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Seeing The Invisible: How To Identify Early Indicators Of Gaps In Instructional Design And Training Effectiveness. What is ‘Cloud Computing’, and what can it do for Education? Discussion Forums for Knowledge Sharing at Capital City Bank - eLearning Technology , September 15, 2009. Podcasting for E-Learning: Recording Audio - The E-Learning Curve , September 14, 2009. What do online instructors have to know about H1N1? Knowing Doing Gap (7).

9 Ways to Increase Online Student Engagement

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These learning outcomes should be included in the course description so students know what to expect and whether the course is right for them. Tell them what they’ll be able to do after taking the course, not what information the curriculum contains. If students know why they’re doing an activity and how it will impact them, they’re more likely to invest themselves in it and complete the work. #3 These actions could include: Participating in an online forum.