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Laguarta planned to continue that transformation by driving rapid growth through a “winning with purpose” attitude. Typically the company fosters talent over many years, so that when they move high performers into leadership roles they are familiar with the company culture and ways of working.

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Work, culture and COVID-19

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The very real and immediate need to address the technological requirements of forced online work options grabs the attention, but finding IT solutions without addressing the cultural and emotional impact of COVID-19 on your employees is, at best, a half-baked quick fix.


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Status Quo? Not This CLO

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By 2015 he was the new vice president and CLO. “We Daniel has been very successful stepping up into this role and after two short years, the organization cannot imagine a more suited CLO.”. One of the first initiatives Gandarilla launched as CLO was the Education Advancement Program, an overarching project to streamline learning and increase quality and access to training for Texas Health employees. Not This CLO appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

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How Coaching Can Help the Majority Culture Understand Difference

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Yet managers, often representatives of the dominant or “majority culture,” may not always feel comfortable or confident in addressing foreign national employees with regard to cultural disconnects. As Professor Erin Meyer put it : “Stereotyping people from different cultures on just one or two dimensions can lead to erroneous assumptions. His communication protocol, informed by home country cultural norms, did not align with that of the staff he was now managing.

The Cultural Revolution

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I believe the L&D function has a fiduciary obligation to the organization’s culture, its purpose and overarching future. The CLO and L&D function is still tactical in 75 percent of the companies I talk with,” said Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte. The L&D profession has to become an instigator, a leader and a catalyst for culture change. The organization is in need of a culture change leader.

2015 - Year of the Learning Culture

The Performance Improvement Blog

The theme that cuts across most of my blog posts from last year is creating and sustaining a learning culture in organizations. As a way of review, I’ve selected five blog posts about a learning culture from 2015 that have the most interest for readers. Developing a Learning Culture Infographic This infographic explains briefly and concisely the need for a learning culture, barriers to a learning culture, actions of a learning culture, and results from a learning culture.



Additionally, he has acted as an influential voice in the Learning and Development industry by speaking at conferences and by being an active participant and author within industry associations such as ISPI , ATD , the Masie Consortium , The Learning Guild , and CLO Symposium/Magazine.

Is automation enhancing or harming your employee experience?

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Those are the moments when you want to establish a connection with a real person who has an understanding of the company culture and practices. Create a cohesive culture, fight off the competition and retain your best . And that’s where culture ambassadors come in.

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Resources to develop leadership in the post-COVID-19 era

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Corporate culture. When I asked executive colleagues how corporate culture can work best for them, they argued that trust is an important component of a collaborative culture that could positively contribute to developing and maintaining organizational communications.

Manager's Role in Learning and Performance Improvement

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By “learning” I mean acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs that help individuals, teams, and whole organizations improve performance. Managers have control of their own learning, not corporate trainers, HR, or a CLO. One of the major barriers to learning is a culture that does not value learning. Coaching Management Organization Culture Organizational Learning Training human performance improvement manager development manager''s role organizational learnin

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From bystander to upstander

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But nearly three years after #MeToo, studies show that these efforts still might not make any difference in workplace culture and attitudes. There is also a morale benefit: Bringing in outside experts shows employees you are truly invested in changing workplace culture.

Thinking Beyond a Seat at the Table

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It’s time to take the CLO role to a higher level, not just on the organization chart, but in terms of influence and organizational accomplishment. Chief Learning Officer ’s “2015 CLO Measurement and Metrics Survey” indicated that 36 percent of CLOs are using business impact to show the value of learning to the broader enterprise. Also, the CLO is responsible for talent development. There are five potential areas where the CLO can move beyond earning a seat at the table.

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Sniffing Out Strong Leaders

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It isn’t easy to develop an “I’ve got your tail no matter the circumstances” attitude. Attitude is everything. Attitude is contagious and a lot less dangerous than kennel cough, so go ahead and spread some around your workplace. The post Sniffing Out Strong Leaders appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. Leadership Development Strategy effective leadership inspirational leadership leadership development traits workplace culture

Open learning and knowledge sharing in a remote working world

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Here are our thoughts: L&D managers have to walk the talk of creating a learning culture in their organizations. It’s equally important to address management policies, attitudes and fixed hierarchical controls.

Soft leadership vs. hard leadership

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It helps in transforming the personality, attitude and behavior of the people. Hard leaders work within the organizational culture while soft leaders change the organizational culture.

It Takes a Village

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We didn’t create a culture to drive better business results,” said Dave Hoerman, DaVita’s chief wisdom officer. “We That meant completely rebuilding the corporate culture to help employees live better, more productive lives — at work and at home. Thiry — referred to internally as the Mayor of DaVita — created the wisdom team to drive this new culture, with Hoerman as its leader. Homepage Top Story - Left Column Strategy culture DaVita HealthCare Partners learning strategy

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Stop talking training and start talking value

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Thus, role models and mentors will be scant, behaviors will be hard to define precisely and exhaustively, and entrenched culture, current practices, longstanding habits, implicit and explicit policies, as well as existing standard practices, will present formidable obstacles to success.

Reinventing Learning Content for Next-Generation Learners


The consultants and analysts and pundits do, and so does the industry media; CLO just published an article called “ Learning Needs a Revolution ”. Figuring out how to get the most out of new methods calls for new attitudes and approaches: Embracing diversity over efficiency, moving faster, making smaller bets, and accepting failure. Remember: You cannot create a new culture with the same old ways. Strategy Learner Behavior Learning Culture

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Gender parity is a journey, not an initiative

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The key impediment to organizationwide diversity and inclusion is systemic and rooted in a century-old, male-focused culture that remains solidly imbedded in most companies, sometimes obviously and sometimes subtly.

Understanding implicit bias and its detriment to organizations

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One of the biggest impediments to accomplishing the goals of D&I is implicit bias — also referred to as unconscious bias — the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions in an unconscious manner. Can you recall a time when you first met someone at work?

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Leadership in the Great Acceleration

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Creating a culture that promotes collaboration and communication is also essential if a company is to flourish in the Great Acceleration. A safe conclusion: Companies with dysfunctional cultures can’t compete over the long haul. It’s not your imagination.

Who leads your DEI function, and how do you support them from an organizational perspective?

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Each new individual added to your culture will influence it,” says Wilson. The L&D function oversees training, skills and career development, and learning leaders have a large stake in workplace culture and the talent the organization attracts. Illustration by Theresa Stoodley.

Mind over matter: leadership mindsets and actions to drive results

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If we can bring a different attitude to our role as a leader, if we can shift our mindset, we can impact our behaviors. And our behaviors, in turn, can alter our attitude long-term.

The 50:50 learning model

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These traits were closely connected to the learning habits and attitudes expected in a startup culture: •Attitude to self-learn, be self-driven. Attitude to take on any and all kinds of tasks. Attitude to network fearlessly and ask for help. Benefits include real-time and direct feedback, and knowledge sharing helps teams level up and reinforce a culture of learning. Collaborative learning, self-driven attitude.

Five Disney Inspired Words for Effective Talent Management

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To support this philosophy, Disney leaders are expected to deliver three standards: Positivity – Leading with a positive attitude and demonstrating commitment to cast members. For hiring personnel, it eliminates candidates who do not fit the culture. “I want to be happy.

The critical first step to building strong organizational DEI

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Many organizations have publicly pledged to better weave diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and programs throughout all levels of the business in order to establish a more supportive, inclusive culture.

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Grow multicultural leaders with coaching, not just business English

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By strengthening communications skills and building a “same language” framework for the workforce, these initiatives not only foster individual development, they enhance collaboration and productivity and contribute to cultural cohesion.

Implicit bias affects us all

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” Confirmation bias — your tendency to search, interpret and seek out information that confirms your existing mental schemas, beliefs, attitudes and expectations — leads you to categorize people in ways that often are not intended.

John Seeley Brown Keynote at #ASTD2013

Learning Visions

Once a month everyone gets together to try things out and break it – a radically different attitude than most organizations. The CLO will need to become the Chief Organizational Architecture. If your culture doesn’t work that way, you need to change your culture. Kineo. Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. These are my live blogged notes from the opening session at the ASTD International Conference and Expo (ICE) -- happening this week in Dallas, TX.

Putting Into Practice What We Preach

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I think about Argyris and Schön’s theory and its contribution to organizational practice in three ways: culturally, behaviorally and tactically. First, every organization has a culture, whether explicitly or implicitly defined, that can include several elements such as vision, mission and values. In sum, whether the congruence of Argyris and Schön’s theories of action are manifested through firm culture, values or the tactical behaviors of leaders doesn’t really matter.

Chances Are You’re Buying Too Much Talent. It’s Time to Build and Borrow.


These changing attitudes toward skill acquisition and deployment don’t come from advancements in the science of learning or from strategic workforce planning. It’s Your Culture That Gets You There. The lifespan of large, successful companies has never been shorter.

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A message about learning from the C-suite

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But they do little to create the learning culture that makes it possible to quickly recognize problems or to support each other’s development along the way. Then use the best techniques for remembering, developing skills, and updating attitudes or beliefs.

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Leaders Define Leaders: Q&A with Robert Anderson and William Adams

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CLO : What is unique about this book? CLO : What does an effective leader look like? CLO : Can you describe the difference between high-reactive and high-creative leadership? We can be honest, open and vulnerable with each other and we create a culture where being human is not only OK, it’s actually just exactly what it needs to be and it’s the best for building organizations that produce results. CLO : What surprised you with the results of the survey?

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Getting Started With Learning Data and Analytics

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Data is a powerful tool in the CLO’s toolkit, but figuring out how to start using it can be overwhelming. It’s amazing how quickly an attitude can change once metrics are shown to speak to the business. Data inspires to create a culture of continuous improvement. These culture shifts drive us to be better at our jobs and will make learning a strategic enabler of corporate success in the coming years.

Giving Employees Space to Fail

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Learning leaders can nurture and support an entrepreneurial mindset inside organizations by creating a culture that supports failure, problem-solving and innovation. At this past CLO Fall Symposium, Raz said’s failure at South by Southwest, and the feedback that came from it, led to the single most important innovation that transformed Airbnb into the biggest online marketplace for arranging and offering lodging.

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The Reskilling Revolution versus the ‘clay layer’

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Sales, marketing and content, as well as people and culture, are on the list of the top growth areas for the jobs of the future. Hence, doing the hard work of adopting a lifelong learning attitude, and being agile and accepting of change, runs counter to our human nature.

Excellence in Content

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Leaders wanted to start a cultural change. It’s even more difficult to change a person’s attitude. After two years of analyses, defining clear objectives and fine-tuning implementation, Invati created a unique, customizable program geared to create cultural change. Through PIL’s Culture of Accountability and Cultural Transition Process, El Rio was able to articulate its beliefs and develop a mission to guide employees’ efforts to relay them.

Diversity and leadership development go hand in hand

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Leadership development is echoing the attitudes and the culture of the company as a whole. The post Diversity and leadership development go hand in hand appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. I was recently reviewing a number of articles in the business press about needed changes in leadership development.

The Sherlock Holmes effect

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For nearly 60 years, organizations have used some form of diversity and inclusion training to increase awareness and sensitivity toward one another’s differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and culture.

Managing change in the era of digital transformation

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What is needed is leadership agility, which requires courage, a genuine openness to new information and learning, and a positive attitude toward change. Attitudes toward change can be shaped, skills can be developed and behaviors can be changed, but the race is on.