Top 5 Free Screen Recording Tools for Mac and Windows

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Besides video capturing, they offer lots of other functions, including but not limited to simultaneous web cam recording, video and audio editing, and adding video effects. Luckily, there are some good free apps for both Windows and Mac that incorporate most of these features.

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How to Reduce Audio Noise in Your Recordings (For Free)

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Having to reduce audio noise can be a real pain. And recording clean audio can be tough, especially in noisy environments. Whether it’s background noise or less-than-ideal equipment, sometimes you end up with hissy audio. Clean Audio ?.

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What You Need to Know to Get the Best Audio

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Audio Best Practices. Nothing turns off viewers faster than a video with bad audio. Unless you have a higher end camera that has a built-in shotgun mic, you are going to want consider recording audio separately from your video. Selecting an Audio Recorder. Recording Audio.

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Editing Audio with Audacity

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Editing audio is a fairly straightforward process, especially when you have excellent (not to mention free!) What you will need: A supported operating system (Windows XP or later or Mac OS X 10.4

MAC Screen recording program

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It captures full motion video of anything on your screen, complete with digital audio, and an optional microphone voiceover. Snapz Pro X allows you to record anything on your screen, saving it as a QuickTime ® movie or screenshot. Check it out: [link

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13 Tips for Recording Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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It’s just a matter of plugging your iOS 8 device into a Mac running Yosemite and then firing up a tool like Camtasia for Mac or TechSmith AppShow. When you plug your device into your Mac and launch a mobile recording app (e.g., Unmute your computer’s audio.

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Using Shortcut Keys to Increase Your Productivity

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They let you use keyboard key combinations instead of a mouse or program menu. F1 (Win & Mac). F2 (Win & Mac). F3 (Win & Mac). F4 (Win & Mac). F5 (Win & Mac). Record audio. F6 (Win & Mac). Import audio. F7 (Win & Mac). F11 (Win), Command+F11 (Mac). F12 (Win), Command+F12 (Mac). Page Up (win & Mac). Page Down (win & Mac). Alt+A (Win), Option+A (Mac).

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Free Screen Capture Program. beyond Print Screen

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Just started using Jing , a free online screen capture program. This program hangs around as a "sun" image at the top of your screen. You can record audio as you record the screen action. Check it out: [link] Mac and PC versions are available.

Recording Skype and Google Hangout Video Calls

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First, recording video and running programs like Google Hangouts and Skype need lots of computer processing power. Technical and Hardware Considerations: Audio. One of the first things to think about is the audio that you’re going to capture.

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Recording PowerPoint Presentations like a Pro: Geetesh’s 13 Tips for Creating Great PowerPoint Slides

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Click hyperlinks on your slide that may open another program, such as Excel with some sheet calculations – and you also want to record that. Then you can tweak audio controls, or the area selected to record if they do not meet your requirements.

Ghost Hunting with TechSmith

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Scott uses multiple programs to enhance audio and video to its clearest state, which can be complicated. However, the simplicity of Camtasia allows Scott to pull in enhanced video and audio files and quickly edit down to the most important parts. Audio recorders.

Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Week 2

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David Silva Smith, Business Development Manager at Gravity Works, spoke with us about using Camtasia for Mac to communicate deliverables with stakeholders. My least favorite thing about screencasting are the differences between the Mac and PC versions.

Crafting a Good Story for Your Product Video (free ebook)

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We see all these knobs and dials in wonderful programs such as Camtasia and Motion , and we want to tweak them. Video tutorial: Prepare, Script, Audio. Tips & How To''s Camtasia for Mac Camtasia Studio Screencasting Tips and Tricks Video video tips

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Podcasting for E-Learning: Editing and Producing Podcasts

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You don’t have to edit audio in a beginning-middle-end sequence. You can also drop in new files, split audio, modify the volume (or amplitude), “top and tail” the recording, and add effects, before generating a rendered file which contains all of the modifications you made to your audio.

How to Record the Perfect Live Streaming Video

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A word of caution: There are many free (or freemium) versions of programs that allow you to record video from your screen, but be cautious — some of these are peppered with spam software or may be selling your information. We also recommend you test your audio.

Text To Speech Synthesizers

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It also seems appropriate when there isn’t time or budget for recording and syncing visuals and audio, particularly for dummy audio when you need to show sponsors and SMEs how the media elements of an online program will be integrated prior to the recording. Their engine can be used by developers in a variety of ways, but they also have an online pay-as-you-go service, called Pronuncia , to use the engine for recording audio files.

Tools and Tips for Transcribing Videos Faster and Easier

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Audio transcription – the process of converting recorded speech into text – isn’t the most glamorous topic. This eliminates the frustration of constantly using your mouse to start and stop the audio. InqScribe (Mac or PC). Boost audio quality.

Creative screencasting

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A screencast is a classical way of explaining computer programs and software. with paid software programs. Record a webinar from you screen so that people don't only listen to an audio recording but can watch the whole webinar.

5 Screencasting Tools for Online Learning

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ScreenFlow for Mac users, easily records your screen and features great video editing options when you need to create a professional video for your online course. Screencast-O-Matic is free for Windows or Mac users.

How to Record Google Hangout Video Calls

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When you record a video call, you can choose whether or not to capture audio, screen activity, or even PowerPoint slides. Record Skype meetings and Google Hangouts (Windows/Mac). Click the big red Capture or record button to select a region, adjust audio settings, and start recording.

eLearning: The Origins of a Training Methodology

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My first attempts at creating software video training was with a program called CameraMan. That program was ahead of its time, allowing you to capture your mouse actions, add captions and audio, and then publish into a video format that could be viewed on most computers.

How to Convert your Content from Flash to HTML5?

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In fact, Flash player was seen to cause crashes with MACs. In case the converted HTML5 content does not run successfully on all mediums, you may need to revamp the portion of the content or even replace the entire program.

Five Tips for Creating Graphics for Mobile Devices

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This will create a soft proof of colors to simulate standard Mac OS color palette; hence it will help choose colors and contrast. Animations: Since most smart phones don’t support Flash (at this moment) animations can be done by calling images in a sequence through programming.

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Captivate 8: Working with Text-to-Speech and Voices

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First, the easiest way to access Captivate’s text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities is via the Audio > Speech Management option. Once you click the Generate Audio button at the bottom, the narration will be created and added to the slide’s timeline. Guest blog post by Erik Lord.

Basic tools for e-learning students


In this installment we’ll have a look at the software and basic tools for e-learning students which are gonna need while attending your e-learning program. For most cases, the text-editor bundled with their OS (WordPad for Windows, TextEdit for Mac) will do just fine.

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6 Essential Tools for Creating an Awesome Online Course


My desktop microphone of choice is this Audio-Technica 2020 USB Microphone. I use an Audio-Technica Lavalier Microphone. Lastly, you’ll need video and audio editing software. If you have a Mac, iMovie is feature-filled and free.

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The theme for the program this year is “Bold Educators Activate Change.” They can identify and solve knowledge gaps through various options, such as embedding assessments or video and audio links in the content, for greater engagement metrics.

Reformat your training sessions to increase their impact


You can do this by using tools like Camtasia or QuickTime (you may need to download a plugin to record both audio and video). If you use a Mac, you can use Quicktime or iMovie. For Windows users, you can trim videos with a host of free programs.

Congratulations ScreenChamps!

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Clear audio. Application to Apple computers Distinguished Educator program. Camtasia for Mac. Jing, ScreenChomp, Snagit, ScreenCast, iMovie11, Quicktime, PC & Mac. Introducing.our 2011 ScreenChamps!

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


What’s a little more difficult however is picking the right tools to help you with course design, content creation, learning assessment and all the other tasks you need to run a successful eLearning program. 3) An audio editor.

Using Silverlight/Expression Blend for eLearning Development

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With the growing popularity of Flash for elearning, many elearning vendors developed their Rapid authoring tools which were aimed to publish Flash based elearning content without requiring major programming. Audio / Video synching Another aspect is the use of audio / video in the content.

Using Silverlight/Expression Blend for eLearning Development

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With the growing popularity of Flash for elearning, many elearning vendors developed their Rapid authoring tools which were aimed to publish Flash based elearning content without requiring major programming. Audio / Video synching Another aspect is the use of audio / video in the content.

The Complete Guide to Lecture Capture

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You may need to record something as simple as audio and PowerPoint point slides. Whether they have a Mac or PC, iOS or Android device, the content should always be readily available. Records full HD and SD video and audio. What is lecture capture?

Great FREE Software Downloads

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AUDIO RECORDING AND EDITING. Audacity is an audio recording and editing application with a lot of the features you find in commercial products. It works on all platforms and is probably the most popular free audio program around. I’m thinking of using it on my Mac.

What is Elearning?


This machine allowed educational establishments to deliver programmed education to their learners, however the first computer based program for teaching wasn’t introduced until 1960. Thank you to our Guest Blogger spearhead eLearning.