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While there are many excellent commercial, free-to-use, and open source audio editing applications applications available, the editor I will talk about during this series is called Audacity. You can use Audacity to: Record live audio. So, let's download and install Audacity.

Podcasting like a pro! (Part 2) – How to edit and publish your podcast recording


First step is to download Audacity & AoA Audio Extractor , and if you would like to use introductory and closing music you can find links to free resources in this post. Two things must be done before you begin: First, use AoA Audio Extractor to extract your file from GoToMeeting (or other recording tool) & convert to “WAV”. Step 1: Convert your file to “WAV”. Step 2: Familiarize yourself with Audacity by visiting any of the following.

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Maximizing Retention In E-Learning – Part 3

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The Edmego course authoring tool has a Powerpoint converter for you to take the Powerpoint file and convert it into a SCORM course. If you are adding voice overs to your content, use a tool such as Audacity to handle your recordings.

How to Record Voice Overs for eLearning (Part 1)

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You’ll need an audio converter of some sort and then some software that allows you to record and edit the audio that you capture with your mic. There are a lot of open source options out there as well, including Audacity, Reaper, and NCH Software.

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E-Learning Screen recording and video solutions – Should b simple, so why isn’t it?

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The ability to record audio in real time or post time makes a lot of sense and eliminates the need for using Audacity (albeit it is a wonderful and free product). There is something wrong when a free and open source product like Audacity can do it, yet a product that costs hundreds of dollars cannot. Ability to convert various types of video formats to other video formats. The ability to convert a Flash video to HTML5 and Video to HTML5.

What’s in Your Technology-Enabled Learning Toolbox?

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Audacity. Online PDF-Converter. Last week, we looked at the building blocks of technology-enabled learning , from elements like learning objectives that are common across all training formats to those that are specific to digital formats, like content authoring tools.

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Audacity. Audacity is an audio recording and editing application with a lot of the features you find in commercial products. The free version is all you need to quickly convert most file types to the.pdf format. VIDEO PLAYERS AND CONVERTERS.

9 Free Tools That Help Me Build Better E-Learning

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Audacity. Audacity is an open source audio editor. That’s easy to do with Audacity. Click here for Audacity tutorials. Format Factory lets you convert media from one format to another. I get a lot of questions from blog readers who are on a limited budget.

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


When it comes to audio editors the general consensus is clear: whether you’re on the Windows, Linux or Mac, Audacity is the tool you should first opt for. Steinberg’s WaveLab and Adobe’s Audition ) but Audacity is both free (can’t beat that) and full featured enough.

Articulate, Captivate and Lectora – Do they deserve your praise?

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Their video encode program is lackluster, you are better off using Audacity – which is free. The two biggest negatives IMO, is that it just isn’t robust enough for e-learning developers and its whole focus on PPT into converting to a course doesn’t help. Two weeks ago I got the wonderful opportunity to speak in OZ, specifically Melbourne, Australia. What I found was an extensive group of people hungry for anything e-learning.

mLearning Content Types - Level 6: Rich Media

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Typically the Content Creation Team will either source the appropriate media file, or create it from scratch using a variety of industry standard tools such as Audacity for podcasts or Apple’s Final Cut Pro for videos.

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We'll have a Snowball, Yeti and their Spark XLR mic with an Icicle XLR-USB converter on-hand to use during ScreencastCamp! We're just a few days away from the first ever ScreencastCamp. There are still some spots left if you'd like to attend - register here.

Over 75 Free Rapid E-Learning Resources

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Audacity : free open source audio recording and editing software. Format Factory : convert media from one format to another. Image Tuner : resize, rename, and convert image formats with this free tool. Web2PDF : convert a website or blog to PDF.

DevLearn 2011 – Notes from One ID Challenge and HTML5 Authoring Tool Review

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Also on the horizon, Adobe Captivate is working on HTML5 output and appears to be on the verge of launching a non-beta converter. I was thrilled to be accepted to speak and asked to serve on a panel at my first DevLearn experience!

DevLearn 2011 – Notes from My Presentations

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Also on the horizon, Adobe Captivate is working on HTML5 output and appears to be on the verge of launching a non-beta converter. I was thrilled to be accepted to speak and asked to serve on a panel at my first DevLearn experience!

Award Nominee Reveals His eLearning Authoring Toolkit [Guest Post]

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Authoring software can be relatively simple, such as packages that convert PowerPoint slides to a SCORM compliant module. I’ve also used Audacity , a free audio creation and editing tool, as well as various video encoding and editing tools. If you don’t need the SCORM encoding, another option is iSpring , a free tool that will convert a PowerPoint to flash video.

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

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Audacity. Taking the ego out of education - Learning Technology Learning , June 2, 2010 There are a number of barriers when it comes to approaching the tricky subject of converting an existing face-to-face course to being purely online. Best of eLearning Learning. June 2010. Another great month for eLearning content.