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Anyway, back to the PowerPoint tip … If, like me, you have to work with other people’s PowerPoint files, the great thing about them is that the author can record or embed audio narration on the slide. Here’s a tip I’ve learned about stripping the audio out of the PPT file … from here: Save the PowerPoint file as a PPTX file. eLearning Audacity Audio Education Technology Instructional Design iOS Learning Technology PowerPoint Windows

Adobe Captivate 8 Tutorials

Adobe Captivate

Bringing your PPT into Adobe Captivate 8. Learn how to create PPT-based courses in Adobe Captivate 8. Learn how to embed web pages in Adobe Captivate 8 using the native web functionality in Adobe Captivate 8. Video Adobe Captivate audio Captivate Free tutorial Getting Started Responsive software simulation symmetrical video web objects What's new Learn about Adobe Captivate from Experts.


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How to Create Microlearning Using the Instancy Microlearning Editor


Incorporate various media types such as text, video, audio, graphics, animations, and diagrams. Add Multimedia Elements like Audio Files – Audio files can be added to the learning materials, thus making your training material engaging for your learners.


PowerPoint Converter: FAQs and Tutorial

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A: PPTX files, or PPT files from Office 2003 or later. A: There are several options: From the Manage Course Elements page, “Import a Web Archive” will convert the PPT into a Web Archive. From the Manage Course Elements page, “Import a SCORM Package” will convert the PPT into a SCORM file. From the Manage Course Elements page, “Import PowerPoint” will convert the PPT into a SCORM file. A: These advance the PPT to the next slide.

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15 Benefits of Using PowerPoint in eLearning

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Most of the new authoring tools either use PPT as their base or offer the ability to import slides. These are 15 benefits of using PowerPoint in eLearning: Everyone has PPT – It’s probably already on your computer. Embed and edit video files directly in your presentations. Quickly add or record audio and synch with your slides. Why PowerPoint? It seems that everywhere you go in the eLearning world you run into PowerPoint.

How to Add Videos to KITABOO eBook Platform


These include images, videos, weblinks, audio files, third-party interactivity, documents (Word, PDF, PPT), on-page fill-in-the blanks with drop-down options, survey links, one book to another book jump option, audio sync, and more.

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Product Review: Microsoft Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint 2013

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On the plus side if you have it, it will work with both 32 bit and PPT 2013 and 64 bit and PPT 2013. You can still add transitions and everything else that exists in PPT while creating your mix. You can record yourself with video i.e. via a web cam, or audio record or both. I merely had to scroll down and pick the video I wanted to embed. Once I clicked it, it now was embed into my slide. . Embed.

How to Create Interactive Video Quizzes


What feature helps in recording audio? . Embed a YouTube Video in Question. Just the way you would upload a video to the questions and ask questions based on that video, you can embed any YouTube video in your question and ask questions based on that video.

How to create an online course in TalentLMS


The “Add Web content” form lets you embed material from many popular websites by entering its URL address. You could, for example, embed Wikipedia’s link on Staffing models on your HR course, or add a Slideshare presentation about Excel tips and tricks into your MS Office training. The “Add Video” form lets you embed videos in your course. – Audio. The “Add Audio” form lets you embed audio content in your course.

Rapid eLearning Tools

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Of course, they were more looking at PPT conversion tools. Most of these fit into the PowerPoint + Audio and most convert to Flash for delivery. Rapid eLearning Tools Satisfaction from the eLearningGuild Research reported Feb 2007 - Course Authoring and Rapid eLearning Tool Satisfaction See also Software Simulation Tools. Page update Mar 2008. When the above graphic was taken, it shows the overall satisfaction reported by eLearningGuild members about various tools.

Content curation: a way to increase the power of your e-learning course.


What would happen if we could embed that content directly into our course? PPT presentations: if you generally use Slideshare to share your presentations, you can now embed them in your online course. You can also find the Slideshare icon within the Embed element. Google Docs: Did you know you can embed all the content you have in Google Docs in isEazy ? Embed your graphics in isEazy via Google Docs and take the communication of your reports to another level.

4 Free Tools to Help Get Your PowerPoint from Good to Great


With Screenr you can quickly and easily record a screen capture with audio for embedding in a blog, web page – or in PowerPoint. Here’s how to use Screenr: And, here’s how to embed a Screenr in your PowerPoint presentation: Tool #4: Cacoo for diagramming or flow charts. 3 (Free) PPT Templates To Make Your Training More Memorable.

Ghost Edition – Top 10 Authoring Tools for 2013

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Uses a PowerPoint like layout, albeit it shows a hierarchy approach which many people will like – so if you think this is nothing more than PPT in appearance – trust me it is not. Audio recording studio – don’t expect this to be similar to your $500 or more audio studio software, because it is not. Can embed videos. But, hark: do I hear an audio story coming? If you want to embed you can do that as well.

Build eLearning Courses with Materials You Already Have


Dragging and dropping your files into order, choose from: Text documents – PDF/Word/PPT. Video – Using an embed code. Audio – Such as Mp3s. Perhaps there are media such as video or audio make your points more understandable. During a recent LearnUpon webinar, an attendee asked: What is a course? I was taken aback by the simplicity of the question and wondered if more people wanted this question answered too.

What is Mobile Learning? Examples & Benefits


Retain text, audio, animations, and other elements. The PPT converter is free and usable any number of times. Embed virtual reality in your courses. Mobile learning, or mLearning, is an important strategy in corporate training programs.

Tool Issue: XMind, WorldMapper, Balsamiq, VoiceThread, EtherPad, and Flowgram

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Flowgram - If you've tried to use MSFT's Producer to marry up PPT with audio, notes, etc.then stop. You set up an account at VoiceThread and upload your video, or your pictures, and then either share the link or embed the video in your site. Now your students can add voice comments via a phone, upload an audio file, capture a video response using a Web cam or simply add a text comment.

Rapid Content Authoring Tools 2010 – Innovators, Winners and Updated Trends

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Innovation abounded and the push to focus on the “PPT to Flash&# angle continued to shine. Import and convert PPT to the web, add rich media. Comes with a screen capture tool, spell checker (many RCATs do not), Slide audio recording & editing. The end of the year is here, okay in just a few short weeks, but for those on vacation, the festivities have already began.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry 2015

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And they don’t want to embed it in the AT or upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, they want to upload it into their learning system will full tracking and maybe just maybe have video encoding to make it HD quality. Doceo – They are the only other vendor besides Camtasia (no less) that offers a product for capturing video, then video/audio editing and next pushing it as a course. I’ll just say it right now, the industry as a whole isn’t doing much.

Adobe shows off Captivate 4 and the Adobe eLearning Suite

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In his example, RJ showed us how to embed the variable into a caption, using the syntax $$myVar$$ so that instructions to the user could use the recorded name, instead of a non-personal command. This uses a special engine that converts text inputted as closed captions into audio that is saved into the published file. This is a great feature for those of us with accessibility requirements, and for those who wish to include audio but do not have the budget for recorded speech.

The ULTIMATE Guide to PowerPoint Alternatives


You can also add audio from your own computer. You can record narration, change the screen ratio, add videos, images, and audio. You can’t yet insert video files from your computer – but can embed videos from Vimeo and YouTube.