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Best Practices for Instructional Design in eLearning


Choose the appropriate tool(s) Selecting the appropriate tool would majorly be determined by your course objective and target audience. Select a tool that is suitable for your target audience (Choose a user friendly tool if you are dealing with beginners). Opt for a tool that will help accomplish the objective. Make sure your tool is well aligned to the output you want (LMS, CD-ROM, Mobile, Podcast etc).

Producing Podcasts: Some Considerations for Content Creators

The E-Learning Curve

Anthony Bates, author of Technology, e-learning and distance education (2005) states that audio (via radio broadcast) has been used in education for over seventy years. The introduction of CD-ROMs in the late 1980's mitigated most of these issues, and in a sense were the hardware breakthrough that presaged the beginnings of e-learning as we know it today. It was the emergence of the internet that genuinely facilitated audio and visual media-based learning.