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Product Review: Cornerstone OnDemand

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The same can be said for Cornerstone OnDemand. Search Connect – their search capability within the product. Advanced Search. ILT – view events, manage events and sessions (only visible to admin), vendors & instructors (only visible to admin), facilities & resources (only visible to admin). While most systems enable this with simply clicking “course catalog” and/of offering a keyword search, COD offers three ways.

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eLearning 24-7

Trust me when I say this, someone out there was the first to use Cornerstone OnDemand. With the exception of the “search bar”, everything else should be in the LMS. For me, a system that says yes to everything in the learning environment section including the “search bar” is ideal. Classroom management is a mix bag, since some folks want features within it, some don’t want or need the classroom management, which is ideal for ILT.