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10 Social Media Tools For Learning

The eLearning Coach

Do you have a training or information need that could benefit from a social media strategy? So here are descriptions of ten applications representing different social media technologies that promote learning. Category: Podcasts. Although podcasts are a one-way form of communication, they enable the creation of user-generated content. Users can record and edit audio with Audacity and it runs on most operating systems, including Mac OS X and Windows.

Mini Glossary of Elearning


These resources include virtual classes, chat, instant messaging, audio and video conference. tools, we find blogs, social media, discussion forums, wikis, RSS feeds, sharing bookmarks and podcasting tools.


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Is Multimedia the Most Underrated Tool for Internal Communication?


The average person only has an eight-second attention span, which means that even the most revolutionary ideas must compete with things like social media and funny cat videos. While it’s true that some might prefer a wall of text, others might respond much better to an audio recording, a live stream, or a video. Podcasts. Instant messages with embedded links, videos, and photos.

How to Build an Internet Company Teaching English to Spanish Speakers Online with Marcus Carter


Learn how to build an internet company teaching English to Spanish speakers online with Marcus Carter in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. I started working on social networks and I had never had any success with social networks before.

The Shift from Static to Multimedia Communication


Ensure a message is received and understood. Create more personalized, human-centric messaging. Of course, there is a time and place for emails to be sent and received but incorporating video and audio will go a long way towards getting your learners motivated. And sending multimedia messages periodically to your team can get their creative flows going and will set a tone for your company. Podcasts. Instant messages with embedded links, videos, and photos.

10 Remote Training Ideas

Ed App

The feeling of social isolation. Several digital distractions, like social media. This, in a way, can also help your learners overcome the feelings of social isolation and increase their sense of belonging despite not being able to meet physically.

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