eLearning: What's the Best Microphone for Voiceover Audio?

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I received an email asking the following: What specific advice can you give about the kind of microphone to purchase for making good quality audio narrations to accompany my Captivate training sessions, minimizing echo and other audio problems? I had in mind trying to limit the cost to around $100, but if that isn't reasonable please tell me. each can produce awesome eLearning content that will be enhanced if you include voiceover audio. Audio-Technica.

6 Quick Voice-Over Tips

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You want your eLearning audio to go smoothly, especially voice-overs. To prevent these, install a low-cost microphone pop filter (they’re usually $5-10 at places like a Amazon) or a sponge ball style wind screen. #5. eLearning Featured tips tips and tricks voice over voiceoverUsing your voice properly is a skill in itself. Before you grab a microphone, it’s important to know the proper techniques to use, and the rookie mistakes to avoid. #1. Smile!

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How to Achieve Cost-Effective Localization of Online Courses

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If the course has graphical elements such as video, audio, or infographics, even they need to be made country-friendly. Companies often face the challenge of keeping costs down to achieve localization. Wisely Use Graphics and Audio. This small trick can greatly reduce cost as images can be effortlessly reused. While hiring a foreign voiceover artist for audio and video files, it is best to get samples reviewed by the client.

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eLearning: Two Awesome Microphones

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In this article, I cover two of my favorite microphones for voiceover recording: the Heil PR-40 and the Shure MV51. Without an amplifier, dynamic microphones produce recordings with low audio levels. The cost of a PR-40 is around $350, although a bundle that includes the shock mount and boom will push the price to almost $500. You can also adjust levels, mute audio, and monitor your recording directly from the microphone. The cost of a MV51 is $200.

How Do I Hire Voice-over Talent for Video or eLearning? Can I Narrate?


We always suggest using professional voice actors, also known as voice talent, voiceover artists, or VO talent. The hourly cost of professional voice talent ranges from hundreds to thousands. While using amateur talent may reduce up-front costs, you may end spend more money on the back end because of lengthy recording sessions, pronunciation issues, unnatural tone, lack of (or too much) enthusiasm, extensive editing, and additional recording sessions for revisions.

Here’s a Free Text-to-Speech Application for E-Learning

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Use text-to-speech to create placeholder content for your reviewers so that you can get the voiceover script approved before sending it out for professional recording. This will save on the cost of do-overs. They can produce the courses and insert audio narration generated by text-to-speech applications. Insert your entire narration script and output either a single audio file or split the narration into multiple audio files. Output as an audio file.

LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 - Day 1

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How to capture evaluation data to prevent costly e-learning deployment failures: Susan Pepper, Managing Director of the ROI Institute of Australia , reinforced the need for rigorous evaluation to ensure the success of e‑learning. Professional Audio - The Key to Effective E-Learning: This was a shameless sales pitch, but to be fair, the presenters didn’t pretend otherwise. conference audio challenges e-learning enterprise 2.0

How to Develop Cost Effective Game Applications for the iPhone

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While this seemed simple enough to accomplish, it was important for us to keep the cost low for the consumer and deliver within acceptable timelines. The application should include the use of voiceover audio as one interface to communicate feedback to user. •. While this approach of developing animated gifs saved us a lot of effort it’s important to understand that we had to compromise on the quality of the UI somewhat - a tradeoff between quality and cost. -.

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e-Learning budgets: Doing more with less


Use audio and video to create impactful learning. Contrary to popular belief, audio and video can be introduced in an e-course without creating a hole in training budgets. Your SME can double up as your audio-voiceover artist. You can ask the SME to create a rough-cut audio recording accompanying the content – all the while keeping it informal and simple. This rough-cut can then be transcribed and edited to create the final script for the audio-voiceover.

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ID and e-Learning Links (2/2/14)

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Female voice over and audio editing for e-learning. tags: voiceover audio. Determining the cost of a custom e-Learning course. Whitepaper – Moodle 2 Repositories | Some Random Thoughts. Gavin Henrick on Moodle Repositories, including tables comparing features. tags: moodle. ZebraZapps: Santa, Can We Talk? Example of a branching scenario activity with a coach and a meter showing progress on every screen, built in ZebraZapps.

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6 Ways to Knockout the Challenges in E-learning Localization

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Translating subtitles, audio, and video elements is also important in e-learning localization. Solution: If you have initial plans of localization, you can translate audio, video, and voiceover scripts right at the beginning. If you have most of the content in a video format, you need to decide whether to create new videos for various markets or translating the existing source content wherever needed, ex: subtitles for video and voiceover for audio.

Adopting e-Learning: Tips for reaping business benefits out of your elearning initiative


With the evolution of communication and development technologies, e-learning has become cost effective and more accessible. The courses were accompanied by an audio-voiceover which compensated for the minimalistic on-screen text. On an average, each course was 15–30 minutes long, comprising graphics, scenarios and audio. The growth of the e-learning industry has been massive in the last decade.

Why People Stop Watching Your Videos (And How to Avoid It!)

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Use an engaging speaker or voiceover to present the topic with passion and excitement. Check out this post for information on how to be better with voiceovers. Audio, the surprise important element. Roughly 75% of the videos submitted that were deemed “great videos,” clear audio was the most common element. So, while people may not stop watching a video because the audio is bad, good audio appears to keep people watching. Picture this.

How to Convert Flash courses to HTML5 Efficiently

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For most parts, these need to recreated again using an HTML5 publishing elearning tool; some assets like voiceover scripts may be extracted using Optical Character Reading software but a one-to-one conversion is not possible. Media Assets: Custom media assets created softwares such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw; Audio file recording in.wav or mp3 format. Source Content: Storyboards, audio recording scripts, job aids, etc. Flash to HTML5 Elearning: Costs vs. Benefits.

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Learning in the Times of COVID-19 – How to Develop Your Online Learning Material 

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At this stage, the entire course material is squeezed into a few slides, and the elements of written, visual, and audio format are finalized. Creating Course Material Sans Audio. All the elements of the course material, except the audio script, are put together at this stage. Adding in the Audio. After the stakeholders give the go-ahead for the online course material, the process of adding audio to it begins.

How to Navigate Difficult Internal and External eLearning Customers

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It costs that much to make a 15-minute course?”. Changing the voiceover that we’ve already recorded is like altering the script an actress uses for her lines. We’ll need to get a revised and approved new script, schedule and record the voice talent, and then match the audio to the appropriate scenes. “That should be easy to change, right?” . “It After the final review, the vice president wants us to go in a different direction. So…we need to go back to the drawing board.”.

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Game-based Elearning Simulation

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Reiterative messages abound and the voiceover plays the devil’s advocate. The wrong way can be painful, costly, and dangerous. The demo highlights the possibility of game-based micro-elearning, when learning objectives are critical enough to require intensive interactions with real-time audio and visual feedback. This post revolves around the How to Drink and Not Drive game-based elearning demo created using Articulate Storyline 2.

How to Get Your Whole Team Making Videos

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Despite applications like Camtasia that can make video creation as easy as dragging and dropping media on a timeline, there are still a lot of misconceptions about making videos, including: Video takes too long to create It’s too costly I don’t have the skills I’m too busy I don’t have good enough equipment. just about anyone can create professional-quality videos with little more than a good screen recorder/video editor, a low-cost microphone, a webcam, and a smart phone.

Listen Up! It’s Time to Add Podcasts to Your e-Learning


Or you can channel your inner voiceover star and record yourself. Consider these other reasons to add a podcast to your e-Learning: According to Pew Research, 40% of people in the US listen to audio on digital devices. That means 80% of people are going to be listening to audio on their digital devices (iPods, phones, tablets, etc.) And here’s a list of free podcast tools from eLearning Industry for a cost-effective way to make your own. Are you an auditory learner?

Publishing Success with Digital First Publishing – Part 2

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Users can import Adobe InDesign or EPUB files, fonts, audio. Voiceover technology and other features allow built-in accessibility. Our expertise lies in the below key differentiators: Automation driven content ingestion – TO BRING DOWN THE COST.

What Microphone Is Best for Recording Video?

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And the other 50% is the audio. Audio is critical to making a good video. But how do you get audio that is going to work for your video production? While we couldn’t test every microphone, we brought together 18 different microphones from brands like Blue , Rode , Shure , Sennheiser , and Audio Technica to see what microphone is best for recording video. This action could be done using an audio editing program as well. Audio-Technica AT875R.

The Only Time You Should Deliver Mediocre eLearning

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If you don’t have the time or knowhow to edit this yourselves, you can outsource this at a relatively low-cost (we'll talk more about this in a moment). For a step up from this, you can send the script to a voiceover artist to record the audio. Please note: Numbers 2 and 3 are interchangeable – if the audio is recorded in a studio environment rather than live, the quality will be better and the overall production will be an improvement on recording live training.

6 Essential Tools for Creating an Awesome Online Course


These are perfect for recording voiceovers. My desktop microphone of choice is this Audio-Technica 2020 USB Microphone. I use an Audio-Technica Lavalier Microphone. It costs $15 per year for the full-featured product, which has the watermark in the corner removed. It will cost you, but it’s a must-have, and one the online course creation tools which successful course creators prefer. Lastly, you’ll need video and audio editing software.

Best Microphones for Recording Video

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If the audio in your video is poor quality, viewers will drop off. So we tested 18 different microphones from brands like Blue , Rode , Shure , Sennheiser , and Audio Technica to see which are the best microphones for recording video. This could be done using an audio editing program as well. Audio-Technica AT875R Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone. Audio-Technica AT875R. The biggest downside is the cost. And it’s true, bad audio will make bad videos.

Making the most of animation in elearning


Bringing in humor through the tone of the voiceover and the playful animation grabs attention without overshadowing the serious subject matter – something that would have been hard to achieve in a sensitive way through film. Using an animated approach in this interactive was also a pragmatic choice, as filming live action video with the number of locations and characters required would have been a costly and time-consuming choice.

E-Learning: 7 Simple Tips to Do More with a Limited Budget

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Is it possible to develop high quality e-learning courses in a cost-effective manner? You can exploit free online resources to get the job done economically and explore other means to develop cost-effective e-learning solutions. For example, You can use ‘Audacity’, the free tool, for audio editing in online courses. For example, Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate provide good returns on costs. The free software ‘Audacity’ for audio editing is available.

5 tips for storytelling in elearning (video & example)


Instead, you can use low cost sound clips, scrolling pages, humor or emotion and a splash of subtle interaction to engage users at the start of a learning campaign. Storytelling tip 1: Try using audio clips to create an atmosphere. Each page in our example is loaded with a short audio clip that triggers when users land on it – be it the sound of a crowd, a train or snoring. It’s probably the only time we’d suggest using forced audio that users can’t control!

Client Review for Translations: Setting Expectations

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The process goes like this: The vendor provides the translated text files and then waits for approval from the client before proceeding with voiceover recording and integration into the authoring tool. Third, and most importantly, it is very expensive to fix translation errors after audio is recorded and the new text is integrated into the course. Most voiceover artists charge a minimum fee, even if they’re only recording one slide’s worth of audio.

How to Select The Best eLearning Animation Company

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Needless to say, it is better to err on the side of caution than take a hurried decision that will cost you dearly in terms of cost, time, and effort. . How is the audio quality? Is the voiceover clear?

Here’s a Inexpensive Way to Get Multimedia for E-Learning

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In addition, you may have audio narration to complement what’s on the screen. Record Your Own Audio Narration. While the advertised costs are $5, most of the projects are limited in scope and the artists are looking for a way to market their skills and have up sells. Multimedia for E-Learning: Audio Narration on a Budget. Proposed plan: As can be seen in the image above, you can select voiceover talent by gender, accent, age, and more.

5 Things to Remember for Translating Your Training Material

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Avoid cost and time overruns of your e-learning course by creating a well-defined translation process. Also, let your translators know if you wish to localize any content or image before you start the final course development, as doing it later would have cost repercussions. The text, audio, visuals and other multimedia elements, each of these needs to be carefully handled. Audio synching has to be done for narrations in translated voiceovers.

Why Are Videos a Powerful E-learning Trend?

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Imagine going through an e-learning course without any audio and visual elements. Even though it is primarily a visual medium, the voiceover in videos appeals to auditory learners. Creating videos can be costly and scripting videos can take time. Will it engage your learners? Certainly not. It is important to use a variety of media to deliver learning and hold the attention of the learner. This is why videos are an important element of online courses.

Make E-Learning Globally Competent

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By preparing e-learning programs with global distribution in mind, learning program managers can reduce the cost and time, as well as improve retention and engagement. A typical course will include one or more learning objects or modules made up of many digital elements called assets — text, graphics, simulations, audio and video. This can be costly. When using audio, be careful not to employ only a tight frame of a talking head.

Seven Tips to Ensure Localization-friendly E-learning Content

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When you think of localization, it’s not only content but also the Graphical User Interface (GUI), images, audio, video transcripts, and resources. For example, if the text on the Play, Pause, Reload, Audio, Previous, Next, Home, and other buttons used in GUI is in English, you will need to translate that into native languages as well. It saves your energies, time, and project costs. “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.

The Best E-Learning Software Tools


Before purchasing an e-learning software it is necessary to do some cost analysis. It is safe to assume that the more a software costs the more options it offers. Is the cost for one user license and are there any discounts if you purchase more? Built-in audio and video editors – Do they offer the necessary capacity or do additional tools need to be installed? What do you need to create a successful e-learning course?