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The Ultimate Guide to E-Learning and Its Localization


E-learning is an essential part of our life and is an efficient tool for knowledge transfer utilized by educational institutions, individuals, and companies. The initial attitude towards e-learning was not very positive as people were afraid that it will replace the teacher and lacked the human element that is necessary for efficient learning. This, in a nutshell, is the history of e-learning and how it become a popular tool for accessing new knowledge.

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Use these tools and techniques immediately. In this interactive session with virtual training expert Cindy Huggett, CPTD and author of Virtual Training Tools and Templates: An Action Guide to Live Online Learning , you’ll explore each reason and learn how to overcome each one.


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4 planning tips for creating culturally-aware global eLearning

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Gomo sister company, LEO Learning, performs a skills gap analysis before it embarks on its learning projects—mapping the skills, attitudes, behaviors, and performance requirements of the workforce against strategic objectives. Start storyboarding today.

How to Teach Online & Earn Money in 2021: Definitive Guide


The goal of Learning Liaisons is to help teachers prepare for their state teacher certification and leadership certification exams by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and attitude they need. Connect your favorite tools. Use tools and integrations. Analytics software.

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Common materials and tools used to create a training course. You’ll consider the elements that you need to be mindful of when storyboarding/designing your course, best practices during development of your course and then testing your course for accessibility.

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What is Instructional Design? Our Guide to Everything you Need to Know

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When you put it like this, it’s clear that instructional design can be a tool for changing the culture of your organisation. This might involve storyboarding content, scripting videos, planning classes and requesting assets. Then you will need to create your online learning using an authoring tool like Genie. . When you hire a professional, you trust that they know what they’re doing and are not just going with their gut. A Change in Learner Attitudes.