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Now videos can be part of all elearning content!

Adobe Captivate

Now you can add video content to your elearning just as easily as you were adding audio previously. In a workflow that mimics the 'audio editing with slide preview' workflow, now in Captivate 5 you can import any video, and synch the Captivate slides or objects on a slide to be in step with the video. Worried about published file size?

FLV 90
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Video Format Comparison - Flash Video Format - WMV Format - Quicktime - Real

Tony Karrer

I was recently asked what video format to use and particularly about the differences between the Flash Video Format (FLV) and Windows Media - WMV Format. WMV Format, Quicktime and Real either require a streaming server to achieve the effect or do not do as good of a job. The only way around this is to use a Flash Media Server.