Moving from Onboarding to “Warm Welcomes”

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Reinforce values attitudes, and behaviors that define the company. Share affinity groups, or any social calendars. I’ve been doing some research, and the gap regarding the importance of new hire onboarding and how the actual experience is handled is interesting. The Onboarding Gap.

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How to foster a positive online learning community


Employees can assign tasks, check on progress, set a calendar, and share information with their colleagues. Setting up online learning communities and cultivating a positive attitude within these communities is paramount in ensuring optimal L&D results.


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5 Simple and Effective eLearning Interactions

Bottom-Line Performance

The resulting list of five eLearning interactions is a great starting point for structuring content that really helps change attitudes and behaviors. “Day in the Life” Calendars. Screenshot of “Day in the Life” calendars). Another interaction Sharon liked in the Healthy Families course was the ability to access the “day calendar” for the learner’s job role.

The individual or the organization: Identifying the root of employee underperformance

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In order for managers to effectively address gaps in performance, they must start by asking four questions: Does my direct report have the information, abilities and attitude to be effective in their position?

Can Learning Management Systems Foster Experiential Knowledge in the Workplace?


Second, this type of learning has the power to transform employees’ attitudes about training, increase knowledge retention, and create a learning culture in the workplace, among other things. Experiential Learning Promotes Positive Attitudes Toward Training. The subject matter isn’t necessarily boring, but because learners have no emotional investment in it, they may have a negative attitude about it and have trouble becoming engaged with it.

4 Ways an LMS Facilitates Competency-Based Employee Training


According to Training Magazine, employee competency can be defined as “A cluster of related knowledge, skills, and attitudes that affects a major part of one’s job (a role or responsibility), that correlates with performance on the job, that can be measured against well-accepted standards, and that can be improved via training and development.” Employee competency is beyond valuable in today’s global workforce.

New Employee Onboarding: 6-Step Process for 2021


Personality compatibility counts the most at first impressions, and your company’s character needs to match with the attitude and personal characteristics the employee is bringing to the table. A screenshot of the calendar inside CharlieHR. Add new employee to calendar and mailing list.

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Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | September 20, 2019

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In this case, I think the attitude of optimization may actually be a weakness, if it closes you off to new opportunities that might be better than anything you’ve seen so far.” L&D webinars and professional development events calendar by Kari Knisely ( @KariKnisely ). “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” John Wooden. It was a treat to pop-in on the Central Ohio ATD’s Annual Event this week.

How Sellers Can (and Should) Adapt to a Virtual World


Virtual Adaptation : We should have the same attitude toward video conference calls as we do about in-person gatherings, because they’re as important. Virtual Adaptation : Sellers must check the meeting invite to see if others have been added to the calendar.

How to Avoid and Mitigate Skills Gaps


They have a positive attitude, are a fast learner, and are generally the type of person you want to become involved with your company. Scheduling this kind of training session can often prove difficult, as everyone may have a busy calendar.

SDR Training: 5 Tips for Faster Onboarding and Ramp Up

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How having the right attitude helps them reach their goals. How to manage emails and calendars efficiently. You did it! You just hired a new Sales Development Representative ! He or she is 24 years old, with plenty of lead generation experience, is sharp, and is ready to crush it. Now what? Whether they are SDR hire #1 or #20, you need to get them up and running quickly and efficiently. It’s your responsibility to show them the ropes so they can start producing for your company.

Learning During the Pandemic


From the LXP we also have very detailed calendar which manages VILT, which is virtual instructor led training. Overview: Personalized learning to employee connect to need for enhanced communication.

It’s All About the Brand, ‘Bout the Brand…

Learning Rebels

Take on an attitude from a key organization attribute. No, not some bland training calendar buried in the quarterly report sent out by operations where you will be buried in the small print. Brands are all around us and at a glance we know what they mean and who they represent. They fit naturally and comfortably into our lexicon, instantly recognizable.

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4 Steps to Establishing a Better Work-Life Balance at Your Company


Recalibrate your attitudes. Does your organization allow paid time off (PTO) to roll over, or must it be used within that calendar year? Profitable companies have productive employees. According to a 2018 study from the Social Market Foundation, employees are more productive when they are happy (click here for the.pdf). Therefore, employers have a vested interest in keeping their employees happy and satisfied with their jobs.

Evaluating Training – Capturing the Benefits Aspect of ROI

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Included in the second level are: Change in attitude, skills, knowledge. Pre-/post-test, observation, interview, allow time for change, i.e., ask employee, supervisor, subordinate for their perception of change in attitude or performance. Business impact (results) – Frequency: Regular intervals over the calendar or fiscal year; monthly or quarterly is typical. Benefits and soft skills: Sometimes the goal of training is to change attitude.

The Decline of Student Education in the Era of Great Education Technology Solutions

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Without a doubt, virtual education technology has improved by leaps and bounds.

Integrating Social Learning in the Workplace

ID Reflections

One cannot inset social learning in the training calendar and feel happy about it. Genuine appreciation, support and coaching need to define management attitude. I have been writing about social learning and its related concepts – communities of practices , working out loud and skills for the networked world for quite some time now.

‘SMAC’K your lips to the Changing Thanksgiving Menu

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On the calendar, the 4th Thursday is a day marking celebrations of different kinds. Complacent, repetitive, and protective attitudes have to be shed like the de-feathered turkey, when the ‘live’ bird is culled and transformed into a roasted Thanksgiving dish yet ‘alive’ to reflect the spirit of the day. Does the nursery rhyme ‘Mary has a little lamb’ ring a bell when it comes to Thanksgiving?

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The Truth About Competency Assessments


Not exactly something they circle on their calendar and anticipate with unbridled enthusiasm! Aren’t behaviors the most reliable indicator of performance vs relying what people say (opinions or attitudes)?

Building a Compliance Training Brand

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Make this a permanent part of your corporate culture as you build a strong and positive attitude towards compliance practices. To that end, consider building a training strategy with a training calendar, awareness campaigns, and refreshers. How seriously does your organization take compliance? You will find the answer to that question by looking at your compliance training. Does your compliance training do more than check a box?

World of Learning Conference and Exhibition - Day 2

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The talk kicked off discussing how 'Know-why, know-who and know-when = know how and allows for organisational dexterity', as these pillars build competency, experience and attitude for your employees.The speaker then went on to explain how important it is to let knowledgeable colleagues share their knowledge through peers, however, it is critical they are given the right tools and techniques in order to capture and share this knowledge.

The Truth About Competency Assessments


Not exactly something they circle on their calendar and anticipate with unbridled enthusiasm! Aren’t behaviors the most reliable indicator of performance vs relying what people say (opinions or attitudes)?

How to Develop a Strong Work Ethic

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On the other hand, a weak work ethic can be characterized by a lack of a can-do attitude and professionalism, which is a red flag for the organization. Create a timetable using productivity tools, such as Google Keep and Google Calendar.

How to Develop Executive Presence and Lead with Confidence [Free Exercises]


Start this exercise today: Identify one habit that you’d like to build, and make recurring calendar entries to remind yourself to take action. Start this exercise today: Put a reminder on your calendar or task management app to reach out to one person each day. One of the most important things you can do is to start with a positive attitude. Think of a great leader.

How can we build relationships in virtual isolation?

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We view the world through their eyes and recognize something about their attitudes or feelings. While we cannot always control the workflow within an organization, we can make efforts to structure and control our own calendars as best as possible.

How to get the most out of ILT sessions


The psychology of choosing an ILT session rather than it being decided for you as a learner leads to a more positive attitude when attending. You should be able to send out iCal invites so that the event is on their work calendar. Blended Learning is the combination of online courses with traditional classroom-based training (or webinar ). It is one of the most important by-products of eLearning.

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Integrating Social Learning In The Workplace


One cannot inset social learning in the training calendar and feel happy about it. Genuine appreciation, support and coaching need to define management attitude. I have been writing about social learning and its related concepts – communities of practices , working out loud and skills for the networked world for quite some time now.

Learning from others through Enterprise Social Networks (ESN)


According to Encyclopedia Britannica , this is a method of learning that consists of observing and modeling another individual’s behavior, attitudes or emotional expressions. Similar to public social networks, users can also usually create and manage task lists and to-do lists, update their calendars, follow friends, “like” and share content, as well as receive notifications when things happen that are most important to them.

What Your Work Environment Says About You (And What It Shouldn’t)


From the half-finished breakfast sandwich to the dog-eared Dilbert comic you clipped from the paper and hung on your monitor, your work environment is sending little signals about your attitude, private life, and productivity to everyone in your office as they walk by. Swap out your supply-closet desk calendar with one that features beautiful sunsets or garden imagery. Take a look at your desk. Seriously, take a look.

Learning Resolutions: 5 Steps to Better Time Management


Notes/Log/Record: My old (current) method is a cross between a very crowded calendar, emails to myself, and a notebook/pad. While de-cluttering may not have a direct impact on time management, my guess is someone has done some research that a less cluttered workspace fosters better focus and attitude.

6 Habits Holding You Back From Being an Exceptional Leader


No Time On Your Calendar Committed to Personal Development. Whatever time works best for you, don’t wait another day without putting a recurring “personal development” meeting on your calendar. This doesn’t mean hiding the truth or losing transparency, it all about your delivery, your actions, and your attitude. I brush my teeth everyday but I floss just a couple times a week. What’s the difference? Brushing my teeth is a habit, flossing isn’t.



One cannot inset social learning in the training calendar and feel happy about it. Genuine appreciation, support and coaching need to define management attitude. I have been writing about social learning and its related concepts – communities of practices , working out loud and skills for the networked world for quite some time now.

The ULTIMATE guide to presentation skills


Put it in your calendar and make it a priority. So here are five practical pieces of advice to help your presentation go well: Attitude: We all get passionate about the things we really care about, so where possible, try to present on something that really interests you. If you think you’ll need time to recharge alone or with a close friend, put that in your calendar. Presenting well isn’t a gift you’re born with.

How To Implement Interactive Self-Paced Online Courses In A Corporate Environment


It’s true that learners in a self-paced learning environment need to have a more proactive attitude, but including interactive elements helps. One way to do this is to embed a personalized training calendar into your courses and modules. There’s no doubt that eLearning has completely transformed the world of corporate training.

Reflection on the past and satisfaction with life

Jay Cross

I’m referring to my experience of time, not what’s measured by my watch and calendar. A positive mental attitude shapes how you look at the past as well as how to imagine the future. The Roman god Janus looks ahead and looks backward at the same time. So do you and I. Your past is what makes you you. When you look back on your past, how satisfied are you with your life? 1 = life is yucky. 7 = life is great. Pick a number.

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The Best Strategy to Take Personalized Learning Enterprise-Wide

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But this is an attitude that fails to recognize 2 things: Personalized learning can be more effective. Learning Calendar. It’s common for businesses of any size to assume employee training and learning should be a one-size-fits-all situation. Personalized learning can easily be achieved with the right corporate LMS. Personalized learning asks the question, “What do learners actually want to learn?” ” and works from that starting point.

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 Moxie Awards!


To see which companies will take home one of our coveted Moxies, mark your calendars for June 16, and we’ll meet you at Morgan Manufacturing. Our work hard, play hard attitude has guided our team to grow more than 80 percent over the past year and it isn’t the happy hours or the snacks (although they’re a big plus) that make our culture stand out. Recap from: Built In Chicago News Article. 14 winners. 7,000 nominations. Five years running. One night. New venue.

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It Takes a Village

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Despite the fact that his job is to deal with crises, Downey said he has a similar attitude about unexpected changes in his schedule. That may include injecting more fun into meetings, making time for check-ins, or scheduling time in their calendars to get caught up with teammates.

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Free learning & development webinars for September 2020

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With the latest learning techniques and adaptive technologies, creating interesting, motivating and relevant training with practical exercises ensures that users change their attitudes for good. “ Chestnut, tree, nature ” by Holger Schué is licensed by Pixabay.

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Going viral

Learning with 'e's

I don't think it is a particularly significant post, and although it deals with a mildly controversial subject (attitudes about the value of blogging) it is nothing special. It is certainly not in my estimation, worthy of consistently attracting over 10,000 views each calendar month. Many bloggers would give their right arm to be able to write posts that are widely read.