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The Unbounded World of Learning

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We believe in unshackling our thinking and providing learners as much access to content and this is what this post is about. Trainers and content developers can no longer hold back learners from using other sources of knowledge. This allows them to accelerate learning. It is in this openness that we encourage the learners to explore, create and develop. The Proliferation of Open Learning We have witnessed the dramatic increase in open learning.

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CLO Investments Focus on Relevance and Technology

CLO Magazine

This year the focus remains on items that promote relevance, but with expanded focus on content development and technology enablement. Investments in training and development continue to grow after notable declines in 2009. Investment in learning technologies and learning content appear to be spending priorities. For instance, they are significantly increasing their spending on developing in-house content (Figure 2).

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Promote Better Alignment for Better Impact

CLO Magazine

To maximize the overall value of learning and development spending, and to ensure flexibility and capacity for the economic recovery, learning and development organizations must constantly evaluate and reallocate their staff. While the relevance of learning and development has increased steadily since 2006, many enterprises still struggle to find a way to have more impact on organizational objectives.

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Profile of a learning architect: Nick Shackleton-Jones

Clive on Learning

Throughout my new book The New Learning Architect I take time out to look at real-life examples of great learning architects in action. This extract shines the spotlight on a real innovator who has successfully broken free from the confines of the traditional training course and, in doing so, challenged out-dated models of learning and development. The end result was three core modules, supplemented by role-specific content.