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Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning


eFront News from the e-learning frontier 10/17/2010 Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning As an e-Learning consultant I always was fun of open source software. I highly encourage you to leave a commend if you know any other open source authoring tool.

Learning Tools – Do these really belong?

eLearning 24-7

First off, Jane Hart put this together from whereas folks voted for the tools they use for learning. That said, there were some curious items on this list, which to me, doesn’t really fly in the world of learning tools. It isn’t something that see as a learning tool.

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85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


What’s important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.’. As an online instructor, you need to decide what kind of tools and resources you want to use for your online school. You might want to start with simple tools and grow into more professional premium tools as you go along making higher quality online courses. Authoring Tools.

6 Essential Tools for Creating an Awesome Online Course


In fact, you may be surprised how far you can get with the online course creation tools you already own. The next piece of kit you’ll need in your online course creation tools arsenal is a mic. My desktop microphone of choice is this Audio-Technica 2020 USB Microphone. I use an Audio-Technica Lavalier Microphone. If you plan to record screencasts, you’ll need a screencast software. Lastly, you’ll need video and audio editing software.

Top 5 Training Material Development Software


A strong training material development software is key to staying current with technological and industry advancements. You want your training and development program to drive employee skill development. In order to make your decision a bit easier, we pulled together the top 5 training material development software companies. This system is also an authoring tool which means companies can create training materials directly onto this platform without the aid of third parties.

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


What’s a little more difficult however is picking the right tools to help you with course design, content creation, learning assessment and all the other tasks you need to run a successful eLearning program. Fear not, however, as we’re here to help you with this, by suggesting the (you’ve guessed it) top 10 most useful tools for online employee training. Let’s begin with the most essential content creation tools: 1) A text-editor.

The 34 Best Training Video Software – Full Comparison Guide


Affordable software and easy-to-use apps empower course makers and unleash their creativity resulting in impressive instructional videos. The plethora of available video editing software makes it hard to choose one. Here are the top 34 tools we selected and tested for you.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Audio in eLearning: When Rough Around the Edges is Better

Learning Visions

Tuesday, June 09, 2009 Audio in eLearning: When Rough Around the Edges is Better At our seminar today on using Articulate and Moodle and "Doing More for Less" , the conversation turned (as it always does) to using audio in eLearning. They had the SME record the audio for the slides. So heres to more guerilla audio recording! Posted by Cammy Bean at 9:24 PM Labels: audio , guerrilla , instructional design 14comments: Steve Howard said.

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Legacy eLearning


“Legacy eLearning” refers to any training that was developed using software that is outdated, unsupported, or incompatible with current learning systems. Legacy development tools have been criticized for many reasons, but the following two problems remain the most prominent ones. Most of these tools force developers to be dependent on a specific vendor or program. So, what can instructional designers do to convert legacy programs to modern eLearning?

5 Things to Keep in Mind for an Impactful Instructional Design Process

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The first thing you need to do is to create an IDD which will specify the approach you will be using to develop the strategy of the learning program. Without standardization, it would be impossible to create a proper learning program that can be equally accessed and understood by everyone. Both audio and text content have to be finalized during this stage. Additions like sound effects and background music must also be decided – but not yet added (see ‘Adding Audio’ below).

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5 Golden Rules of Creating Course Content


As interesting as it is to watch a mouse cursor move over an unmoving program interface (it’s not), does it keep your attention? Audio. Now bear with me here – I know I just finished ranting about how much audio matters regardless of video quality. About the Author.

eLearning Cyclops: Deconstructing My #DemoFest Course - Part 1

eLearning Cyclops

During this years DevLearn 2011 conference I won the DemoFest award for the Software Systems Training category. Staff required training on using the new application interfaces and learning how to complete Office tasks that have changed in the new and updated Office software. What authoring tools, systems, or technologies did you use to create this project? How many "learners" will benefit from this program or project? Cool Tools to Liven Up The Classroom.

Storytelling and Video Solutions at ATD TechKnowledge 2018


It should also be noted that it takes about four years (seven for Coco ) for Pixar to complete a film; it’s hard to find a learning program that has the luxury of even four months. But let’s skip the debate and see what’s out there: D2L impressed by infusing video throughout learning programs via its Brightspace LMS. Given the need to provide high quality, agile sales training, we’re not surprised to hear Allego is one of the fastest growing software companies on the Inc.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Auditory Advantage

Learning Visions

Monday, March 19, 2007 The Auditory Advantage Patrick Dunn, in his latest rant, Games are not an alternative vision has this to say: The huge array of tools, techniques and approaches that games producers have developed with the benefit of their consumer-sized budgets are largely available to medium and low-end e-learning producers, if they would just apply their imagination. The use of music in e-Learning? Whos really used music in e-Learning to good effect? Music?

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5 Mistakes eLearning Developers Often Make


Using eLearning development tools that don’t fit the situation. So, you are still using the feature in your eLearning development tool that converts the entire PowerPoint content to eLearning. This feature can seriously turn your eLearning program into a content disaster! Group images, video, and audio files and text for use in constructing your eLearning course. Determine how the eLearning program will be used. Watch out for Audio and Video issues.

How to Make a YouTube Video: The Definitive Guide

TechSmith Camtasia

If you’re selling software, you need to make sure your video helps the viewer learn exactly what they need to be successful. Because we all start somewhere…” Amy Landino, Co-founder of Aftermarq , and Best-Selling author of Vlog Like a Boss. Have guests they wouldn’t expect to be on your program. For a topic focusing on “video tutorial” I would want to focus on editing, video ideas, and background music as a good starting point. Add music.

Over 75 Free Rapid E-Learning Resources

Rapid eLearning

I shared some of the tools that I use for color schemes in previous posts like this one on creating your own rapid elearning PowerPoint template. As I was searching previous posts to answer his question, I ran into a lot of the tools and sites that I’ve recommended in previous blog posts.

What Makes a Good Online Course? 7 Real-World Strategies

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As online programs grow in importance, it’s crucial that faculty have the tools and guidance they need to create quality online course videos. Emphasize advantages, not authority. “We Successful engagement strategies are more important than ever, especially in online programs.

The E-Learning Department of One: Four Survival Skills Needed to Succeed

SHIFT eLearning

A one-man eLearning department must be highly talented and possess a combination of skill sets: he or she should know how to use authoring tools, design, and give a great voice to content. Just like face-to-face training, the success of an eLearning course comes down to planning — or instructional design , which refers to the process during which the program is designed, developed, and delivered. Multimedia Production and Authoring.

Silence, in eLearning, is Not Always Golden


With the explosion of technology tools available, crafting engaging training with multimedia is ever-changing and full of possibilities. Here, we’ll focus on enhancing the learning experience with (great) audio , as pure text or graph-based learning can be, well, excruciatingly mind-numbing. So, what is audio “good for”? Yes, there are instances when you do not need any audio at all in your eLearning. No audio. And, can audio enhance that learning experience?”.

The 18 Essential Steps of a Course Design


What course authoring tools will integrate easily? Create a quick prototype using a graphic tools like Visio, which looks like a final course. Shoot photographs, and record audio (narration and characters). Creating a look-and-feel and sound treatment, and produce graphics, animations, sound effects, and music for the partial script. Produce video, create graphics, shoot photographs, record talent voices, score and record music and sound effects.

How to Find a Profitable Course Topic


Looking at it from the students perspective, they would choose your course if: They want to learn from a person who they can trust and has got experience or is an authority in the field. Here are some ideas from popular courses on Udemy to get inspired: Programming & Development: Programming Languages, Python, Javascript, C++, Web Development, Game Development, Coding etc. So, you may know what you want to do … you may not.

Podcasting to Accelerate Sales for Course Creators with Craig Hewitt from Castos


Castos is a podcast hosting platform that allows you to host your audio files and create your RSS feed, and that is what can be sent out to platforms like iTunes. Good audio is something Craig recommends, as it makes the process of recording and editing so much easier.

The 6 hottest learning trends for 2018 – Part 5: Video

Limestone Learning

Combined, visual imagery and audio make for a one-two punch, increasing retention and comprehension by 50%. Ideas, instructions, and procedures are delivered by fun and interesting personalities and feature music, special effects and quick edits to keep things moving quickly. Smartphones boast impressive cameras and the Internet is awash with free editing tools. Awareness or discovery videos are great for companies selling software or products that have a user learning curve.

Crafting a Good Story for Your Product Video (free ebook)

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Guest post by German video producer and author Andreas Zeitler. In my new ebook (available free from iTunes in iBook format or as a PDF with free subscription ), I’m sharing 10 of the most valuable tools video creators can use to create better stories and explain workflows in a more conceivable way. Basically, at which scene does it make sense to use which video tool. Examples of what I call video tools: Screencasts. Music. About the Author.

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5 Great Ways to Design Games for eLearning


If designed with the game mindset, training programs can have similarly impressive engagement, as games. What about the music element of the game, does it have any place in the eLearning environment? You can use an avatar, complete with music and an attractive background, who talks directly to the learner. With the audio and visual elements as well as the level element implemented from the game to the eLearning environment, interactivity will inevitably follow.

Any e-learning professional

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It is an entire gamut of e-learning courses, resources, and tools packaged under a particular topic or subject. Games are a great tool to engage the learner and help them stay focused on important and relevant content. These are the programs that will dictate and describe onscreen elements with text-based cues, helping visually challenged people access and understand content. N – Narration (audio). If onscreen content is the King, audio narration is the Queen.

Free L&D webinars for July 2018

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Monday, July 9, 2018, 10AM – 11AM PT: Manager Onboarding: 5 Ways to Set New Leaders Up for Success (Free for ATD members) The worst thing organizations can do is hire or promote the most technically competent person to management and not give them the tools for success.

Monetization, Production, Growth, and Advertising for Course Creators, Coaches, and Consultants with Michael Greenberg


He started out in software development and majored in economics in school. One playbook Michael put together, called the Authority Marketing Playbook , goes in-depth on how you can conduct customer research and position your product or service. Authority really boils down to the relationship between you and the small market of customers that perfectly fit who you are trying to serve. The authority marketing playbook is mostly about customer research and positioning.

10 Low-Cost Ideas for Employee Training

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

and they're pretty affordable compared to other high-end design programs. Before you fire up your computer and get to work, just remember: the key to creating effective training with presentation software is to avoid drowning your learner in a sea of text, poor images, and a clunky layout. The entire premise of presentation software is to present a story (or concept) in a compelling and interactive way that inspires, educates, and draws in the learner (or viewer).

eLearning Stock Asset Library vs. eLearning Template Library

eLearning Brothers

There are various stages of development that require different programs, and assets to create world-class training content. Audio - liven up your eLearning courses with our attention-grabbing sound effects, music, and audio loops. Page Layouts - these templates are available in all of the different authoring tools and provide the basic layout and design for your online training courses.

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How to Finally Write a Nonfiction Book that Helps You Get More Leads and Sales and Massively Impact the World with Julie Eason


Julie shares her experience working with authors, such as Russell Brunson, publishing books in the online business space, and what course creators can do to engage more people with tools outside of the course program itself. But Amazon is also a very popular search engine and can be a great marketing tool for course creators. This is a great means of objection handling and convincing your students that they can get a certain result from your program.

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Hospitality LMS: What to Know


But unlike an Intranet, a hospitality LMS offers a better interface, the ability to integrate with other company software programs, and complete training tracks. Your training program will be more organized, employees better trained, and managers won’t be bogged down administering training. This system is also an authoring tool which means companies can create training materials directly onto this platform without the aid of third parties. Performance tools.

Designing a PowerPoint Screencast Using Camtasia

TechSmith Camtasia

Screencasts are an effective teaching tool that offer instructors greater versatility in developing lesson plans. Screencasting is increasingly used to record PowerPoint presentations using preeminent software such as Camtasia Studio , which can enable an add-in to run the program from within PowerPoint. Record a PowerPoint presentation with narration and add special effects, images, audio, and video. The end bumper can include an image, music track, etc.,

Free L&D webinars for September 2018

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So, how exactly can an authoring tool save organizations both time and money? During the session, you will learn: About the latest eLearning trends, tools, and strategies to consider when building an engaging and future-proofed training program.

Update Your Outdated Online Training Content TODAY with these tips!


There are several free eLearning template sites online, or you can look in your eLearning authoring tool repository for layouts that suit the subject matter. For example, videos, images, background music, and audio clips. Invest In A Robust Rapid eLearning Authoring Tool. Rapid eLearning authoring tools are designed to speed up the eLearning course development process and improve resource allocation. But you need the right tool for the task.

Elearning innovation: examples, tips and technology


This subtly interactive, longer-form story uses music clips and imagery to help immerse users and create an engaging experience. Using audio to simulate a realistic work conversation is a great way to immerse learners in a life-like situation. Through active participation, this audio-driven, first-person scenario helps sales staff learn by practicing in a simulated environment. Demonstrating how “grown-up games” can be effective learning tools.