other roles that allow them to explore new sides of themselves in a safe space. The post Role of Gamification in Transforming e-Learning appeared first on MagicBox.

A Guided Approach To The Role Of ‘Emotions’ In eLearning


Role of Emotions in Online Learning. Many would say that knowledge is key to elearning but online course designers should clearly understand that emotions also play an integral role in the learning process. Are you aware that our emotions and learning are interlinked? Yes, they are.

The CLO’s Critical Role: Nine Areas for Action

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The 30-question instrument detailed specific areas that define this critical role of the CLO. The traditional roles of designer, developer and facilitator are replaced with performance advisors and consultants. This From the Vault article was published in December 2004 on

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The Science of Attention (And Why eLearning Professionals Should Care)

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Paying attention is a task people take for granted; they rarely stop to think about the complex neurocognitive processes involved. After all, paying attention is the first step in the learning process, so ensuring learners pay attention is fundamental. What is Attention?

The Role of Style Guides in E-learning

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Aesthetics play an important part in impressing and sustaining a learner’s attention. Inconsistencies have a way of gaining learner attention, that can often cast aspersions on the professional competencies of the course/module designer.

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5 Ways Video Role-Play Will Transform Your Training Effectiveness


One technique that deserves particular attention is video role-play; in fact, here are five ways in which utilizing online video coaching can transform your training effectiveness. Role-playing is particularly effective in sales training environments, due to the high-pressure situations reps can encounter. Through video role-playing, these situations can be better anticipated and learned. Video role-playing could be the exception.

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The Role of the "New" Training Professional


In many organizations the role of the training professional has transformed; no longer focused on delivering training, today’s L&D professional is now a facilitator of learning who also serves as an information manager, a content curator, and a builder of learning communities. While the need to do that is not going away the role of trainers has expanded and shifted to meet the needs of today’s workplace.

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The Science of Learning: How To Gain Your Employee’s Attention


Employee attention: it’s the holy grail of any training program. But while shiny new methods and the latest tech aim to grab ahold of employee attention and drive engagement levels, the foundation still needs to be in place to make sure employees are really listening. Here are 5 things you can do in order to get your employee’s attention: 1. Attention and Pose a Challenge. The working memory only has so much capacity to pay attention.

How to build a Serious Game: Actors and Their Roles


Role Play Games? Serious games in the eLearning environment are predominantly role playing. Stories with compelling characters successfully enthrall the five senses in the brain, capturing and retaining learner attention better and for longer periods.

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Content Curation: One More Role for an Enterprise Community Manager

ID Reflections

How does this tie in with the role of a community manager, you may ask! What role can an enterprise community manager play? In this case, the community manager's role would be akin to that of a museum curator. Curators at museums lay out the best pieces in a manner that: Catch the viewers attention Tells a narrative that makes sense to the viewer (e.g., Faced with the tsunami of information, we are all floundering to find our way to content that actually matters.

How wearables might work to train employees in customer service roles

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First of all, let’s clarify what customer service roles considered for the purposes of this post. So, what’s the role for wearables? There are concerns about the role of wearables in the workplace, but they are a tool. I loved this post by @JulianStodd “ The Inexorable March in the Quantification of Me ” – and especially his closing line: It’s our role to explore: to think. This is part 3 of my series of posts on wearables.

How to Write an Awesome Training Role-Play


You’re ready to start writing your new training role-play. And when you’re trying to create a role-play that doesn’t make your employees groan, starting can feel impossible. You don’t need to be a writer, or even know that much about writing to create a great role-play.

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Smartphones use outside work hours cause exhaustion: the case against mobile learning?

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

The paper is called Smartphone Use, Work–Home Interference, and Burnout: A Diary Study on the Role of Recovery. and it derails their attention. This may be time conflict, role conflict or stress taken from work which makes it hard to relax at home.

The survival of higher education (1): Changing roles

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In May 2000, I was invited to present two keynote speeches about the role technology would play in the future of higher education. It is not only the role of the teacher that has changed. The Role of the Teacher in the use of ICT.

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Roles in CoP's

The Learning Circuits

In my role as blogmeister for LCB I've done a lot of reading in the communities of practice literature to gain a better understanding of how online communities work. One model I've developed is around the roles and interactions members of a community have as participants in that community.

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ELM Expert Series: How To Teach Millennials With Minute Attention Spans To Be Transformational Leaders


We now seek impactful leadership roles, and more than half of us do it for purpose. Businesses need to craft leadership training that supports ever-shortening attention spans and lifestyle changes. Chief Learning Architect of eLearning Mind, Jack Makhlouf states, “Instead of overloading today’s already highly distracted workers, microlearning plays off of short attention spans and the power of retention through spaced out repetition of information.” .

News: International New Media Writing Prize Winner Lands Unicorn Role

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said: “Effective learning is all about engagement, so capturing a learner’s attention on a digital platform should always be a priority.

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Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Intern Program?

CLO Magazine

“We recommend for every role that companies make sure there is some programmatic training for the student,” Parcells said. Two services that help match interns with employers contend that companies can get the most mileage with their internship programs if they teach interns skills they can’t get in college.

Zooming In on Purpose-Driven Microlearning

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That challenge is compounded by a diminished attention span. It is ultimately the role of learning and development professionals, not the technical tools, to connect the dots between well-designed content of any sort and the purpose for which it was created.

Funny business

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All this got me thinking about the under-exploited role of comedy in education. As she explains, it can improve the learner’s attention, interest and memory retention, while simultaneously reducing their stress and interpersonal barriers they may be experiencing.

Robert Gagne’s Nine Steps of Instruction: Do’s and Don’ts in E-Learning

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Below are the Nine Events of Instruction and the Do’s and Don’ts that must be kept in mind: STEP 1: GAIN ATTENTION. Gaining attention is inevitable for a course to take off successfully.

Employee engagement – the Australian dilemma: The role of coaching and and leadership styles

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An “engaged” employee has a sense of attachment towards their organization: They invest themselves not only in their role, but also in the organisation as a whole. In February 2009 Fiona Smith reported in the Australian Financial on the most recent (till then) Gallup poll of 1000 workers.

Do You Have a CEO-Friendly Scorecard?

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One of the questions in the ROI Institute’s study was, “What is your role in learning and development?” Still, reactions and learning measures don’t garner much executive attention, so you need to move to the level 3 — application. Jack J.

The role of theory in instructional design

Janet Clarey

One of my professors brought to my attention a research article in AECT about theory utilization specifically, theories “functioning as conceptual tools.&# The qualitative study (informed by hermeneutic, phenomenological and ethnographic approaches) explores “views and actual uses of theory in context.&# The research question examines “the nature of instructional designers’ practical involvement with formalized theories.&#.

How Fonts Take a Starring Role in Your E-Learning Courses

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And in that case, the fonts we use play a critical role to the visual design and tone of the course. Pay attention to how the fonts are used on a page or web site. The video below shows how graphic designer, Brian Hoff , selected the right font for one of his projects.

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Personify eLearning

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continues to command an increasingly prevalent role in our lives, it seems that our brains. Or, you might make the main character an experienced employee who takes the role of mentoring the learner. Instructional Design eLearning Blog Best Practices Writing Tips eLearning AttentionBy Shelley A. Gable. As technology. still respond better to a human touch. We can use this knowledge to help improve recall. from eLearning lessons. The research….

Leveraging the Law of the Few to Manage Change in the Workplace.

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Going back to Brown and Thomas’ A New Culture of Learning , “students themselves are taking an active role in helping to create and mold [learning].”