How to Get Your Training Presentation From Good to Great With Images, Audio, and Video


Audio. Adding Audio. Audio tip: Embedded sound clips offer a shortcut for helping English language learners. You may have to convert – downloadable shareware and freeware converters are plentiful – particularly if your content was recorded on a smartphone with a proprietary format. Beyond that, the process for uploading video to your presentation is very much like the process for photos: Go to the Insert menu and select the Insert movie command.

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3 Ways to Create Videos for your Courses


Several freeware programs are available for video recording, such as HyperCam. You will convince the eLearner more with your video than with just an audio clip or an interactive eLearning program. Movie Clips. The next time you watch a movie and really like a scene for its lesson-related value, record it. Use the movie clip in your eLearning programs to capture your learners’ attention.

Top 10 Screen Recording Software for Windows

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The ability to make a screencast video can also be used to showcase your creativity when playing games like Minecraft and recreating scenes from movies and/or filming music videos in simulation games like The Sims. 100% freeware software. CamStudio is open source, free software, to create AVI videos of all audio and video activity on your screen. Ezvid is freeware video and screen capture software. recording computer audio requires Windows Vista or later.