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How to Get Your Training Presentation From Good to Great With Images, Audio, and Video


Audio. If your audience is running on older, slower hardware, try keeping media files to a minimum — pictures might be worth 1000 words, but can just as easily suck up hundreds of megabytes. Adding Images. To create a new slide containing a picture, select the New Slide command from the Insert menu. Once you have the correct slide, go to the Insert menu and select Picture (this is a perfect time to use the thumbnail display option for menus). Adding Audio.

Stock Photo Image and Other Media Sources

Tony Karrer

Weird - after posting, I just saw a post in my blog reader from HeyJude - Find free images online - my list! 10 Places to Find Free Image FlickrCC - offers pictures from around the world, including America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Pacific. has over 2000 free images that you can use in commercial and noncommercial work. You are not allowed to sell, redistribute, or claim these images as your own. Great pricing and great images.

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Moodle LMS: Hot Potatoes is Now Free!

The E-Learning Curve

I blogged recently about the development of the Nanogong and the Riffly audio-visual plugins for Moodle 2.0. A list of fixed items appears on the left (these can be pictures or text), with jumbled items on the right. This can be used for matching vocabulary to pictures or translations, or for ordering sentences to form a sequence or a conversation. Tags: plugin Moodle hot potatoes content development question freeware criterion test